7 Best Online Bathroom Design Services

Online bathroom design by Decorilla - Raneem K
Image Credit, Decorilla

Trends come and go, but online savvy is here to stay. In fact, the convenience of all-things virtual is merely expanding! And the same goes for bathroom interior design. Today, thanks to online design, you can spruce up your powder room without ever stepping foot outside. So, we’ve put together a list of the top online bathroom design services to help you get started today!

Online Bathroom Design 101

Decorilla bathroom design services online
Decorilla online bathroom design services

When you design your bathroom online, the most beautiful bathroom result comes from a combo of key aspects. These include affordability, an easy-to-follow process, and professional design guidance, all from the comfort of your home. However, the quality of the outcome relies a lot on your service of choice.

Online options that include designs from professional bathroom designers often lead to the best result. Whereas bathroom floor planners with you as the designer could have a snag here and there. So, with this in mind, here are a few helpful tips in choosing an online bathroom design service: 

  • Know your budget beforehand and try to stick to it as closely as possible.
  • Set your requirements and understand the amount of work they entail.
  • Based on your needs, determine the level of design service you’ll want.
  • Take advantage of free consultations to learn more about the services you’re interested in.
Online bathroom design services - Casey H.
Completed online bathroom design for a Decorilla 

Here are the best online bathroom interior design services to virtually plan and decorate your space:

Free Online Bathroom Interior Design: Villeroy & Boch

DIY Online Bathroom Interior Design: Bathroom in a Box

Overall Online Bathroom Interior Design: Decorilla

Need some help deciding which online bathroom design service is right for you? Then, schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation for expert assistance getting started today!

7 Best Online Bathroom Design Services

Online bathroom design with a coastal style - Decorilla
Image credit, Decorilla

Whether you want complete control of your bathroom makeover or a guiding hand, you’ll find it here. One of the best virtual bathroom planners or online design services will certainly fit your needs.

1. Kohler Bathroom Design Service

Virtual bathroom planner - Kohler
Image credit, Kohler

HOW IT WORKS: As a service dedicated to online bathroom design, Kohler can visualize tricky nooks of a powder or guestroom with ease. The concept is simple. It resembles traditional design as you’ll have face-to-face meetings with your designer. The only difference is that it’s online instead of in-person meets. What’s more, if you like Kohler products, you’ll be happy to know all finishes and details will come from the brand.

After purchasing an online interior design service package, you need to complete a style survey and a goal list. Thereafter you’ll have three online meetings with your designer. The first is to meet the expert and set the brief. In the second meeting, you’ll discuss the designer’s mood board and concept. And in the final meeting, the designer reveals the room renderings. The designer can help connect you with a contractor in your area, after which you’ll set an appointment and put the design into practice. 

Bathroom planner online rendering - Kohler
Online bathroom design by Kohler

COST: $699.00

TURNAROUND: 30-60 days. The Kohler designer can have the design ready within 30 days, but you schedule the meetings to suit you. However, you must complete the process within 60 days. 

2. Decorilla Online Bathroom Design

Stunning virtual design bathroom - Autumn M
Online bathroom design results by Decorilla

HOW IT WORKS: Decorilla offers versatility and expertise in its online bathroom design services. Clients start with a free initial consultation and an interactive questionnaire. These initial steps help Decorilla’s team to match you with vetted interior designers best suited to your style and needs. Once that’s done, two designers will submit tailored concepts for you to choose between. 

Glam bathroom by online bathroom design services decorilla
Online bathroom design services results by Decorilla

Now the design process goes into full swing as your selected designer works with you to nail down the details and then finalize photorealistic 3D renders of your new room. In the end, you get more than a virtual bathroom planner. You receive a cohesive color scheme, layout, and online shopping list with exclusive trade discounts from over 250 vendors. In addition, you get ample communication time with your designer during and after the project, if needed. Clients also have access to in-home consultations, a user-friendly platform, and a white glove shopping concierge that handles everything from ordering, to tracking, and delivery. 

virtual bathroom planner concept by decorilla
Virtual bathroom planner concept by Decorilla

Shopping list for a bathroom floor planner - Decorilla
Online shopping list for an online bathroom design by Decorilla

Online bathroom design services 3D rendering Decorilla
Online bathroom design services final 3D rendering by Decorilla

COST: Bathroom packages come in three online interior design tiers and prices, starting at $699.00. Custom packages start at $75 per hour. 

TURNAROUND: 3-5 weeks, but the timeline can be adjusted to suit the client’s schedule. 

3. Bathroom in a Box


Image credit, Bathroom in a Box

HOW IT WORKS: Bathroom in a Box merges design with the convenience of online shopping. Scroll through a list of products, pick your favorite, then go to checkout to make your purchase. Shop from hundreds of bathroom designs, and pick one that suits your budget and style. After your purchase, you receive a design board and a shopping list of the materials. The latter includes direct links to products and cost estimations.

With your design plan, you can take a DIY approach or hire a local contractor to help. If you’re not fully happy with your design choice, you can request to have yours substituted with another one you like more. 

Virtual bathroom planner - Bathroom in a Box
Image credit, Bathroom in a Box

COST: Bathroom remodel plans start at $40.

TURNAROUND: Browsing and buying your favorite design can take a few minutes but executing the remodel will depend on your planning, productivity, and management skills.

4. Social Soul Studio

Virtual bathroom planner result by Social Soul
Image credit, Social Soul

HOW IT WORKS: Social Soul offers bathroom design services online that have a one-on-one feel. Not only do clients have the convenience of a virtual bathroom floor planner, but they also have direct access to the lead designer. Before diving into the process, you can complete the suggested consultation. Here, you’ll set your expectations, review your style, and learn what the designer can offer.

Then you can elect to receive the optional initial mood board and floor plan. The final product includes 3D renderings, construction drawings, and material picks and finishes. You also have access to two revisions, a material source list, and post-design support.

Virtual 3D bathroom planner result by Social Soul
Online bathroom design by Social Soul

COST: A full-service online bathroom design typically starts at $3,000 but can increase up to $8,000 based on project scope. 

TURNAROUND: 4-12 weeks 

5. Villeroy & Boch 3D Bathroom Planner

Online bathroom planner villeroy boch
Image credit, Villeroy & Boch

HOW IT WORKS: Villeroy & Boch is the ultimate 3D bathroom planner for the DIY enthusiast. Through the online platform, clients get a sense of what it feels like to be an interior designer. You can start with a pre-defined or free-form room shape as the base of your bathroom floor planner. Add in structural elements, like windows, water pipes, and electrical connections. Then design your ideal room, including outlets, light switches, and architectural features.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can have it sent to you in PDF format. This document will include your floor plan, sketch, 3D view, and product lists. You can also edit the design later on. When you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, you can select from a list of the closest dealers near you.

3D bathroom planner online interface - Villeroy & Boch
Image credit, Villeroy & Boch

COST: Free

TURNAROUND: As long as it takes you to design, from 10 minutes to a day. 

6. Bailiwick Online Bathroom Design 

Online bathroom design - Bailiwick
Image credit, Bailiwick online bathroom design

HOW IT WORKS: With Bailiwick, you’ll work directly with the lead designer, Carrie Oesmann. She offers online bathroom design with a personalized twist. You can finetune your needs during a free 30-minute consultation or dive into a How-to-Decide Guide service. From here, you’ll discuss your project scope and get to the nitty-gritty of design. However, the project officially kicks off once you’ve purchased the Bathroom Design Essentials package. 

Bailiwick takes care in providing design insights and concepts virtually. You’ll receive a room concept, floor plan, 3D perspective, reference kit, and a budget outline. Additional renderings of different angles are available for a fee. 

Bailiwick online bathroom interior design

Bailiwick online bathroom design package

COST: Bathroom design essentials cost $1,500. 

TURNAROUND: These vary, but you can find an estimated timeline during a free consultation.  

7. Kaldewei Virtual Bathroom Planner

Online bathroom floor planner - Kaldewei
Image credit, Kaldewei

HOW IT WORKS: Kaldewei is great for anyone who wants to try an online interior design app with aiding visuals. You can start with a detailed template or set the room’s measurements and specifics. From there you can add structural details, like windows and doors, electric points, and water outlets. You can select floor and wall finishes as well as Kaldewei products.

After finalizing your design, you can download the sketch document and product list. And if you’re completely satisfied, you can pass it on to a Kaldewei tradesperson and make your creation become reality.

Online 3D bathroom floor planner - Kaldewei
3D bathroom planner by Kaldewei

COST: Free

TURNAROUND: However long it takes you to design the bathroom, from minutes to days. 

Ready to Give Online Bathroom Design Services a Try?

A beautifully designed bathroom doesn’t have to be a distant dream. So, if you want to learn more or start your project, Schedule a Free Design Consultation to chat with the team today!

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