Cozy living room by Decorilla New Hampshire Interior Designers

When it comes to new Hampshire interior design, the options are truly endless. From traditional and modern to eclectic and contemporary styles, the area boasts a prominent creative flair. With vast experience in color, texture, materials, and proportion, New Hampshire interior designers craft bespoke solutions, finding an ideal balance between form and function. The result is often visually intriguing, so read on to get acquainted with some of the best local design talent!

New Hampshire Interior Design 

Contemporary living room by interior designer near you, Marisol O
Contemporary living room by Decorilla interior designer near you, Marisol O.

The New Hampshire interior design scene is one of the most vibrant in the country, leaving lasting impressions on residents and visitors alike. Artistic works of varying styles and sensibilities can be found everywhere, incorporating New England traditions with contemporary flair. From Portsmouth to Manchester and beyond, the whole area is alive with stunning visuals making bold statements. Meanwhile, local New Hampshire interior design businesses provide consumers with a vast array of individualized services, enabling them to transform their homes into personalized sanctuaries. 

Tip: It’s important to find a New Hampshire interior designer that works within your preferred design style. Taking an interior design style quiz can pinpoint your style and help discover the perfect designer for you!

Best New Hampshire Interior Designers

Transitional New Hampshire interior design by Decorilla designer, Rene P.
Transitional New Hampshire interior design by Decorilla designer, Rene P.

The Granite State offers some of the finest interior design talents in the nation. Top New Hampshire interior designers emphasize quality over quantity, with a keen eye for finding the right balance between style and utility. Their experience shines in everything they do, from choosing the best fabrics and materials to executing creative yet highly functional layouts. So without further ado, meet our favorites.    

Alice Williams

Alice Williams, New Hampshire interior designers

Alice Williams is one of New Hampshire’s most prolific interior designers. With vast experience, she developed a keen eye for tasteful and timeless designs that appeal to even the most discerning client. Her creative flair stems from the desire to utilize her skills to create comfortable, beautiful living spaces for everyone. Alice also believes in creating rooms that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing – a concept that has made her a leader amongst New Hampshire interior designers. 

Alice Williams, New Hampshire interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: Quality, precision, and craftsmanship, where attention to detail is paramount.

Decorilla New Hampshire Interior Designers

Decorilla interior designers near you

Decorilla New Hampshire interior designers offer each client a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise. Whether you wish to completely transform a room or bring order to your office, their design talent ensures that your project is tackled with precision and professionalism. With tailored services ranging from decor consultation to full home renovations, Decorilla interior designers near you materialize each unique vision effortlessly and enjoyably.

Transitional bedroom by Decorilla New Hampshire Interior Designer, Sharene M.
Transitional bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Sharene M.

Decorilla’s design process has the unheard of perk of receiving design concepts from two designers for the client to choose between. As a result, homeowners are sure to finish with a design they love. 

Each affordable interior design package comes with a selection of benefits that make the design experience next level. For starters, photorealistic 3D renderings take away the guesswork, allowing clients to envision their room before committing to any changes or purchases. Also included is a curated online shopping list with exceptional trade-exclusive discounts not available to the general public. And finally, a white-glove shopping concierge is available to handle all of the ordering, tracking, and delivery details. Updating your home or business has never been easier. 

Contemporary open living by Decorilla interior designer near you, Jaqueline H
Contemporary open living by Decorilla interior designer near you, Jaqueline H.

WHAT WE LOVE: The versatile affordable services, ranging from consultations to full-scope high-end design projects.

Amy Mitchell

Amy Mitchell, New Hampshire interior designers

Amy Mitchell is a professional New Hampshire interior designer with a passion for creativity. She skillfully combines classic elements with unexpected details to create an eclectic and cohesive look. Working closely with her clients, Amy understands the importance of tailoring designs to reflect individual lifestyles and personalities. Her perceptive eye takes care of every detail, from selecting fabrics to recommending furniture. As a result, she delivers beautiful, perfectly balanced rooms where the residents can relax and thrive. 

Amy Mitchell, New Hampshire interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: Tailored designs that reflect current trends but also each client’s particular taste.  

Amanda Raymond

Amanda Raymond, New Hampshire interior designers

Amanda Raymond is one of the established names in New Hampshire’s premier interior design scene. Her skills and eye for detail ensure all her work is impeccable and attractive. With more than two decades of experience in the New England area, she has been involved in a wide variety of projects. Consequently, Amanda’s portfolio ranges from aesthetically pleasing residential homes to modern corporate offices. 

Amanda Raymond, New Hampshire interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: Effortless melding of various aspects into cohesive but also unique design arrangements.  

Allison Ducharme

Allison Ducharme, New Hampshire interior designers

Allison Ducharme is one of the leading New Hampshire interior designers with a knack for meticulously crafted detail. She devotes her skills to custom tailoring, setting her designs apart from the rest. Allison’s work has been featured in multiple New England design magazines and lifestyle blogs. She is also a winner of several professional awards and recognition for excellence in design. Whether it’s a residential property or a commercial space, Allison creates stunning interiors her clients are proud to show off.

Allison Ducharme, New Hampshire interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: Alison’s signature combination of modern elements and architectural details while still incorporating subtle touches of classic influences. 

Sharon Bottner

Sharon Bottner, New Hampshire interior design

Sharon Bottner is an experienced interior designer in Portsmouth, NH, specializing in residential design. Voted New Hampshire’s Best Interior Designer in 2020, she has proven her ability to conceptualize individualized spaces with a unique touch. Sharon’s portfolio accordingly showcases a distinctively creative approach to modern, traditional and transitional styles. She works collaboratively with her clients over the entire project timeline – from concept to completion – ensuring their satisfaction at each step along the way. 

Sharon Bottner, interior designer in Portsmouth, NH

WHAT WE LOVE: A highly personalized, psychological approach to creating personalized interiors that feel like home as a result. 

Aimee Brothers

Aimee Brothers, interior decorator NH

Aimee Brothers is one of New Hampshire’s leading interior decorators. She boasts an impressive portfolio of work featuring diverse styles and noteworthy clients. Nevertheless, Aimee’s scope of work includes everything from tiny specialized spaces to complete mansion makeovers. Whether a classic New England take on historical properties or a modern industrial look of apartment buildings, each project reflects her commitment to conveying timeless aesthetics. 

Interior decorator NH, Aimee Brothers

WHAT WE LOVE: The way each project emphasizes Aimee’s attention to detail, as well as a passion for practical yet elegant solutions.

Randy Trainor

Randy Trainor, New Hampshire interior design

Randy Trainor has been an invaluable member of the New Hampshire interior design world for over 30 years. She brings professional expertise in design, wowing clients with her modern and creative yet fully livable interior styles. By employing methods that are simultaneously efficient and precise, she ensures every client achieves their dream living space. Over the years, Randy has built up a loyal fan base who enjoy her well-balanced blending of timeless classics and the latest trends in home design.

Randy Trainor, New Hampshire interior designer

WHAT WE LOVE: Rooms that look and feel elaborate but never fussy or over-designed. 

Ruth Axtell

Ruth Axtell, New Hampshire interior design

As an inspiring interior decorator in NH, Ruth Axtell has been serving the Granite State with her excellent work for many years. By creating transformative designs, she has helped countless New Englanders reimagine their living and work spaces. With a keen eye for detail, expert knowledge of materials, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Ruth continues to revolutionize New Hampshire’s home design landscape. Her influence extends beyond her clients’ homes, too – she serves as a role model for aspiring New Hampshire interior designers who look to her for insight into the profession.  

Ruth Axtell, New Hampshire interior designer

WHAT WE LOVE: Homes created as safe havens to share with friends and families. 

Andrea Srinivas

Andrea Srinivas, New Hampshire interior design

Andrea Srinivas is an award-winning interior designer in Concord, NH, known for her crisp, contemporary style. She is passionate about creating beautiful and functional spaces that reflect the needs and personalities of her clients. From cozy mountain retreats to modern high-rise commercial spaces, Andrea strives to uphold the New Hampshire standards of excellence set by her predecessors. Her work has been featured in local publications, inspiring other New Hampshire residents to also create their own dream homes.

Andrea Srinivas, New Hampshire interior designer

WHAT WE LOVE: Andrea brings an artistic eye to her craft while also helping clients navigate the design and construction process.

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