Small room decorating is a skill on its own. Making the most of a spare room requires identifying what is possible, space planning, and sometimes a little interior design help for a stylish result. Recent Decorilla clients have shared the same question: what can I do with this space? Well, the options are endless! From a sunroom to a wine/cigar room, here are four great spare room ideas to inspire an answer.


For spaces that get plenty of natural lighting, one small room decorating idea is creating a sunroom. The name alone connotes a sunny spot for rest and relaxation. This type of room is a great space for taking in a view, enjoying a book, and spending time with guests.

Sunrooms can be an addition to a family room or kitchen as well as a glass-in porch or deck. At times, a spare room can be transformed into a sunroom by making some walls entirely of windows.

Our client recently worked with online interior designer, Eleni P. to create a coastal sunroom for their beach home. Their hopes were to have a “relaxing and elegant space which has a cool and airy feeling.”

Since this space opens up to the patio, the idea is to make it easy to entertain. The double sided fireplace is the focal point which makes this sunroom flow easily into the living room.

Design by Decorilla online interior designer, Eleni P.


Floor plan by Decorilla designer, Eleni.


  • Color palette: Natural light lends to a wide range of colors. Consider a calming palette that focus on neutrals and blues to enhance the relaxed fee.
  • Window coverings: Depending on privacy needs and glare, window coverings may be useful in a sunroom. Ask your designer for interior design help on selecting the window treatments right for your space.
  • Plants: As an extension of the outdoors, it’s nice to have a few plants inside your sunroom to reflect nature’s accessories.


According to the Urban Dictionary a man cave is a room, space, or area of a dwelling that is specifically reserved for a man to create as his own in order to work or play. Typically using a masculine style, man caves tend to include a TV and or pool table for recreation.

Recently a client wanted to provide her husband just this type of space by transforming their lower level family room. While wanting to include golf accents that speak to her husband, she pointed out that the space would be shared for movie nights so avoiding a bachelor pad look was key!

Design by Decorilla interior designer, Taron H.
Design by Decorilla designer, Taron H.

Online interior designer, Taron H., took on the small room decorating challenge and offered a design that not only is comfortable and appealing for the husband but also offers a transitional design that flows throughout the rest of the home.

Design by Decorilla designer, Taron H.


  • Plan it out: Determine the intention of the space. Will it be a place to watch movies and play video games or a space to work out, play music, have friends over? Identifying how to use the man cave will help with furniture selection and layout.
  • Get comfortable furniture: Decor is nice but comfort is necessary. Like our client’s husband whose requirements included a napping spot, selecting the right furniture (recliner? sectional?) is key. An interior design service can plan a man cave with comfy furniture in mind.
  • Add personal touches: With basic pieces in place, fun can be had with unique accents like sports memorabilia, vinyl, or vintage art.


Possibly the most popular small room decorating project is creating a home office. More and more people are working from home in some capacity. Designing a space that separates work from home life is valuable and helps establish an environment of focus and efficiency.

A Pinterest board full of inspiration images helped online interior designer, Laura N., come up with a home office layout that included our client’s feminine transitional style.

Design by Decorilla interior designer, Laura N.
Designer by Decorilla designer, Laura N.
Floor plan by Decorilla designer, Laura N.


  • The desk defines the room: Access your storage and desk surface needs and make a desk style choice. L shaped desks are helpful with their drawers and built in cabinets while computer desks or writing desk are more space savvy.
  • Set up for organizational success: Baskets, bins and shelving are all great tools for organization in a home office. Have your designer offer interior design help to match your specific needs.
  • Pick what inspires efficiency: Does yellow lift your energy? A photo of your favorite vacation spot inspire what you’re working towards or a phrase that pumps you up? Having decor elements that both energize and make you smile helps produce a good working atmosphere.


One unique small room decorating option is creating a place to sip wine. While it can be considered a luxury space, a wine/cigar room for aficionados is a great home addition!

A recent Decorilla client had the challenge of transforming a small den into something useful and appealing. As a wine connoisseur, he wanted a “gentleman’s cigar room” that would house a nice collection of wines. 

online interior design wine cellar design
Before & After Wine Cellar by Decorilla Designer Peggy R.

Online interior designer, Peggy R., took into account his wish to have leather furniture, a round table, and stone wall accents. The result is an inviting masculine space for the client to use often in his home. 

Don’t have a whole room to dedicate to wine? A mini bar cabinet is perfect for a dining space or extra corner in your living room.


  • Incorporate different finishes: Wood, metal and stone show up very well in a wine/cigar room. By mixing finishes, a small space is given a level of design interest and helps play up a masculine feel.
  • Have clever bottle and glass display: Showing off your best Cabernet either on the wall of shelving unit is part of the decor of this type of space. Use wine racks under a cabinet to slide glasses for wine varieties.
  • Pay attention to lighting: Offering low lighting in a wine/cigar room adds to the sexy and relaxed ambiance. Select a chandelier suitable to the style of the room whether a modern/industrial pendant or a rustic antler chandelier. Wall sconces are also a great way to add lighting in a space saving way.

Have a spare room in your home needing designing? These small room decorating ideas may inspire a design direction for that space. Start a project for interior design help that will customize your small space beautifully.

Written by Decorilla interior designer, Christine M. 

[images from Decorilla projects and the following]: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 11, 12, 16, 18, 19]

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