bright and airy modern mens bedroom interior design

Small apartments can be a joy to decorate – there is little space for big mistakes! One dog-lover was burning to get started on his interior but didn’t know where to start or which look would work best: minimalist or bold? Fortunately, he turned to Decorilla’s team, who created a modern men’s bedroom equally minimalist and edgy. Read on for the soothing reveal!

The Challenge: Modern Men’s Bedroom

Even though his apartment was small, it still came with a set of unique challenges. To create a men’s bedroom interior design perfect for the client, the designers had to:

  • Add masculine design elements fitting to the client’s personality and tastes
  • Satisfy the need for unexpected design as well as keeping to a minimal, clean look
  • Incorporate existing furniture that doesn’t necessarily fit the style vision
  • Implement small-room best practices to ensure the room feels more spacious 
  • Use hardy, pet-friendly furniture and décor

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Inspiration: Modern Bedroom Ideas For Guys

modern mens bedroom ideas for guys

The client longed for a balanced interior filled with personality. In his selection of inspirational images, his preference is clear as clean lines, contemporary lighting, and plush bedding featured on each. Every design can double as a modern men’s bedroom – they are unfussy, feature strong silhouettes, and have a distinct yet refined masculine atmosphere. The color palette in each room is two-tone with a subtle accent hue, making it perfect for a minimal interior

Men’s Bedroom Interior Design & Mood Board

Modern mens bedroom interior design with a sleepy dog
Men’s bedroom interior design – client results using Decorilla 

The client received two concepts from different interior designers, each highlighting his requirements for bold yet minimal aesthetics. After consideration and a few tweaks, the client chose Paaj’s polished and plush men’s bedroom interior design. She swapped a bold ochre feature wall with textured wallpaper and picked a neutral color scheme with a few subtle color pops  

Modern mends bedroom mood board
Decorilla mood board for a modern men’s bedroom 

Paaj Y. filled the final mood board with contemporary and edgy furniture and artwork. She also kept to a light color scheme and minimal dark accents to ensure a cohesive and airy design. After all, this combination of modern bedroom ideas for guys could make any room feel dapper. The concept also includes space-saving furniture like a wall-mounted coat hook and shoe storage and built-in nightstands. Not only would the client be saving precious floor space, but he’d also be right on trend with the latest in furniture design. 

Modern Men’s Bedroom Result

Modern masculine bedroom with a low bed and soft furnishings
Modern masculine bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The result is a graceful yet masculine modern men’s bedroom – all thanks to frequent client-designer communication and know-how. On the whole, the updated interior is refreshing, bright, and uplifting. The neutral color scheme sets a relaxing background, ideal for working or sleeping. White, sandy brown, and pops of teal and yellow certainly make a soothing combination. Not only do white and blues calm and relax the mind, but the additional sunny hue can also make you feel a little happier.  

The designer also sourced furniture specifically designed for small spaces. For instance, the shoe storage and coat hanger are wall-mounted, which opens up valuable floor space. It also helps that these items are easy on the eye. In fact, their contemporary design lets them function as decoration too. 

Combined Bedroom & Home Office

modern bedroom ideas for guys
Men’s bedroom interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

As the homeowner used the room as a bedroom and home office, the space needed to be clutter-free and ergonomic. Moreover, the space had to be equally energizing and soothing – a tough balance to find. However, this modern masculine bedroom brings the best of both. By creating different zones, the workspace and bed feel separate. The wood desk provides a grounding base for the office section, while a refreshing pot plant and artwork invigorate the space. It’s also next to the door and energizing airflow. 

On the other hand, the bed contrasts to the office space, in white, dreamy yellow, and teal. It’s out of direct line of traffic, in the undisturbed area of the room. But the crowning feature of this area is the bedding – it’s plush, overflowing, and full of promise for rest. The designer also included a gray option for the client as it’s a dog-friendly choice.   

Soothing Symmetry 

Modern men’s bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

To make the most of the small room, the designer opted for a bed base with built-in nightstands. This piece of furniture not only saves space, but also provides symmetry in a pleasing minimal style. Two wall sconces sit just above the top of the bedframe, emitting a warming glow and framing the bed and abstract artwork. The playful wall art lightens the minimal men’s bedroom interior design. Bringing it all together, the sandy-colored wallpaper visually links to the geometric rug while also adding a soft, grounding contrast to the bedroom wall. 

Cozy mens bedroom interior design results
Cozy mens bedroom interior design – results using Decorilla 

The soothing color palette can also make a room feel bigger than it is, owing to white’s reflective properties. Helping this effect along is a full-length mirror that bounces the natural light from the window back into the room. Simultaneously, the low bed base creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. It also allows for large abstract wall art to fill the textured wall, making a beautiful statement. 

Before the Transformation 

before the mens bedroom interior design
Before photos

The client’s room was lacking balance, practicality, and style before the transformation. He was in need of some interior design guidance and insightful tips to better his space. 

Modern Masculine Bedroom Online Shopping List

Modern mens bedroom shopping list
Modern masculine bedroom shopping list with trade discounts from Decorilla

Like every finalized Decorilla project, the men’s bedroom interior design comes with an online shopping list. This is no ordinary tick-off list. In fact, it includes exclusive discounts, product details, and an implementation guide – everything you need to perfect your design at home! 

Design Your Modern Men’s Bedroom

Many modern bedroom ideas for guys can turn a dull room into something exceptional. All you need is a nudge in the right direction and your interior could be a stylish one in no time. Use our top picks below as a guide to help you get started! 

Modern bedroom ideas for guys and products
  1. Coat Hanger
  2. Cyra Art
  3. Pot Plant
  4. Wall Sconce
  5. Velvet Pillow
  6. Drawers Chest

Now the client has a modern men’s bedroom that makes him proud. But that’s not all! He can work in peace, while feeling inspired and rest comfortably in his beautiful room when the day is over. 

Get the Modern Men’s Bedroom Look In Your Home

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[images: 1, Decorilla project images]