Modern rustic master bedroom ideas create a personal retreat - by Nate Berkus

A master bedroom is not just any place. It’s where we spend roughly a third of our lives. Through design, a bedroom offers mind and body rejuvenation, and, above all, a frame for our dreams. While our conscious takes rest, other parts of the brain work overtime, registering every sensation. All sounds, smells, and even colors can affect the quality of our rest. This is why perfecting your master bedroom design is crucial to make a comfy sanctuary. 

Master Bedroom Design & Decor Inspiration

A little inspiration can go a long way in determining your style likes and dislikes. To get started, check out some of our favorite master bedroom design trends to get the creative juices flowing.

1. Cool Calming Colors

Calming gray master bedroom design
Calming gray master bedroom design by Decorilla interior designer, Mladen C.

A good night’s rest requires calm senses. The safest way to get there is with a serene bedroom interior design. Sleek lines, neutral colors, and strategically placed art make a winning setting, relaxing and full of elegant master bedroom ideas.

2. A Touch of Nature

Natural vibes for a contemporary master bedroom design
Natural vibes for a contemporary master bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

There’s a good reason why Zen philosophy anchors in a harmony of natural elements. Wood naturally brings together soothing palettes like green, blue, or beige. By merging textures and patterns, you will ensure just enough elements to invigorate you in the morning without disturbing the night. 

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3. Pretty In Pastels

Bedroom Design Ideas

Few color combinations are more calming than pale pink and gray. More importantly, such a palette is one of the most tranquil color combinations for bedrooms. Introduce a plethora of textures to enhance the coziness and tactile factor, and mix different patterns to energize the setting. Moreover, accents should be prominent without being overwhelming – subtle sophistication is best.

4. Eclectic Uniqueness

Eclectic master bedroom decor for a bohemian feel
Eclectic master bedroom decor by Decorilla interior designer, Courtney B.

The flexibility of eclectic design lets you incorporate your personality to give your master bedroom a unique character. The freedom to mix and match allows for old and new pieces to be used in unison. Furthermore, a variety of textures and patterns can be paired against one another for some much needed contrast.

Beautiful Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

5. French Chic Master Bedroom Decor

French chic master bedroom design by Decorilla designer Christian G
French chic master bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Christian G.

One very polished look features a modern twist on a classic French style, with all the typical elements, like an ornate headboard, upholstery, white paint scheme, and edgy yet refined art. With industrial pieces in place of rustic ones, it truly evokes an elegant European spirit.

6. Colorful Mid-Century Modern Master Bed Ideas

Mid-century master bedroom design

Mid-century modern design was, and is still, very much about shapes and distinctive color palettes. If you are a fan of midcentury style’s everlasting appeal, decorating your bedroom in its quintessential hues is a great idea. You can choose a neutral scheme with pops of vibrant accents. These make a perfect fit combined with pampering textures and, if coziness is your goal, this approach will nail it. 

7. Sleek and Minimalistic Master Bedroom Interior Design

Minimal & Modern master bedroom design for a sleek look
Minimal and modern master bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Rehan A.

In a modern master bedroom interior design, the aesthetic principles are anchored in the concept of less is more. Clean lines, solid, preferably minimalistic surfaces, and sleek symmetry define a visually pleasing ambiance that celebrates function above all. 

For a minimal design, opt for contrasting elements and strong accents, rather than pieces blended into each other. To avoid a sterile or dull look, carefully curate details, like lighting fixtures and statement art. 

Relaxing Colors for Master Bedrooms

8. Best Colors for a Master Bedroom

Relaxing masculine master bedroom by Decorilla designer Mladen C
Relaxing masculine master bedroom by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

Style begins with the shell, the structure of the room as it needs to impress, subtly. While white, neutrals, and pastels are wonderful options for a bedroom, dark hues bear an elegance of their own. The right shade can give your bedroom a sophisticated look that pairs well with lighter or colorful decoration.

9. Highlights of Colors for Master Bedrooms

Serene seafoam green, calming colors for master bedrooms
Serene sea-foam green colors for master bedrooms by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

A bedroom too dark or too bright can be unpleasant and even cause insomnia. However, a pop of color, a feature wall, or a few strong details can be just what you need to improve both your mood and the bedroom flair. A vibrant palette can also work well, even in a small bedroom, acting as a canvas for details that will take the focus away from the size.

Perfect Master Bedroom Layouts

10. Master Bedroom Layout Basics

Traditional Masculine master bedroom layout
Traditional masculine master bedroom layout by Decorilla designer, Rehan A.

Think strategically before investing in expensive furniture. Your bedroom will benefit more from a great layout than from a clutter of gorgeous items that don’t work together. Invest your money in staple pieces such as the bed and mattress. Careful curation can turn any average bedroom into a sanctuary worthy of an Instagram post. Likewise, you’ll also want to determine the placement of those major pieces first and fill in the layout with side furniture and décor.

10. How Do You Design a Master Bedroom?

Modern farmhouse master bedroom design
Modern farmhouse master bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

Bedroom design is a unity of many different elements. To achieve true harmony, the whole setting must provide a functional benefit, satisfy a sense of proportion, and awake a feeling of welcoming safety. One way to get there is through one of the top master bedroom ideas: feng shui placement. Start by placing the bed in a way that it is not below or in front of a window, but rather have the windows to its side. Also, keep the master bedroom decor ideas to a minimum. Decoration can not only clutter a room, but it can also crowd the mind and hinder peaceful sleep.  

12. Master Bedroom Essentials

Bold black walls for a modern master bedroom layout

Determining what should be in a master bedroom design doesn’t have to be tricky. Besides comfort and functional qualities, you need to ensure a proper balance. Symmetry is essential in calming the senses. If your space doesn’t allow you to focus, how can it pamper you to sleep?

Overall, bedroom size matters the most. Start by defining a focal point, the first thing that will attract the eye in a master bedroom design. It could be a prominent bed, a stunning headboard, or a gallery wall. Design the rest of the room around this feature. For instance, place furniture on both sides of the bed, and make sure they are of a similar visual weight or fit in with the style. After all major pieces are set, you can add a few details to break the perfect symmetry in favor of interest.

Master Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

13. Fireside Seating

Contemporary master bedroom design with cozy fireplace seating area
Contemporary master bedroom design with cozy fireplace sitting area, by Decorilla designer Rehan A.

Lucky enough to have a fireplace in your master bedroom? Choose a comfy chair or two, complimented with an appealing accent table for a quick and easy master bedroom sitting area.

14. Full Master Bedroom Lounge

bedroom-sitting-area -ideas

Do you need a spot to serve as an occasional peaceful hideout or a place to talk about family matters in privacy? If you have a large master bedroom, introduce a full sitting area. A couch, one or two armchairs, and even a chaise lounge will produce more than just ultimate comfort—you’ll get more freedom, too.

15. Window Seating

Luxury master bed ideas

A window bench is an excellent place for daydreaming or reading a book, as well as for napping or plain lounging. With snuggly upholstery and a few pillows, it can quickly become your new favorite spot in the house. It will be one of the coziest, without a doubt. 

Luxe Master Bedroom Ideas

16. Finishing Touches of Luxury

How can I make my bedroom luxurious
Luxurious master bedroom decor by Decorilla interior designer, Rehan A.

Wondering, “how can I make my bedroom luxurious?”. Simple. Add a super plush, soft carpet and a variety of luxurious textures, like velvet or silk pillows, to create sumptuous elegance. Complete the look with a delicate, luscious throw blanket. But be careful not to overstuff your bed and ruin the balance with too many pillows. Those should take up less than a quarter of the bed, all together. Finishing touches in metallics or mirror will bring the look together nicely. 

18. Private Master Bedroom Retreat

Luxury master bedroom design by Decorilla designer Tammy M
Luxury master bedroom design by Decorilla designer, Tammy M.

Master bedrooms are becoming a single serve room for many functions of life. And nothing says luxury like having an in-home retreat away from it all. When space allows, create your own sanctuary with designated spaces for sleeping, relaxing, and perhaps even work or exercising. You get to choose what you allow in. Draw inspiration from your favorite resorts for a design reminiscent of a getaway. 

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