Modern cabin interior design ideas and decor

A seaside cabin never loses its charm, but an update now and then can do wonders. New colors and furniture can make these charming spaces come alive. As these homes are often vacation homes, they need to exude tranquility and relaxation, which is just what recent clients wanted! And with Decorilla’s help, they could make it happen. Read on to see how modern cabin interior design made a spectacular home!

The Challenge: Modern Cabin Living Room

Designers had to address a series of challenges to create an interior perfect for the clients. To tick off the items on the wish list, designers had to include classics and trendy cabin interior designs. Additionally, the original interior had a traditional, woody aesthetic that needed to change. The client was eager to leave the stale style behind and make the most of the space. To do so, the designers had to:

  • Re-imagine the current interior to balance out the amount of wood present
  • Add an extra seating area to replace a large billiard table
  • Lighten and furnish the lounge area to create a cohesive great room design
  • Include a classy nautical theme to the modern cabin decor ideas
  • Opt for durable furnishings as the cabin will also be rented as holiday accommodation

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Modern Cabin Décor & Interior Design Ideas

modern cabin interior design inspiration

Radiant and light-filled encapsulate the clients’ inspirational images. They especially love natural features that reflect the beauty of the outdoors. These spacious interiors have distinct modern lines and coastal accents. They also adored texture and roughness from raw materials. So, they hoped for a modern cabin interior design with organic details.

The Mood Board & Modern Cabin Interior Design 

modern cabin interior design
Decorilla modern cabin interior design concept

A lighter interior was key to the redesign. Fortunately, the clients were descriptive and clear about what they wanted. Armed with their requirements, two designers came up with different concepts. In the end, the client chose the classy modern cabin living room by Casey H

Modern cabin living room mood board
Decorilla mood board with modern cabin decor ideas

After studying the brief and inspiration, Casey assembled a mood board full of modern cabin interior design ideas. For the scheme, she chose creamy whites, subdued greys, and navy blues. Casey wanted to accentuate raw materials subtly in her decor choices. She also made sure to include plenty of seating options in this modern cabin living room.

The Reveal of the Modern Cabin Living Room

modern cabin interior design ideas
Modern cabin living room reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the final 3D renderings, a sleek and sophisticated modern cabin living room comes to life. Thanks to ample windows and the removal of a wall, the room is light, spacious, and striking. Before, the amount of wood was overwhelming. Now, soft grey walls and a white ceiling lighten the room to balance the darker, warm timber color.

This shade of grey in an eggshell finish enhances the texture of the walls and gives a subtle sheen. For this reason, the shiplap is clearly visible and keeps the cabin feel. Traditional wooden beams were left raw to mirror the light wooden floor. These elements celebrate the natural materials while creating a chic interior. A modern cabin living room certainly needs such a rustic charm.

Modern Cabin Living Room & Media Center

Modern cabin decor ideas
Modern cabin interior design reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

The design of the primary seating area complements the stone fireplace and exterior. A cozy grey sofa, light wicker accent chairs, and wood finishes echo the muted tones of the stone. This composition creates a calming space, reflective of its surroundings. The console table behind the couch sections off the area, keeping it cozy and defined. And as finishing touches, a minimal abstract painting and navy table lamp cool down the color scheme and add a subtle seaside atmosphere.

This lounge doubles as the entertainment center and features a television above the fireplace. Its placement is clever as it masks the sharp contrast a screen could bring. Owing to the double volume windows, light floods in and reflects off the walls to create an inviting and warm space. As the modern cabin living room receives late afternoon sun, it’s perfect for leisurely holiday sunsets.

Quiet Lounge Perfect for Reflection

modern cabin living room
Modern cabin living room reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

The second seating area can double as a library or a space for intimate conversation. First and foremost, a navy sofa and chevron-patterned scatter pillows strengthen the coastal theme. This ample couch and two swivel recliners offer an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the view. In addition, an oat-colored rug anchors the setting and grounds the round coffee table and rectangular furniture.

With sunset beaming through on one side and two lamps flanking the other, the space welcomes conversation day or night. Any modern cabin decor ideas would fall short without an appropriate overhead light design. Here, a box-like chandelier wows with its warming glow, rounding off the look. 

A Great Room with a Modern Cabin Interior Design 

modern cabin interior design
Modern cabin interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

As a whole, the modern cabin interior design has a breathtaking quality. With symmetry and loads of light, it is as easy on the eye as it is on the budget. No one wants to be too careful on their holiday. Therefore, durability was high on the list of priorities when selecting furniture. These zones are each defined through shape. The lounges, for instance, are mainly angular, while the dividing center is circular and minimalist. This central space features a geometric spherical table, reminiscent of an old anchor wheel. It certainly grounds the adjacent areas and creates a pleasing symmetry.

modern cabin interior design ideas
Modern cabin great living room reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

With classic French doors leading out to the patio, one can enjoy the outdoors from anywhere. To further accentuate the symmetry, two large pot plants frame the doorway to the deck. A modern cabin interior design simply must incorporate nature wherever possible. 

Online Design Shopping List 

Modern cabin interior design shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list with modern cabin decor ideas

Once a design is in place, Decorilla provides an online shopping list to get clients started. Here they will find exclusive discounts and all the information they need on materials and care. Furthermore, the white glove shopping concierge service handles all ordering, tracking, and delivery arrangements.

Our Top Picks from Modern Cabin Décor Ideas

Each project becomes a unique home thanks to the selection of furniture and decor. As these modern cabin decor ideas come together, a few favorites emerge. These picks can help anyone to get started on their project. So, if a full remodel is not what you’re after this time around, use these modern cabin decor ideas to introduce this charm into your home.

Top Picks for a modern cabin design interior
  1. Vase with Eucalyptus
  2. Ivory Rug 
  3. Chandelier
  4. Wood Table
  5. Chevron Scatter    
  6. Rattan Chair 

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