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Interior design in Augusta, GA, has some distinct features that set it apart from other areas. From the stately and traditional to the sleek and modern, this city’s designers boast their expertise to create a perfect look for any interior. For that reason, we assembled a list of the best local talent. Let’s take a look at the top interior designers and decorators in Augusta, GA, that would breathe new life into your home with their individualized touch!

Interior Design in Augusta GA

Living room by top Decorilla interior designers in Augusta, GA, Cayetana S
Living room by top Decorilla interior designers in Augusta, GA

When it comes to interior design, Augusta, GA, is a city with its own unique flair and style. Creative professionals in Augusta are well known for their creativity and traditional sensibilities when crafting comfortable and inviting interior spaces. Color coordination, fabric selection, art, and décor elements all combine seamlessly to create a unique take. In addition, professional artisans also bring custom furniture design and cabinetry skills to convey beauty beyond plain, off-the-shelf solutions.

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Top Interior Designers Augusta GA

Living room by top Decorilla interior designers in Augusta, GA, Kimberly K
Living room by top Decorilla Augusta interior designers near you

From the perfect color palette to furniture selection and custom accents, Augusta’s interior designers take pride in their attention to detail above all. Whether looking for a modernized update or a bold layout, local professionals will bring your dream home to full fruition. So, let’s meet some of the top interior designers near you. 

Lauren Robbins

Lauren Robbins, interior designer Augusta GA

Lauren Robbins grew up with an eye for beauty. From a young age, she understood how a simple addition of something ornamental could make others feel confident and graceful. As she got older, Lauren noticed that these same principles also applied to interior spaces. Therefore this intense admiration shifted to furniture and design, and Lauren Robbins Interiors was born.  

Lauren Robbins, Augusta interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Lauren’s way of combining contemporary trends of New York with her affection for antique and vintage items.

Deidre Bell

Deidre Bell, top Decorilla interior designer near you

Deidre Bell infuses her passion for interior design into every collaboration with her clients. She thrives from emphasizing the client’s personality and taste in order to materialize their dreams. Consequently, her favorite project so far was transforming a studio apartment into an inviting yet highly functional space. The result truly reflected her clients’ needs regardless of size.

Living room by Deidre Bell, Decorilla's top interior designer in Augusta GA
Living room by Deidre Bell, Decorilla‘s top interior designer in Augusta GA

Deidre embraces the challenge of creating beautiful, livable spaces tailored to each client’s unique character, lifestyle, and design preferences. Her inspiration comes from everywhere, may it be nature’s stunning color palettes or classical architectural elements. Moreover, global fashion trends also play a vital role in Deidre’s creative world. She finds joy in blending new technical norms with the essence of each person she works with – ultimately delivering a uniquely tailored and genuinely inviting home.

Kitchen & dining room by Deidre Bell, top Decorilla Augusta interior designer near you
Kitchen & dining room by Deidre Bell, top Decorilla Augusta interior designer near you

WHAT WE LOVE: Deidre’s skill in combining bold with timeless while also keeping a sense of balance. Love her style? Get started with Deidre today!

Jennifer D’Zio

Jennifer O'Zio, interior designer Augusta GA

Jennifer D’Zio was born on a farm in Charleston and raised with strong family values. Naturally, those values reflect in both her signature style and design aesthetics. She and her business partner joined over two decades of experience to establish themselves as top interior decorators in Augusta, GA. Today, this team is well-versed in numerous interior design styles, whether classic, rustic, or contemporary. From Augusta to Hilton Head, Mississippi, and beyond, they’ve been honored time again for their award-winning efforts.

Jennifer O'Zio, Augusta interior designer

WHAT WE LOVE: The fusion between vibrant color palettes and intense textures.

Yancey Seibert Shearouse

Yancey Seibert Shearouse, interior designer Augusta GA

Yancey Seibert Shearouse’s talent for interior design stems from her upbringing in the picturesque antebellum town of Natchez. Besides her proficiency in space planning and construction, she is also an eminent art historian. Expectedly, fostering an appreciation for heritage and elegance, this Augusta interior designer didn’t wait long to get propelled into stardom. Atlanta Decorative Arts Center also recognized her work by awarding “One to Watch” status while nominating her as their chosen “Rising Star.” 

Yancey Seibert Shearouse, top interior designer Augusta GA

WHAT WE LOVE: Yancey’s adept design approach, including creating hand-drawn renderings on-site.  

Jaslyn Brown

Jaslyn Brown, top Decorilla Augusta interior designer near you

A true artist in her field, Jaslyn Brown has dedicated years of expertise to the art of interior design. With a natural knack for residential and multi-family projects alike, she never fails to produce incredible work. Each of her projects is tailored precisely to each client’s wishes and driven by passion and determination. This designer takes pride in crafting unique configurations, making every project a fulfilling success from start to finish.

Small open concept living area by Jaslyn Brown, top Decorilla interior designer in Augusta GA
Small open concept living area by Jaslyn Brown, top Decorilla interior designer in Augusta GA

Jaslyn is a real project-planning enthusiast. In fact, a few things bring her more joy than digging into the details of clients’ needs and crafting solutions that bring their wishlists to life. In order to achieve a one-of-a-kind design, she hones in on the details, finding new ways to turn them into something remarkable. Jaslyn’s unwavering focus also ensures that projects stay on track, bringing an optimal outcome every time. 

Transitional living area by Jaslyn Brown, top Decorilla Augusta interior designer near you
Transitional living area by Jaslyn Brown, top Decorilla Augusta interior designer near you

WHAT WE LOVE: Jaslyn’s stunning home transformations offered at affordable flat rate packages!

Becky McClurkin

Becky McClurkin, interior designer Augusta GA

Becky McClurkin has utilized her expertise in design to develop a unique and ambitious approach toward home interior styling. With over 15 years of experience, she launched Casia Home Studio, infusing a dash of freshness into the interior design of Augusta, GA. Becky’s design secret lies in focusing on each room individually to convey an overall personalized look. Consequently, her most noteworthy project was working with her husband as they remodeled their 1941 house from top-to-bottom.

Becky McClurkin, Augusta interior designer

WHAT WE LOVE: Warm yet dramatic interiors with plenty of character.

Brittney Nelson

Brittney Nelson, interior designer Augusta GA

Prior to establishing an Augusta interior design business, Brittney Nelson took the road less traveled. As she progressed through school, the glamorous designing part of her routine became something she relished. Her later endeavors include cosmetics artistry and creative direction, leading to over two decades of gaining experience in diverse design industries. However, nothing gave her more satisfaction than getting down and dirty in rehabbing her own home with calloused hands.  

Brittney Nelson, interior decorators Augusta GA

WHAT WE LOVE: Brittney’s attention to artistry in the interiors she designs.

Laurie McRae

Laurie McRae, interior decorators Augusta GA

Laurie McRae’s approach to design has been fine-tuned throughout over 35 years of experience. Whether working with established properties or new builds, she crafts rooms as pretty as they are purposeful and layered. Laurie’s goal is to create stylish yet timeless looks capable of growing in character as time passes by. Therefore, her creations are not bound by trends or modes but rather devoted to reflecting each client’s distinctive style.

Laurie McRae, interior designer Augusta GA

WHAT WE LOVE: Interiors reflecting an appreciation of the beauty of antiques and fine works of art.

Jane McKnight

Jane McKnight, interior decorators Augusta GA

Jane McKnight has had a flair for design since she was just a child, and her mother happily indulged. Using birthdays and Christmases as an opportunity to experiment with different looks in their home inspired an everlasting passion. The same force drives Jane’s work today, drawing inspiration for artistic endeavors from a variety of sources. Finding out what truly speaks best for each client remains Jane’s biggest design challenge and also her favorite task.

Jane McKnight, interior decorators Augusta GA

WHAT WE LOVE: Transitional and relevant, yet timeless spaces with a character.

Lisa R Barrett

Lisa R. Barret, interior decorators Augusta GA

With a passion for marrying art and design, Lisa Barrett has been at the helm of Inspired Designs since 2007. In 2008 she proved her expertise by passing the highly regarded NCIDQ Examination. As a licensed interior designer in Augusta, GA, she boasts extensive experience in both residential and commercial fields. Lisa aims to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing while also keeping them highly functional. 

Lisa R. Barret, interior designers near you

WHAT WE LOVE: Lisa’s practical eye for detail.

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