Eclectic bedroom interior design before and after by Decorilla

Cozy, coastal, and chic: this is all a recent Decorilla client wanted for her sleeping chamber. However, that dark and cold room was far from the chic eclectic bedroom interior design residing in her head. Let’s see how a Decorilla interior designer helped make her dream a reality (and also kept to her tight budget).

The Challenge: Eclectic Bedroom Interior Design

Loving eclectic interior design is easy, but knowing how to decorate cohesively can be difficult. To create a successful online bedroom design, the designer had to overcome several challenges, and:

  • Incorporate unique bedroom decor ideas to make the best function and flow for the space
  • Add more lighting to the master bedroom plan
  • Transform a dark room into a bright space to make it feel bigger than it is
  • Combine eclectic interior design with coastal and chic contemporary styles

Design Inspiration: Eclectic Bedroom Design Ideas

Glam eclectic bedroom interior design by Decorilla
Glam bedroom interior by Decorilla

The client took some time browsing bedroom images on Decorilla, Pinterest, and Houzz for inspiration. She then defined her interior design style and was ready to work with a professional online interior designer on her perfect space.

Eclectic bedroom interior design by Decorilla
Blue bedroom interior design by Decorilla

Designer rooms with a coastal theme filled the client’s inspiration folder. Each soothing bedroom scheme was a perfect example of the nature-inspired summer trends. Simple bedroom decorating ideas, muted tones, and plenty of texture made each example come to life in a different way. However, their common references were wood, metallic accents, upholstered velvet beds, and beachy color schemes.

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Tiara M.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Tiara M.

The client sent her design brief to Decorilla’s interior designers. She had the right to pick two, but Tiara M. caught her eye with her smart and unique design solutions. With beautiful master bedroom designs as her guide, Tiara got to work on her eclectic bedroom plans. She created two different initial proposals for the client, one with a contemporary farmhouse style and the other with glamorous eclectic harmony.

master bedroom design mood board
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Tiara M.

The client finally opted for the latter: the luxurious plan filled with sand-colored furniture full of texture. They refined the initial proposal a little bit until it reflected their perfect neutral, eclectic bedroom vision. In the final moodboard, a neutral base set the tone for the coastal look the client was after. The designer then chose modern bedroom décor in pops of blue or green that resemble the beach without using typical nautical motifs.

Results Revealed: Eclectic Bedroom Interior Design

eclectic bedroom furniture ideas
Eclectic bedroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The client’s new designer bedroom makes the tiny space come to life with texture and color. The realized version uses the advantage of the light grey walls, which can fit into most color schemes, to build a stylish layout. This semi-gloss wall paint not only bounces more natural light coming through the windows into the room but also reflects artificial light from the multiple wall sconces.

Eclectic bedroom interior before (left) and after (right) design by Decorilla
Before (left) and after (right) design by Decorilla

Small bedrooms are infamous for their lack of light and limited square footage, and the setup our client had felt as close-knit as it could be. By combining small bedroom ideas like layered light and light walls, Tiara M. managed to make it seemingly double in size.

Keeping an Eye for Detail

Tiara also used small bedroom décor ideas and tricks—like adding furniture pieces with shiny elements—to bring another, sensory element into the room. The jeweled dresser, with its handcrafted drawer pulls, makes this master bedroom design feel luxurious and chic. Complemented by gold sconces and a mirror, it makes a stunning visual feature wall and impressive entrance.

eclectic bedroom interior design decor
Master bedroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

At the same time, pops of blue balance the glam flair with a calming aesthetic. The soft, bright beige rug placed on the contrasting wood floor makes the bedroom feel even bigger,

eclectic bedroom interior design ideas
Luxury master bedroom online interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The wallpaper’s subtle herringbone pattern provides a gentle texture that harmonizes seamlessly with the room’s soft, neutral palette. Such an elegant backdrop is punctuated by the addition of a glamorous gold hanger, cleverly positioned by the door. This handy feature merges style and utility by offering a chic spot for daily essentials. The hanger’s metallic sheen echoes the warm, golden accents of the wall sconces and drawer pulls, further unifying the room’s eclectic yet sophisticated aesthetic.

eclectic bedroom design
Eclectic bedroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Tiara utilized every inch of this eclectic bedroom interior with precision and attention to detail. The bed itself looks utterly inviting with its plush, crisp white bedding, beautifully framed from the ground up. A dark grey base and headboard add a pleasing contrast against the light furnishings. Further up, a wall sconce brightens and perfectly complements two bold, abstract paintings.

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Shopping list by Decorilla
Shopping list by Decorilla

Tiara’s final eclectic bedroom interior design delivers all the client wanted. Above all, she made a tiny layout look bigger while feeling chic yet cozy. Using her design know-how, Tiara also managed to find the best deals and incorporate all the existing pieces they wanted to keep. But what especially excited the client was that the included shopping list had multiple designer discounts, which more than paid for the cost of the online interior design package.

The verdict? A stunning eclectic bedroom interior design within budget and a very happy client whose feedback speaks it all: “Perfect! Thank you very much :)”

Get the Look: Bedroom Decor Ideas

Achieve a balanced blend of sophistication and comfort by incorporating eclectic elements into your small bedroom. Experiment with our top picks to create a dynamic yet serene environment.

top picks eclectic bedroom interior design
  1. Botanical
  2. Eclectic Dresser
  3. Wall Sconce
  4. Blue Ottoman
  5. Beige Rug
  6. Accent Chair
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