Your Go-To Guide for a Home Office Stipend

Beautiful neutral home office furniture as part of creative employee incentives

From luxury to necessity, working from home now benefits more people than ever. But it comes at a cost, and for WFH employees the unexpected financial toll can be stressful. On the upside, companies can support every employee with a home office stipend. These creative employee incentives can strengthen your team and improve productivity. Read on for all the details on home office stipends!

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Home Office Background Ideas to Always be “Zoom Ready”

Moody home office background with builtin shelves by WhittneyParkinson

In the era when remote work turned somewhat mainstream, a home office became a necessity for many. Along with that came the struggle of creating a video-worthy home office background. Creating a well put together, clutter free background to your home office will not only improve your energy and efficiency, but will also have you looking professional on screen. Read on for the best home office background ideas your co-workers will swoon over!

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Home Office Ideas: Interior Design, Decor, and Layout Tips

eclectic home office design

When it comes to working in your home it’s important to create a space that can fulfill all of your needs. Working at home can come with a lot of distractions and temptations to get off track. Whether you have a spare closet to convert or a guest room that’s never used, a home office can be anywhere. What’s important is to create a space that promotes creativity, concentration, and happiness. Get inspired by these home office ideas and get started on creating your own oasis to enjoy with these top tips!

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Office Interior Design Services: 10 Best in 2020

office interior design service feature

Commercial office interior design has come so far in recent years. Having an aesthetically pleasing place of work can have a big impact on a number of factors from focus to teamwork.  We are seeing a surge of innovative, thoughtful, and sustainable trends sweeping the industry.  Check out these office interior design ideas to get going. The workplace of the future is here and we’ve rounded up our top picks for best office interior design services.

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10 Best Office Design Ideas & Trends

modern office design airbnb office by gensler

Work culture has advanced immensely from the days when corporate offices were a new phenomenon. Years of seeing the results of office life on people’s overall well-being has sparked many new developments in office design. Interior designers, as well as designers for office furniture manufacturers, have proven to be truly creative in their design solutions. Whether designers are helping a startup company workspace function better, or planning an entire office building for a Fortune 500 company, these 10 office design ideas and trends work in a great variety of interior design projects.

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7 Top Dental Office Design Ideas & Trends


The medical field is constantly expanding and changing because new research provides new understanding and new outlooks in the field. The fields of ergonomics and design both teach us that design affects how people feel, and doctors now are making note of that in their private practices. It takes more than an impressive fish tank to really set a medical office’s interior design standards apart from the crowd these days. For that reason, dental office design is becoming more people-friendly than it has ever been. Taking the whole human experience into account, an easy change to make is in the decor and design. What people see and experience when they first enter a dental office can affect their entire experience. These top dental office interior design trends are making waves in the dental world right now.

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