Calming green master bedroom makeover

Transformations come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. One recent Decorilla master bedroom makeover featured everything that made it worthy of its own story. Replacing the dated furnishings with modern aesthetics, the designer has revived the space turning it from drab to fab. With form and function enhanced by clearly defined details, this chic transformation is sure to get you inspired. So, check it out for yourself!

The Challenge: Master Bedroom Makeover

The client had just purchased a new condo, and the master bedroom was in need of a design makeover. The old furniture brought from her old home didn’t quite fit the bill in the new environment. Hence she was looking for a designer that could help her create a cozy and relaxing yet visually interesting space. A major renovation was not an option since the building was newly constructed, but the client was open to changes. In short, she asked for a designer who could:  

  • Source new, stylish bedroom furniture and decor 
  • Develop a cohesive bedroom design layout starting from a bed
  • Consider changing wall colors, blinds, and curtains
  • Possibly upgrade the existing lighting scheme to create the perfect ambiance 

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Contemporary Bedroom Design Inspiration

Contemporary bedroom design inspiration board

The client’s inspirational image gallery for her master bedroom makeover ignited the creative drive of the Decorilla team. It was a carefully curated collection of images showcasing how a flat main bedroom can be transformed with the right contemporary interior design ideas. The designs were simultaneously eye-catching and comforting, filled with warm wood finishes and soothing shades. In addition, the client was quite clear about the color pallet and atmosphere she wished to convey. 

Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas and Moodboard

Contemporary master bedroom makeover design by Decorilla
Contemporary master bedroom makeover design by Decorilla

With images providing enough inspiration to create the perfect contemporary bedroom design, the team was almost ready to move forward. Following the answers given in the design questionnaire and during the consultation, they proposed two professional designers whose aesthetics aligned with the client’s. Each designer then created a unique concept for the client to choose between. 

Picking only one of the proposed moodboards was not easy, but the client finally opted to continue with Rachel H. Her master bedroom makeover before and after ideas promised the results as unique as the homeowner.  

Master bedroom makeover before and after moodboard by Decorilla
Master bedroom makeover before and after; moodboard by Decorilla

Taking into account the color palette, decoration, and functionality, Rachel was able to conceive an exceptional master bedroom makeover moodboard. The concept and the atmosphere resonated with the client on almost all levels. The only thing she wanted to change was adding more color, but without stepping far away from the initial contemporary bedroom design. After the round of consultations, they settled for a warmer, more organic-oriented version of the first proposal. 

Main Bedroom Makeover Results

Master bedroom makeover by Decorilla
Master bedroom makeover by Decorilla

From the main bedroom door, the design catches attention with a streamlined console, new stool, and floral decor. The flow continues seamlessly with a beautiful new dresser, accent pieces, and a floor plant in between. A bright, textured swivel chair takes the prime spot in front of the window allowing for comfortable daydreaming. It opens the space towards the sleeping zone featuring a stylish platform bed, a large soft modern abstract rug, and an edgy bench.

Contemporary bedroom design makeover by Decorilla
Contemporary bedroom design makeover by Decorilla

In line with the client’s desire for a subdued high-end flair, the design boasts a chic and luxurious escape. Clean lines and understated tones create a harmonious atmosphere, allowing the eye to wander, looking for its favorite feature. Each zone comprises a distinctive arrangement of functional elements that also act as decorative vignettes. Meanwhile, soft textures and an abundance of bedroom textiles elevate the cozy factor with inviting tactility.  

Main bedroom makeover ideas by Decorilla
Main bedroom makeover ideas by Decorilla

Rachel’s thoughtful main bedroom design conveys a sense of peace and balance while also providing visual interest and dynamics. It elevates the stylish aspect of the space with no need for compromising on practicality. In addition, replacing light grey with muted, deep green on the walls proved to be an excellent decision. Combined with natural wood tones and warm golden metallic fixtures, it invigorates the atmosphere with refreshing energy.

Master Bedroom Makeover Before and After

Master bedroom makeover before (left) and after (right) by Decorilla designers
Master bedroom makeover before (left) and after (right) by Decorilla designers

Creating a comfortable and inviting master bedroom makeover might seem daunting at the start. Yet, with the right designer and abundant inspiration, it’s possible to blend just the right amount of comfort, functionality, and a calming aesthetic. Taking these considerations into account, Rachel helped the clients achieve the contemporary bedroom design of her dreams.

Contemporary Bedroom Design Shopping List

Online master bedroom makeover shopping list
Online master bedroom makeover shopping list by Decorilla

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Top Picks for Master Bedroom Makeover

Creating a peaceful and calming space is the path to a restful night’s sleep. For that reason, we have curated a list to inspire your own master bedroom makeover journey. You might find a few new favorite pieces for your stylish green paradise.

Master bedroom makeover top picks by Decorilla
  1. Extendable Pendant Light
  2. Wall Art
  3. Platform Bed
  4. Nightstand
  5. Bed Bench
  6. Swivel Armchair
  7. Drawer Chest
  8. Area Rug

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