Transitional living room by Lexington KY interior designers

The Bluegrass region might be known for its horse farms and natural beauty, but it is also home to some of the most creative interior design professionals around. Highly skilled and creative, they are ready to help you transform your space into something extraordinary and tailored to you. For that reason, we hand-picked a curated list of the hottest names in the industry right now. So keep reading to learn more about the top 10 Lexington KY interior designers and decorators near you!

About Lexington KY Interior Design Scene

Decorilla Lexington KY interior design by Dina H
Contemporary Lexington KY interior design by Decorilla designer, Dina H.

As one of the most livable cities in the United States, Lexington is a great place to call home. The cost of living is reasonable, the region is safe, and there are many things to do. Therefore it’s no wonder so many people are drawn to the city – which also includes creative minds as well. 

The power of imagination is strongly expressed in the city’s vibrant interior design scene. From boutique shops to famous interior decorators, Lexington, KY, offers a variety of styles on display. Bold or low-key, traditional or cutting-edge, whatever your preferred style might be, there is an interior designer near you to help you execute your dream home. 

Top 10 Lexington KY Interior Designers

Transitional family room by Decorilla interior designers near you
Transitional family room by Decorilla interior designers near you

Whether you’re thinking about making a move to Lexington or need some interior design help to make your home more comfortable and stylish, you’ll want to check out the Lexington, KY interior design scene. With a number of talented designers at the ready, your hardest decision will probably be which one to hire. 

Need help finding the top Lexington interior designers near you? Then, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation with a design expert to help you find the perfect match!

Thomas Birkman

Lexington KY interior designers Thomas Birkman

Kimbrel Birkman, founded in 1997, is a boutique firm specializing in residential and commercial design. Its owner is Thomas Birkman is renowned for his simple signature approach of combining bold design solutions with classic beauty. With a creative knack for layering, he plays with various shapes and textures in an equilibrium of livable luxury. As a result, his practical living areas exude an inventive class.

Lexington KY interior design Thomas Birkman

WHAT WE LOVE: Sophisticated clustering of patterns and textures, above all. 

Decorilla Lexington KY Interior Designers

Decorilla interior designers near me (1)

Unlike most interior design firms, Decorilla provides high-quality interior design services in affordable flat rate packages that exceed expectations on beauty, price range, and added benefits. Still, what sets Decorilla apart from the rest of the Lexington KY interior design scene more than anything else is the chance to choose between two custom initial concepts. You will choose two designers to deliver their visions on a user-friendly online platform. Then, you will continue the design process with the designer that truly captures your wants and needs.

Boho living room by Decorilla Lexington KY interior designer brooke s
Boho living room by Decorilla Lexington KY interior designer, Brooke S.

Decorilla allows you to work with the top Lexington, KY interior designers at a fraction of the cost of traditional design. You’ll also receive your custom solution translated into photorealistic 3D room designs. As a result, you’ll be able to view and feel yourself living in your remodeled home before making any final decisions. In addition, a shopping list with an exclusive industry discount on each obtained item adds to the substantial overall value of the package. On top of it all, a specialized shopping concierge will take care of all ordering and delivery details.

Contemporary rustic dining room by Decorilla Lexington interior design
Contemporary rustic dining room by Decorilla Lexington interior design

WHAT WE LOVE: A range of design solutions for every taste, budget, and style. You can even get started with Decorilla today!   

Liz Toombs         

Lexington interior designers Liz Toombs

PDR Interiors is a decorative design firm founded by Liz Toombs. As a licensed interior decorator in Lexington KY, she provides comprehensive services with an affinity to designing sorority houses across the country. This former Alpha Gamma Delta finds her inspiration in mentoring and empowering women, above all. Liz’s work now decorates the living spaces of 70 universities located in 22 states.

Lexington KY interior designers Liz Toombs

WHAT WE LOVE: Concentrated girl power translated into charming, livable spaces. 

Heather Reilly

Interior decorators Lexington KY Heather Reilly

Before starting a career as an independent interior designer, Heather Reilly worked in the home furnishings and gift industries. However, her ultimate objective was to start her own business. In 2010 Adelé was born, gradually expanding from a brick-and-mortar store to a renowned lifestyle boutique. The store’x success anchored Heather as one of the beacons in the Lexington, KY interior design scene.

Lexington interior designers Heather Reilly

WHAT WE LOVE: Bold colors, prominent patterns, and a fresh modern take on traditional home decor.

Benjamin Deaton

Lexington KY interior designers Benjamin Deaton

Benjamin Deaton is a Kentucky native specializing in thoughtfully and exuberantly inviting design. He possesses an innate understanding of order, as well as the connection and interaction between furniture, textiles, and accouterments from his architectural design background. Benjamin’s objective is to create rooms that are distinctive yet timeless. He believes in long-lasting style, utilizing a modern twist and a traditional touch to create intimate spaces.

Lexington KY interior design Benjamin Deaton

WHAT WE LOVE: Cozy but luxurious areas that represent his clients’ preferences, hobbies, and lifestyles.

Laura Jarboe

Lexington KY interior designers Laura Jarboe

Laura had always been a fan of aesthetics. For that reason, she came up with the concept of Rose+Tate while she was still at home with her three lovely children. Beyond her responsibilities as a wife and mother burns a desire for creating livable houses that are warm and inviting. As a firm believer in the connection between environment and wellbeing, Laura composes homes defined by comfort, freshness, and simplicity.

Lexington KY interior design Laura Jarboe

WHAT WE LOVE: Refined color palette, muted but fresh and inspiring at the same time. 

Toni Webb

Toni has been a LEED-accredited professional and a Lexington, KY interior designer since 2004. Before assisting customers in creating functional, inspiring rooms, she gained experience working at high-end design firms on both commercial and residential projects. Today, she runs a full-service commercial and residential interior design studio committed to helping clients turn their visions into reality. 

Houzz interior designers Lexington KY Toni Webb

WHAT WE LOVE: Inspired, creative, and productive design solutions.

Matthew Carter

Lexington KY interior designers Mathew Carter

Carter Interiors is a Lexington, KY design firm that creates vibrant interiors for clients all over the world. Matthew Carter founded his eponymous business in 2002, earning numerous rewards and recognitions over the following years. Praised for his passion for reviving antiques and heirlooms, he successfully incorporates them into modern homes and spaces that respect history but feel contemporary and relevant. As a result, Veranda magazine named him one of their “Next Legends” in January 2021. 

Interior decorators Lexington KY Mathew Carter

WHAT WE LOVE: Carter’s signature layered style and talent for relaxing even the grandest of homes.

Lee W Robinson

Lexington KY interior designers Lee W Robinson

Lee W. Robinson has been spending over two decades offering his clients a complete range of designing, constructing, remodeling, and decorating services. Whether it’s from the heights of Park Avenue glitz to the earthy undertones of Virginia horse country, or the elegant, modern style of Soho triplex, Lee personally leads his customers through every step. He infuses his clients’ homes with southern hospitality, skillfully adding a touch of tradition even into modern compositions.

Lexington interior designers Lee W. Robinson

WHAT WE LOVE: English country flair enriched with dramatic Georgian features.

Hannah Maple & Jamie Murphy

Lexington interior designers Hannah Maple & Jamie Murphy

Hannah grew up in an architectural family, and design has always been a part of her life. She has refined her aesthetic through a personal interest in interior architecture and design as well as self-study. Her aim is to build exceptional spaces that are both timeless and relevant to the customer. Hannah’s partner and co-founder of Maple & Murphy, Jamie, was raised with an active curiosity in art, culture, and travel. Consequently, her design style reflects her strong conviction that every project detail should be carefully weighed while a client’s interior should be uniquely constructed to tell their narrative.

Houzz interior designers Lexington KY Hannah Maple & Jamie Murphy

WHAT WE LOVE: Sophisticated yet approachable interiors simultaneously elegantly layered and well-composed. 

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