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Dreaming of a kitchen makeover but not sure where to start? Enter the world of online kitchen design services, where transforming your space is just a click away! Dive into our guide and discover how easy it is to turn your kitchen dreams into reality, all from the comfort of your home.

What is online kitchen design?

Online kitchen results by Decorilla
Online kitchen design results by Decorilla

Imagine giving your kitchen a makeover from the comfort of your couch! Online kitchen design lets you mix and match colors, pick cool cabinets, and find the perfect appliances with just a few clicks. Some services even provide realistic 3D renderings, so you’re able to visualize your space before committing to any changes. Plus, expert designers are just a chat away to help bring your dream kitchen to life.

Online Kitchen Design 101

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Online kitchen design services come in many shapes and sizes. Nowadays, you can design your kitchen virtually with a professional interior designer or on your own. On the one hand, skilled experts ensure a flawless online kitchen remodel. On the other hand, doing it yourself is flexible and very affordable, but also risky.

To choose the service or app best for you to design your kitchen online, consider the following:

  • Your budget. It’s important to set your budget before starting with a project and keeping to it. 
  • Requirements. Consider everything the kitchen needs and possible surprises. 
  • Time. The due date is vital. Knowing how much time you have will also indicate how much you can take on. 
  • How much help you’ll need. The less you know, the more help you’ll need. And if you’re quite savvy on kitchen design but short on time, you may also need a little extra help. 
  • Freebies. Many online kitchen services have free trials or consultations that are great to try out before committing to anything. 

8 Best Online Kitchen Design Services

Contemporary glam kitchen design by Decorilla
Contemporary glam kitchen design by Decorilla

One of the top online kitchen design solutions is sure to suit your needs. So whether you need a design guide for a kitchen remodel or not, here are the services that can help you finish your project.

1. KDS Kitchens 

KDS - Online kitchen design services
Image credit, KDS virtual kitchen design

HOW IT WORKS: Traditional design meets convenience in KDS Kitchen. They offer various services that include 3D renderings, customization, electrical plans, and remodeling. They also offer resource guidance in project-related fields, such as contractors and installers. Through KDS, you can expect a virtual reality experience and spatial planning. 

COST: $1,850 to $2,650

TURNAROUND: Depends on client schedule and selected service.

2. Decorilla Online Kitchen Design

Mid-century online kitchen design by Decorilla
Mid-century online kitchen design by Decorilla

HOW IT WORKS: Decorilla is one of the truest examples of top online kitchen design services. With the intuitive platform, you can interact with your designer, update the design and receive realistic results. Starting a kitchen remodel online is easy. 

Online kitchen design services - Sonia C
Decorilla online kitchen design

First, you’ll complete a quick design questionnaire and a free consultation. Then Decorilla selects kitchen designers online matching the project’s style and requirements. Thereafter, two designers create design concepts unique to you. The great thing is, you get to choose your favorite. And if you’re not completely satisfied, you can request adjustments as needed. 

Moodboard by Decorilla online kitchen design services
Moodboard by Decorilla online kitchen design services
Decorilla online kitchen design shopping list
Decorilla kitchen design shopping list

In the final steps, your designer will work closely with you to perfect each aspect of the design. And when it’s complete, you’ll have photo-realistic renderings of your new kitchen to help you visualize the space before committing to the design. The final package also includes a color scheme, a room plan and guide, and an online shopping list with exclusive trade discounts.

Need some help deciding which design package is right for you? Then, schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation for expert assistance getting started today!

Design my kitchen online decorilla
Kitchen by Decorilla

COST: Kitchen packages come in three online interior design options, starting at $899. Custom packages are also available from $75 per hour. 

TURNAROUND: 3 to 5 weeks, but the timeline can be adjusted to suit the client’s schedule. 

3. Cliq Studios

Cliq Studios online kitchen planner
Image credit, Cliq Studios

HOW IT WORKS: Fully virtual, Cliq Studios is an online kitchen planner with a difference. It merges design expertise with DIY practicality. Clients can choose between selecting cabinets or enlisting the help of an interior designer. To start working with a designer, clients have to specify the project details first. This can include their requirements, style, project phase, installation details, and room measurements. A designer will then get in touch, discuss the clients’ needs, verify measurements, and order cabinets. From here, the client handles the installation process.

COST: The DIY design is free, and you have the option of paying monthly installments for the cabinetry.

TURNAROUND: The virtual kitchen design itself can take a few days, while the lead time on manufacturing is 4 to 7 weeks.

4. Lowe’s Kitchen Design Online

Lowes-lets you design your kitchen with a virtual kitchen design platform
Image credit, Lowe’s virtual kitchen design

HOW IT WORKS: Lowe’s online kitchen design is versatile and gives you control of the design process. You can set everything, from the room dimensions, floor and wall finishes, to cabinetry and accessories. Moreover, you have the freedom to create dozens of designs on the online kitchen planner. Alternatively, you can use a template to design your kitchen online. And, if you need help, you can book a consultation with a specialist or visit a Lowe’s store.

COST: Free, but product costs apply after you design your kitchen virtually.

TURNAROUND: Designing takes as long as the time you spend on perfecting the 3D model. Procurement of products and manufacturing can take 4 to 9 weeks.

5. Sage & Soul Interiors (Previously Social Soul Studio)

Social Soul Studio - online kitchen design services
Image credit, Social Soul Studio

HOW IT WORKS: Social Soul is ideal for people who like the DIY process but want the expertise of an interior designer on hand. The team offers online kitchen design services that maximize a budget while creating a comprehensive 3D concept. The design package includes a virtual meeting, renderings, material selections, and a source list. You also have the option of adding mood boards and floor plans to your package.

COST: A full-service online kitchen design package starts at $5000.

TURNAROUND: 4 to 12 weeks

6. Kitchen Planner

Online kitchen planner
Image credit, online Kitchen Planner

HOW IT WORKS: Kitchen Planner is a simple and accessible way to design your kitchen online. Through its online kitchen planner, you can create a space that’ll work for you. First, you’ll select your room’s dimensions and cabinetry. Then you can add furniture and appliances while selecting the finishes throughout. Once complete, you can view your kitchen remodel in 3D and select dealers or a kitchen professional via the online platform.

COST: Free

TURNAROUND: A few minutes to days, depending on the time you spend on the design.

7. Home Depot Virtual Kitchen Design

Home Depot online kitchen design
Image credit, Home Depot

HOW IT WORKS: Home Depot has extended its services to online kitchen design. The process includes a partially virtual experience, as the consultation can be done online. After the initial meeting and verification of the measurements, the designer creates CAD drawings of the space. And once you’re happy, Home Depot will arrange for contractors to install your kitchen. All materials, furniture, and finishes are purchased from Home Depot stores.

COST: Free consultation, $99 for an in-house visit to verify measurements. The total fee depends on the project scope.

TURNAROUND: 4 to 12 weeks

8. Ikea Kitchen 3D Planner

Virtual kitchen design - Ikea-Kitchen-3D-planner
Image credit, Ikea Kitchen 3D Planner

HOW IT WORKS: Ikea gives you the option of designing a kitchen by yourself or working with a designer. What’s more, the brand has more than one virtual tool. You can use the Ikea kitchen 3D planner to personalize your space, floor to ceiling, with its 3D virtual design program. Alternatively, you can use the ENHET kitchen planner to modify ready-made units. The latter is flexible and budget-friendly. Lastly, they also have a handy Quick Quoter. This feature lets you select a predesigned kitchen, update details and estimate the price of the final product. 

COST: The virtual planners are free to use, so is the online consultation.

TURNAROUND: 0.5 to 2 hours for a free consultation. Taking the DIY virtual design route will depend on your time spent on the platform.

Online Kitchen Design FAQ

Virtual kitchen design by Decorilla designer Sharene M
Virtual kitchen design results by Decorilla designer, Sharene M.

What are the benefits of designing a kitchen online?
Virtual kitchen design is cost-effective, time-saving, offers more options, and allows you to visualize your kitchen before making any actual changes.

How do I start a virtual kitchen design?
Find a reliable tool or service that fits your needs, create an account, provide basic information about your kitchen, and start designing or working with your chosen designer. 

Want to design your kitchen online?

Whatever your project scope or requirements, online kitchen designers can help realize your dreams. Schedule a Free Online Interior Design Consultation to get started today!

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