Mid-century living room with pet-friendly furniture by Decorilla

Ever wondered if your furry friend shares your taste in home design? Joke aside, creating a pet-friendly home means ensuring it’s an easy-to-maintain yet cozy spot for all. Let’s explore how to pick furniture that stands the test of playtime and cuddles without giving up on style.

How to Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture

Pet-friendly furnture with best fabric for dogs and cats in a room by Decorilla
Pet-friendly room by Decorilla

When the pets are part of the family, their comfort matters just as much as yours. But how do you choose furniture that keeps everyone happy, but allows for a stylish interior? Let’s find out.

1. Scratch-Proof and Stylish

Pet-friendly home interior design integrating a stylish scratch post, by Decorilla
Pet-friendly home interior design integrating a stylish scratch post, by Decorilla

Cats love to sharpen their claws, and dogs can be tough on furniture too. Look for materials that can handle a little rough play without looking worn out, like microfiber or faux leather. These options are durable and easier to maintain, keeping your space looking great.

Practical advice: Invest in a quality scratch post or pad to divert your pet’s attention from your furniture.

2. Easy to Clean, Easy to Love

Pet-friendly furniture with slipcovers in a room by Decorilla
Chic furniture with slipcovers in a room by Decorilla

Accidents happen, especially with pets around. Choose furniture that won’t hold onto stains or odors. And if it comes with washable covers, that’s a big plus, even though stain-resistant upholstery can help repel spills and accidents before they soak in. 

Practical advice: Opting for washable rugs can also drastically reduce the stress.

Pro Tip: Align your pet-friendly furniture with your interior style. Unsure of your style? Take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to find out today!

3. Comfort for All

Pet-friendly bedroom furniture in a layout by Decorilla
Pet-friendly bedroom layout by Decorilla

Your pets love snuggling just as much as you do. Buy furniture that’s cozy for them but also fits your style. Look for tight weaves or finishes designed for easy wipe-downs.

Practical advice: Add a pet-friendly throw blanket to your furniture for extra comfort for your pet and protection for your piece.

4. Built to Last

Sturdy pet-friendly furniture in a living room by Decorilla
Sturdy pet-friendly furniture in a living room by Decorilla

Pets can be a little rambunctious sometimes. Look for well-constructed items that can handle the extra activity of a pet-friendly home. Choosing sturdy, heavy furniture that won’t easily tip or move under your pet’s weight will also save you the trouble of replacing wobbly chairs or tables.

Practical advice: Consider anchoring furniture to floors or walls when possible, especially in homes with larger dogs or active cats.

Designer Tips for Pet-Friendly Interior Design

Dog bed in a home office by Decorilla designer, Nora B.
Dog bed in a home office by Decorilla designer, Nora B.

Creating a stylish yet pet-friendly space doesn’t have to be a puzzle. Here are some designer tips to help you out.

5. Match Your Pet

Fur-matching accessories in a pet-friendly family room by Decorilla
Fur-matching accessories in a family room by Decorilla

Think about maintenance when picking out furniture. For instance, pet-friendly interior design elements mimicking your pet’s colors can help keep your space looking cleaner. Additionally, soft accessories that match its fur can add style and comfort without highlighting every strain they left behind.

Practical advice: Consider reversible furniture covers tailored to match your decor on one side and your pet’s fur color on the other—these are handy for quick swaps when needed. 

6. Private Spaces

Pet-friendly interior design by Decorilla
Pet-friendly interior design by Decorilla

Pets need their own little spots in your home. Design areas where they can relax and play, keeping their toys and beds in mind. Establishing these designated areas can also discourage pets from taking over your furniture, maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your space in return. 

Practical advice: Use pet gates or dividers to safely contain pets in their designated area when needed.

7. Keep It Safe

Pet-friendly interior design of a stylish home by Decorilla
Living room interior design by Decorilla

Pets are curious, so choosing decor that won’t harm them is important. Avoid sharp edges and small, chewable items to keep your furry friends safe. Opt also for non-toxic materials in your furnishings and decorations, and ensure that houseplants are pet-friendly to prevent poisoning.

Practical advice: Thwart accidents by securing loose wires or cords.

8. Understand Your Pet

Pet-friendly home by Decorilla, featuring the cat's favorite spot
Pet-friendly home by Decorilla

Every pet has its habits. If your cat loves looking out the window, place a comfy seat nearby. And if your dog loves lounging by your side, a soft rug or small bed next to your couch might be perfect.

Practical advice: Place soft, washable blankets in your pet’s favorite spots to protect furniture and offer them comfort.

Blending Pet Furniture with Your Decor

Best couches for dogs blending right in the room design by Decorilla
Dog’s couch blending in the room design by Decorilla

Your pet’s furniture can be part of your home’s style, too. Here’s how to make everything look like it belongs together.

9. Stylish and Functional

Pet-friendly interior design using pet toys as decorative elements, by Decorilla
Interior design by Decorilla using pet toys as decor elements

Pet-friendly furniture doesn’t have to stick out. Look for designs that match your home’s vibe but are also comfy for your pets. Pet beds, feeding stations, and toys can all complement instead of downgrade your home’s aesthetic. 

Practical advice: Choose stylish pieces that complement your interior design, such as a modern pet couch that matches your sofa.

10. Dual-Purpose Pieces

Pet-friendly furniture in a room by Decorilla
Pet-friendly furniture in a room by Decorilla

Furniture that works for both you and your furry friends is a win-win in a pet-friendly home. Imagine a chic ottoman that opens to reveal a cozy nook for your pup, for example, or a stylish bookshelf with a built-in cat perch. Consider also a bench with storage for toys or other pieces designed with hidden compartments.

Practical advice: Measure your space and pet’s size to find or customize furniture that serves both your needs efficiently.

11. Coordinate Colors and Textures

Custom side table doubling as a pet bed in a living room by Decorilla
Custom side table doubling as a pet bed in a living room by Decorilla

Harmonizing your pet’s possessions with your home decor creates a streamlined look. Choose soft, pet-friendly accessories in colors and patterns that match your interior design palette. Apply the same strategy to their bowls and toys, mixing and matching all pieces into a cohesive whole. 

Practical advice: Work with artisans or search for customizable options online where you can select fabrics and finishes.

12. Celebrate Your Pet

Pet-friendly home with a gallery wall safeguarding memories, by Decorilla
A gallery wall capturing pet memories, by Decorilla

Show off your love for your pets in a way that complements your style. Integrate pet-themed artwork, such as custom pet portraits or chic animal sculptures. Moreover, choose accessories like designer pet bowls or elegant leash hooks that serve their purpose while enhancing your interior

Practical advice: Use matching frames for pet photos or artworks to create a gallery wall, turning your pet’s presence into an artful element of your home’s design.

Maintenance Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home

Pet-friendly home by Decorilla
Stylish home with a cat’s favorite bench, by Decorilla

Keeping a pet-friendly home clean and chic is all about routine and the right tools. Here are some tips to help you out.

13. Protect Your Pieces

Pet-friendly home design by Decorilla
Modern rustic home design by Decorilla

Using protective sprays on your furniture can make cleaning up after your pets a lot easier. It helps keep stains and odors at bay, extending the life of your furniture. For areas your pet frequents, consider placing protective mats or throws that harmonize with your room’s decor. 

Practical advice: Invest in high-quality slipcovers; they’re an excellent way to protect sofas and chairs and can be easily swapped out for cleaning or a style update.

14. Stick to a Schedule

Elegant yet pet-friendly furniture in an interior by Decorilla
Elegant yet pet-friendly furniture in an interior by Decorilla

Maintaining a clean home with pets requires consistent effort. Vacuum pet areas regularly to keep fur and dander at bay, contributing to a healthier living environment. Pay special attention to cleaning pet bedding, toys, and feeding areas.

Practical advice: Set reminders for deep cleaning sessions, focusing on pet-heavy areas, to ensure nothing is overlooked and your home stays fresh.

15. Quick Cleanups

Dog's throw blanket matching pet-friendly interior design by Decorilla
Dog’s throw blanket matching interior design by Decorilla

Having a cleaning kit ready for spills or accidents can save your furniture, so develop a strategy for quick cleanups. Keep a kit in an accessible place, stocked with pet-safe cleaners, paper towels, and a handheld vacuum for immediate action. 

Practical advice: Assemble a “pet cleanup caddy” with all your essentials so you can address spills or accidents swiftly.

16. Fight the Fur

Luxurious pet-friendly furniture in a formal living room by Decorilla
Luxurious pet-friendly furniture in a formal living room by Decorilla

A good vacuum and some lint rollers can help you keep pet hair under control. Remember to groom your pets regularly to reduce shedding, which means less fur on your furniture and floors. A good-quality pet hair removal tool is indispensable for quick cleanups on upholstery and textiles. 

Practical advice: Use a vacuum with a pet hair attachment for efficient fur removal from furniture and carpets.

Pet-Friendly Furniture FAQs

Cozy pet-friendly home by Decorilla
Cozy pet-friendly home by Decorilla

Q: What’s the best fabric for pets?

A: Microfiber, and performance fabrics in general, are all great choices because they’re durable and easy to clean.

Q: How can I protect my furniture from pets?

A: Use protective sprays, choose durable materials, and keep your pets groomed to minimize wear and tear.

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