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Living in a digital era certainly has many perks, especially when it comes to convenience. You can design your room online, from the comfort of your home – anytime and anywhere. However, when browsing ‘design my bedroom online’, the results can be overwhelming. That’s why we narrowed down the best online bedroom design services and planners so that you don’t have to. Explore your options for creating a designer room below!

Online Bedroom Design 101

Online bedroom design in 3D - Decorilla
Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla bedroom design online

Before beginning your search for the best bedroom design service and room décor online, you should go over your expectations. The timeline, costs, and results of real bedroom projects vary greatly. It all depends on who or what you decide to work with. Take time to establish what outcome you want for your bedroom redesign.

To help you decide on the right online bedroom planner or service for your needs, consider:

  • How demanding your design job is because it’ll have an impact on the project timeline
  • Your desired outcome, as this will help you figure out what service package you need
  • The budget, to get a better idea of which services and planners fall within your price range
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Decorilla virtual bedroom planner result

Whatever your needs, here are the top three virtual tools and resources to make your master bedroom design ideas a reality:

  • DIY Bedroom Décor Online Planner: 3D Room Designer
  • Free Virtual Bedroom Planner: Roomstyler
  • Overall Best Online Bedroom Design Service: Decorilla

7 Best Online Bedroom Design Services

Design your bedroom online - Sonia C.
Realistic rendering, Decorilla bedroom design online in 3D

Whichever level of involvement you prefer, there’s an ideal bedroom planning service for you. You can choose to be hands-on, laid-back, or somewhere in-between. Simply go through our list to find your perfect match.

1. Plan Your Room

Online bedroom planner - Plan Your Room
Image credit, Plan Your Room

HOW IT WORKS: Design your room online using Plan Your Room for a fuss-free, easy-to-use experience. It may lack 3D features, but it’s one of the quickest ways to complete a floorplan. The interface is user-friendly – it allows you to drag and move walls with ease. You’ll find categorized furnishings and structural pieces in a sidebar on the left. Furniture dimensions are customizable as well, giving you an accurate idea of your bedroom-to-be. You only need to register on Plan Your Room to save your designs.

Virtual bedroom planner - Plan Your Room
Image credit, Plan Your Room

COST: Plan Your Room is completely free to use.

TURNAROUND: The project turnaround time depends on you. However, because of its simplicity, you should be able to create a bedroom layout online in no time at all.

2. Decorilla Online Bedroom Design

Decorate your room online - Drew F
Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla online bedroom design

HOW IT WORKS: When you design your bedroom online with Decorilla, you benefit in more ways than one. The process starts by scheduling a free virtual consultation and then filling out a questionnaire. Decorilla’s team takes this information and identifies which of their interior designers are the best fit for the project. Initially, two designers get assigned per client. Each designer must then submit a unique design concept.

Design your bedroom online - Drew F.
Mood board for the virtual bedroom planner by Decorilla

Once the client chooses their favorite concept, the project is well underway. Clients have the opportunity to request adjustments until they’re happy. The designer then proceeds to create lifelike 3D renderings of the room. But it doesn’t stop there. Clients also receive a detailed shopping list of room décor online sources, complete with exclusive trade discounts.

Online shopping list a virtual bedroom design in 3D
Decorilla online shopping list for bedroom design online in 3D

These shopping lists, along with detailed room floorplans, make putting together new rooms a breeze. In the end, Decorilla is a user-friendly platform with countless perks. Fantastic customer service and value for money provide the ultimate peace of mind.

Need some help deciding which online bathroom design package is right for you? Then, schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation for expert assistance getting started today!

Bedroom design online 3D - Drew F.
Realistic 3D rendering, Decorilla room decor and design online

COST: Decorilla offers three affordable package tiers (bronze, silver, and gold) per room. Flat rates for bedroom projects range from $639 to 1,449. Custom packages are available as well from $75 per hour.

TURNAROUND: Projects usually take 1-3 weeks to complete. However, the timeline is adjustable according to client needs.

3. Bob’s Discount Furniture 3D Room Designer

Bedroom design app online - My Bobs
Image credit, Bob’s Discount Furniture

HOW IT WORKS: Completing a bedroom design online in 3D with Bob’s Discount Furniture 3D Room Designer requires no skill at all. It’s that easy to use. Draw a space using the desired dimensions, then drag and drop furnishings into the room. You can also share and save interiors when you register an account.

Bedroom design online 3D - Bob's discount furniture
Image credit, Bob’s Discount Furniture

COST: It’s free to use, although you can add items from your mock layout to your online shopping cart with ease and make your purchases from there.

TURNAROUND: The project timeframe is completely dependent on you. It also depends on whether you choose to order anything through Bob’s Discount Furniture.

4. Modsy

Bedroom decor design online - Modsy
Image credit, Modsy

HOW IT WORKS: If you design your room online with Modsy, you’ll follow a four-step process. It starts by taking some photos of the bedroom or by scanning the room using the app and giving a description of the project. Next, you’re paired with a designer responsible for creating your tailored 3D designs. The both of you collaborate until you’re 100% satisfied with the results. Finally, you buy all the pieces necessary to put together your room and get to work.

design your room online - Modsy
Image credit, Modsy

COST: Packages start at $159 per room.

TURNAROUND: The typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, but it may differ depending on the package.

5. Roomstyler

Room decor online bedroom planner - Roomstyler
Image credit, Roomstyler

HOW IT WORKS: Roomstyler is an easy-to-use 3D home planner and mood board creation tool. It allows you to customize pre-made room shapes or draw spaces from scratch. Once you complete the structure, you can decorate it using over 120,000 room décor pieces online from your favorite homeware brands. If you like the results of your rendered bedroom model and want to buy some of the products, just click on the ‘Available for Purchase’ button to continue.

Design your bedroom online - Roomstyler
Image credit, Roomstyler

COST: Roomstyler is free to use.

TURNAROUND: It all depends on you.

6. Planner 5D

Bedroom design app online - Planner 5D
Image credit, Planner 5D

HOW IT WORKS: Planner 5D is a popular bedroom design app online. When you design your room online on this platform, you can create simple blueprints and plan renderings. Plus, you get to decorate the interior with thousands of furnishings. If you don’t know where to start, be sure to visit the gallery for beautiful bedroom inspiration. Go ahead – copy your favorite design and adjust it to meet your room specifications for an even quicker and easier design process.

Design your room online - Planner 5D
Image credit, Planner 5D

COST: It’s free unless you want access to the complete virtual catalog.

TURNAROUND: Again, it depends on yourself.

7. Room Sketcher

Decorate your room online - Roomsketcher
Image credit, Room Sketcher

HOW IT WORKS: Plan out, visualize, and decorate your room online using Room Sketcher. With this bedroom planner, you can either do it yourself or leave drawing the floor plan to a Room Sketcher illustrator. They’ll have it ready in a flash. You’ll also be happy to know that all room décor in the online program is currently available. This means you can easily get information on the pieces you used to furnish your virtual bedroom.

Bedroom design app online - Roomsketcher
Image credit, Room Sketcher

COST: Room Sketcher offers limited free use for five design projects. Various upgrades and packages are available to design your room online. 

TURNAROUND: It depends on how fast you work. If you order floor plans, you should receive them by the next business day.

Virtual Bedroom Design FAQ’s

3D rendering results from designing a bedroom online by Decorilla designer, Darya N.
3D rendering results from designing a bedroom online by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

How does it work?

Online bedroom design is a process that allows individuals to create and visualize their ideal bedroom layout and decor using digital tools and software, with or without the help of an interior designer. Once furniture, colors, textures, and accessories are selected 2D or even photorealistic 3D renderings are provided to give the user a preview of their space.

What are the benefits of designing a bedroom online?

Virtual bedroom design offers realistic visualization, which saves time and effort, and allows for easy experimentation with different layouts and styles. Also, when professional design help is involved you’re not limited to designers in one specific area. And most important is the cost savings. From free to 80% less than traditional interior design, you simply can’t beat the prices of online bedroom design.

Want more than DIY online bedroom design?

If you want a bedroom design you’ll love, guaranteed, simply schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to get started with the finest bedroom designers today!

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