Luxury open living room ideas before and after

If you’re looking for inspiration to transform your living space, look no further! Our latest room makeover utilizes luxury open living room ideas to create a seamless flow between spaces while incorporating high-end finishes and carefully chosen decor. The results are a stunning open living room that truly elevated the overall look and feel of our client’s home. Get ready to be inspired!

The Challenge: Open Concept Living Room

After choosing to renovate an impressive, open-concept living room, one recent Decorilla client decided online living room design was the right approach for her home. She was about to embark on a project with a desire to unleash the full potential of her magnificent double-height ceiling space. Acting on that wish, she sought a designer who could:

  • Genuinely reflect her taste and lifestyle
  • Maintain a high level of functionality 
  • Capture the room’s character in its best light as a chic and pleasant place for gatherings 
  • Keep the design solution coherent throughout the open space

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Open Floor Plan Decorating Inspiration

Open living room inspiration board

Majestic open living room ideas with a double-height ceiling often produce eye-catching, breathtaking interiors—and the client’s inspirational gallery was no exception. With walls painted in pristine shades of white and carefully curated golden accents, the spaces looked like luxurious havens of indulgence. Moreover, plush furniture, such as massive white sofas and an array of golden armchairs, invited the observer to sit and relax for hours. The natural light flooded the rooms, creating an airy atmosphere that amplified the opulence of the design.  

Open Living Room Ideas & Moodboard

Open-concept living room design by Decorilla
Open-concept living room design by Decorilla

Decorilla has streamlined the process of finding the perfect interior designer with their personalized design questionnaire. In addition to the inspirational gallery, the client completed the online quiz to outline their tastes and requirements. What followed was the consultation with the team, who, in return, suggested two seasoned interior design professionals. As a result, the client was so impressed with their work that it took some effort to decide with whom to proceed. However, the elegant open-concept living room moodboard assembled by Selma A. was expertly crafted, and the following work exceeded all expectations.

Open living room moodboard by Decorilla
Open living room moodboard by Decorilla

In order to achieve a sophisticated yet cozy ambiance, Selma proposed a neutral color scheme with delicate accents and a focus on luxury interior design. Streamlined warm brass and rust-colored decor elements flowed freely throughout the space on a light grey and ivory-white background. When it comes to furnishing, her open living room ideas stemmed mainly from the concept of “less is more” with discretely and tastefully incorporated patterns. Embellishing was mostly limited to pillows, ottomans in the sunroom, and wall decor, adding just the right amount of texture to the overall aesthetic.

Open Concept Living Room Design

Open living room design by Decorilla
Open living room design by Decorilla

With its impressive size, the living room presented a unique challenge of filling the space without making it feel cold and empty. To achieve the right balance, the designer had two options: creating smaller separate nooks or establishing one ample setup. Considering the adjacent sunroom, she finally opted to add larger pieces of furniture arranged in a single, generous conversation area.

Luxury open living room ideas by Decorilla
Luxury open living room ideas by Decorilla

The open-concept living room is now an elegant arrangement fit for hosting in style or relaxing with the family. Three coordinating, oversized art pieces steal the show and give the space the feeling of being in an upscale gallery. Similar gold-accented touches, such as stately chandeliers, decor pieces, and tables bring a sense of cohesion among each zone. Each area is further defined by an area rug that also brings comfort under foot.

Open living room ideas for a sunroom by Decorilla
Open living room ideas for a sunroom by Decorilla

In addition to rearranging the living room, the designer also took on the task of refreshing the sunroom area. While the room previously had plenty of furniture, the designer now opted for a sleeker, more contemporary look that still maintained high functionality. The result is a bright and cheerful, gold-accented space that feels open and airy. At the same time, it features sufficient seating to accommodate a small party comfortably.

Open Living Room Ideas Before & After

Open living room before (left) and after (right) Decorilla's interior design solution
Open living room before (left) and after (right) Decorilla‘s interior design solution

With tactical open floor plan decorating, the designer took the living room from livable but flat to chic and comfortable. By assembling a new layout, she also changed the flow and tone, at the same time enhancing overall functionality. Meanwhile, modern accents such as oversized art create a one-of-a-kind style statement, one which kickstarts conversations and leaves a lasting impression. 

Open Floor Plan Decorating Shopping List

Open floor plan decorating shopping list by Decorilla
Open floor plan decorating shopping list by Decorilla

If you are looking to spruce up your living space, Decorilla has got you covered. With expert interior design ideas, photorealistic 3D visualizations, and step-by-step instructions, Decorilla’s clients don’t have to worry about a thing. And that includes sourcing the perfect pieces as their curated shopping lists eliminate the hassle. Moreover, with exclusive trade discounts included in each package, your dream room becomes more affordable than ever.  

Top Picks for an Open Living Room

Even if your home doesn’t feature a double-height ceiling, you can still enjoy the classy open living room ideas. Here are some curated picks our team loves these days:

Top picks for open floor plan decorating ideas
  1. Area Rug
  2. Swivel Armchair
  3. Pictograph Cabinet
  4. Oversized Wall Art
  5. Contemporary Sofa
  6. Drum Side Table
  7. Coffee Table

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