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Set against a stunning backdrop, often perceived as rigid and conservative, Salt Lake City is home to a diverse design scene, from contemporary downtown condos to rustic homes fit for the mountains. This broad span of style has developed a rich source of skilled interior designers. While Decorilla is lucky enough to have a few of the creatives behind these works of art on our team, we also love to keep a look out for other local interior design talent. Read on to meet the top Salt Lake City interior designers and decorators below!

Cody Derrick

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Cody Derrick is one of the renowned and inspiring interior decorators in Salt Lake City often featured in reputable publications. He is also a realtor, the CEO and founder of cityhomeCOLLECTIVE, and a pioneer for the real estate cultural movement that spans the globe. Furthermore, Cody served as an interior design board member for Salt Lake City Modern for over seven years. Between 2015 and 2018, Cody was also a member of the Dean’s Council for the University of Utah College of Architecture. In line with his motto “love where you live,” above all, Cody offers his talent to help each client uncover a unique pairing model.

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Find an interior designer near me Cody Derrick

WHAT WE LOVE: Cody’s fearless conceptual approach that finds a way to mix & match the impossible into impressive – it certainly makes him one of the top local interior designers and decorators in Salt Lake City.

Amelia Rozas


Amelia Rozas is one of those people destined to become designers, even more so to become a top interior designer in Salt Lake City, Utah. In a family of architects and artists, she grew to see herself as “loving and living for art,” believing that design is the only way to truly express individuality to the world.

Glam living room by Houzz interior designer Salt Lake City Amelia R.
Glam living room by Decorilla and top Salt Lake City interior designer, Amelia R.

Amelia perfected her knowledge studying Architecture internationally, from Florida International University to Universita Degli Genova in Italy. The international experience helped her become an expert in green design, re-design, home staging, and Feng-Shui, as well as one of the best Salt Lake City interior designers.

Top interior decorator Salt Lake City Amelia Rozas
Open-space concept by Decorilla‘s interior designer Salt Lake City, Utah, Amelia R.

It’s no wonder that Amelia’s favorite style is eclectic. As a local interior designer driven by challenging, unique projects, she enjoys every opportunity to combine styles in order to create a memorable environment. The resulting space must stretch beyond looks and reflect artistic taste, spirit, and lifestyle.

luxury living room by one of the top interior decorators salt lake city amelia rozas
Living room by one of Decorilla‘s top Salt Lake City interior designers, Amelia R.

WHAT WE LOVE: Amelia’s inspiration, rooted in architecture and art staples, as well as new trends. She is also one of the most accessible creatives on this list, which makes the process easy if you want to hire or find an interior designer near you.

Jessica Bennett

Top interior designers Salt Lake City Jessica Bennett

Jessica started as an art director in an ad agency until she started building her new home. Her earliest passion, interior design, came back in an inspiring strike. Therefore, along with producing brands for corporations, Jessica began designing the interiors that housed them. Today, she is one of the top Salt Lake City interior designers and the head of a globally expanding tech firm. Jessica is also the owner of Alice Lane Home Collection, a retail store chain for furnishing small residential settings, large estates, and commercial buildings.

dramatic dining room interior design salt lake city

WHAT WE LOVE: Jessica’s flair for mixing diverse quality pieces into a timeless design.

Julie Assenberg

Top interior decorators Salt Lake City Julie Assenberg

As one of the Houzz interior designers in Salt Lake City, Julie had big shoes to fill. Firstly, her father used to dress famous Hollywood actors and producers. Secondly, her mother and aunt were recognized for spectacular food and flower presentations. Moreover, to top it all, Julie’s great-grandmother owned a millinary and designed hats in the 1800s. Today, Julie continues the family tradition as an experienced interior designer in Salt Lake, Utah, devoted to making the best out of clients’ budgets and goals. Julie creates spaces where they feel comfortable, reflecting their personalities and tastes at the same time.

eclectic living room by interior designer salt lake city utah Julie Assenberg

WHAT WE LOVE: Julie’s natural sense of proportion and balance.

Doran Taylor

Top interior designers Salt Lake City Doran Taylor

Doran Taylor graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. The same year he began his career at Clark Leaming, where he spent nine years gaining experience as buyer and manager of their residential division. Sensing he was ready, in 1987, Doran opened Doran Taylor Incorporated, focused on designing and executing residential and commercial projects throughout the United States and Mexico.

Find an interior designer near me Doran Taylor

WHAT WE LOVE: Doran’s design aesthetic procured from art and architecture history.

Meagan Rae Macievic

Top interior designers Meagan Rae Macievic

Meagan Macievic is famous for her ability to blend styles in order to create a unique space for each of her clients. Her designs reflect impeccable taste, attention to detail, and a developed sense of color and pattern. At the same time, each space is tailored to be fully functional in line with its inhabitants’ lifestyle. Her firm, Meagan Rae Interiors covers a broad spectrum of residential and commercial markets, from Salt Lake Valley to Las Vegas, and Southern California.

Local interior designers Meagan Rae Macievic

WHAT WE LOVE: Meagan’s combinations of neo-classical style and fresh modern elements, which result in timeless, livable spaces.

LaMar Lisman

Top interior designers Salt Lake City LaMar Lisman

LaMar Lisman is the Principal Designer and CEO of Lisman Studio, a locally and nationally recognized Salt Lake City interior design firm founded in 1993. Lisman and his team devote themselves to creating unique spaces. They craft each interior to suit the client’s manner, needs, and taste, providing original materials and pieces. As a result, no item ever features twice. LaMar also educates and guides each customer through decisions, helping them avoid costly mistakes. Moreover, innovative techniques and a customized approach allow Lisman Studio to maintain a strong and loyal clientele.

Local interior designers LaMar Lisman

WHAT WE LOVE: Authentic and mindful spaces, uniquely tailored to each client.

Kimberly Rasmussen

Top interior designers Salt Lake City Kimberly Rasmussen

Besides a degree in Interior Design, Kimberly also owns a B.S. in Business Administration and Finance. This combination, enriched with ample experience, greatly supports her position as a partner at Establish Design, formerly Elizabeth Kimberly Design. She specializes in custom furnishings and finishes, including curation of art collections and accessories. Kimberly is also the head of a family of six, which she highlights as a valuable source of practical experience that helps her personalize and improve design solutions.

Local interior designers Kimberly Rasmussen

WHAT WE LOVE: Soothing color palettes and coastal vibes in Kimberly’s designs.

Monique Jacqueline

Top interior designer Salt Lake City Monique Jacqueline

Monique believes in the possibility of producing beautiful spaces on any budget. Her design path started at ten years old when she picked out wallpaper for a friend. Subsequently, at the age of fifteen, she had already decorated a couple of local storefronts. Ever since, she keeps exploring how space creation can enhance pleasure and comfort. Which she uses in order to promote residents’ happiness and productivity. Monique specifically tailors and sculpts each interior to fit the client’s needs, resources, and ideals. As a result, she’s become a highly rated Houzz interior designer Salt Lake City.

Dark and bold kitchen by top interior decorators salt lake city

WHAT WE LOVE: Monique’s talent to incorporate aesthetics in utility and practicality.

Matt Dickamore

Top interior designers Salt Lake City Matt Dickamore

Matt‘s career started at a young age as a play in the basement. To put a stamp on his passion, he graduated from the CIDA accredited Interior Design program at Utah State University. After obtaining his degree, Matt studied architecture and interior design in England. And, to kickstart his career, he completed an internship at a prestigious firm in Scotland. His design experience includes the high-end event design industry, where his work featured in the top wedding magazines. Matt draws his inspiration from nature, as well as innovative technology and sustainability. Today, he’s among the top of interior decorators Salt Lake City.

Find an interior designer near me Matt Dickamore

WHAT WE LOVE: Clean lines in combination with strong color palettes and bold accents.

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