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Are you resident of Knoxville looking for interior design help? If so, you’re in just the right place. With a few local design stars among our team, we also love to keep an eye out for other talent in the local area. So read on to see who’s who among the top 10 interior designers and decorators in Knoxville, TN with portfolios worthy of checking out!

Get to Know Knoxville Interior Design

Decorilla Knoxville interior design
Contemporary great room by Decorilla Knoxville interior design

Knoxville boasts a reputation as a creative and modern city to live in, and it’s well deserved. This Tennessee town is home to a number of art galleries, museums, and historical sites, spiced up with a variety of shopping and dining options. And when it comes to interior design, the offer doesn’t fall behind. Numerous local designers add to the city’s creative energy, transforming its structures into picture-perfect residential and commercial spaces.

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Top Interior Designers in Knoxville TN

Eclectic living room by Decorilla's top Knoxville, TN interior designers
Loft by Decorilla‘s top Knoxville, TN interior designers

Knoxville is home to a blossoming interior design scene. A quick search for “interior designers near me” on Google yields over 500 results! With so many talented designers to choose from, it can be daunting to know where to start – so we’ve helped by highlighting some of the best!

Annie Tipton

Interior design Knoxville TN Annie Tipton

Apart from being a full-service designer in Knoxville, TN, Annie Tipton is a southern mom and a former HGTV manager. Her scope of work ranges from remodeling to space planning and custom kitchen layouts. Annie is passionate about designing personalized spaces that adequately reflect the lifestyles of her diverse clients. Living in such places allows her clients to thrive, inspired towards a more quality life as a result. In her own words, studying their stories is equally important as studying their floor plans. 

Interior designers Knoxville TN Annie Tipton

WHAT WE LOVE: Bold dances of light and shade.

Decorilla Knoxville, TN Interior Designers

Decorilla interior designers near me (1)

There are few interior design firms in Knoxville, TN, that can compete with Decorilla – and not a single one offers a similar convenience. The secret lies in the online interior design platform. A fresh and modern approach takes advantage of technology to provide fixed-fee design services from highly skilled professionals, including top interior designers in Knoxville, TN. In return, the clients receive tailored packages at a price more affordable than the conventional methods.

Decorilla interior design Knoxville TN classy living room
Transitional living room by Decorilla interior designers in Knoxville, TN

Decorilla clients enter the service process by completing a fun interior design style quiz and a free consultation. In the next step, the team recommends not one, but two designers whose skills are perfectly suited to the project. Each designer will provide a custom initial design concept presented as a 2D moodboard. The client is then able to choose their preferred concept and continues with the chosen designer to perfect every detail. The package also includes photorealistic 3D renderings, an implementation guide, and a detailed shopping list with significant exclusive discounts.

Dining room by Decorilla's top Knoxville interior designers
Dining room by Decorilla‘s top Knoxville interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Affordable flat rate design packages devoted to providing clients with maximum benefits while delivering custom interiors. 

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Todd Richesin

Interior design Knoxville TN Todd Richesin

Rooms should not just be decorated but rather collected, according to Knoxville interior designer Todd Richesin. Consequently, his style is sleek, luxurious, and always comfortable. This designer’s projects blend traditional and modern materials seamlessly, adding class even to the most whimsical compositions. Todd’s portfolio displays laid-back and inviting images, from a simple lakeside farmhouse to an exquisite city home. 

Interior designers Knoxville TN Todd Richesin

WHAT WE LOVE: Classically inspired rooms, vivid palettes, and comfortable spaces.

Shae Seeber

Interior design Knoxville TN Shae Seeber

Shae Seeber, one of the well-known Knoxville interior designers, always felt a strong affection for creating beautiful environments. Spending her early design years jumping between stores to acquire desired accessories, she finally decided to bridge the gap. Shae Design Studio, featuring a showroom and decor shop, was born as a result. Shae’s industry expertise reflects in a variety of design services offered to help her clients fulfill their design dreams.

Interior designers Knoxville TN Shae Seeber

WHAT WE LOVE: Glam accents and clean lines.

Sally McFalls 

Knoxville interior design Sally McFalls

Sally McFalls is a household name among the premier designers in Knoxville, TN. She is the CEO and principal designer behind The Cottage Door Interiors with over three decades of professional experience. Sally has earned a reputation for being proficient in color palettes, using them to achieve balance and harmony. As a result, her works evoke feelings of pleasure, warmth, and calmness.

Top interior designers Knoxville TN Sally McFalls

WHAT WE LOVE: Skillful implementations of French Country and Cottage Chic, keeping them fresh and relevant.

Jennifer Talley

Knoxville interior design Jennifer Talley

Jennifer Talley is a design director in the eponymous interior design firm in Knoxville. Along with holding a degree in Interior Design Technology, she is also certified in Interior Styling and Interior Design Psychology. It’s no wonder, therefore, that Jennifer’s design approach emphasizes her client’s sensibilities, values, and memories. Her signature style is a livable high-end appeal tailored to the aesthetic of the people who inhabit the spaces produced.

Best Knoxville interior designers Jennifer Talley

WHAT WE LOVE: Classy interiors with clean but fashionable flair.

Paula Osborn 

Interior decorators Knoxville TN Paula Osborn

Paula Osborn earned her degree in Studio Art from Maryville College before continuing her education at UT Knoxville. Ever since obtaining a degree in interior design, she has been enjoying every moment of working in her favorite profession. Paula and her team of interior decorators in Knoxville, TN, help the clients plan, optimize, and furnish their spaces. Her scope of work ranges from curating simple window treatments to major design overhauls. 

Knoxville interior design Paula Osborn

WHAT WE LOVE: Curated furniture and accessories, often acquired from many fine local and regional artists.  

Jenn DeBord

Interior decorators Knoxville TN Jenn DeBord

With over a decade of experience in interior design in Knoxville, TN, Jenn DeBord still finds great joy in helping people love their homes. As a principal designer, she offers everything from virtual consultations to construction and interior design. Moreover, DeBord Interiors also participates in kitchen and bath design and home styling and staging. Their goal is not only to compose functional, beautiful spaces but also to make them last for many years to come.  

Knoxville interior design Jenn DeBord

WHAT WE LOVE: Comfortable interiors with the power to bring people together. 

Alfie Rowan

Interior decorators Knoxville TN Alfie Rowan

Rowan Hall Interiors, founded by Alfie Rowan in 2001, is an interior design firm based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Its strong team of professionals is devoted to sharing their expertise in order to broaden design perspectives. Their CEO and lead designer draws her inspiration from traveling as much as from relations with nature, friends, and family. Consequently, her love for birds is often represented in her designs – for as long as the clients approve, of course. 

Knoxville interior design Alfie Rowan

WHAT WE LOVE: Cohesive visions embodied in scale, fabric, performance, and style.  

Ron Hall & Robert York

Knoxville interior designers Ron Hall & Robert York

The dynamic duo beyond the Hall York Design offers a rounded service, encompassing all facets of custom interior and garden design. Ron and Robert’s portfolio includes historic preservation projects, as well as house flips and new constructions. Their dream is to help the clients develop a distinguished personal style that will flourish in an equally representable interior. By making the best use of the existing furnishings, family heirlooms, and art, they craft a unique story of each home.  

Interior design firms Knoxville TN Ron Hall & Robert York

WHAT WE LOVE: Their devotion to preservation of a home’s original character ranking them among the best Houzz Interior Designers Knoxville. 

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