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Looking to transform your home with the help of experts? Orange County interior designers are masters at creating beautiful, personalized spaces. And while Decorilla is fortunate enough to work with some, be sure to check out our full, curated list of the top 10 Orange County interior designers and decorators, whose work you won’t want to miss!

Interior Design Orange County

Outdoor living area by top Orange County interior designers from Decorilla
Indoor-outdoor living area by top Orange County interior designers from Decorilla

Featuring some of the nation’s most luxurious homes, this section of Southern California is a designer’s dream come true. The creatives here seamlessly integrate the natural beauty of Southern California with cutting-edge design trends. They frequently use materials like natural stone, hardwood, and glass to create light-filled, airy spaces that exude both comfort and style. This distinctive approach ensures that every project is a true reflection of the county’s laid-back yet upscale lifestyle.

Orange County Interior Designers

Bedroom by top Decorilla Orange County interior designers
Bedroom by top Decorilla Orange County interior designers

Looking to elevate your living space with the best talent your area has to offer? Here are the top Orange County interior designers who combine creativity with a keen understanding of local aesthetics, making them the go-to experts for transforming homes across the county.

Anna Shiwlall

Orange County interior designers Anna Shiwlall

Anna Shiwlall is the owner and the principal designer of 27 Diamonds studio, a prominent place on the map of top Orange County interior designers. Her portfolio includes projects like La-Z-Boy showrooms, Koopmans Furniture showrooms, Forever21, and much more. However, her scope of work is diverse, ranging from small apartments to large commercial spaces. Anna enjoys creating her designs as an experience for clients. Moreover, she shares her expertise, educates them, and helps them to overcome the stress that comes with remodeling.

Want to update your home, but not sure which Orange County interior designer near you to choose? Then, schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation for help getting started today!

Interior design Newport Beach Anna Shiwlall

WHAT WE LOVE: Anna’s sense of timeless fashion and refined detailing.

Decorilla Orange County Interior Designers

houzz interior designers orange county - decorilla

With a curated selection of talented and affordable Orange County interior designers, the Decorilla team delivers luxury interiors at a fraction of the cost of other firms. Also unique to Decorilla, two designers submit an initial concept to compete for the client’s project. Each of them will listen to your needs and desires and submit their proposal according to those. Moreover, those proposals are able to be reviewed and refined to help decide who’s your perfect match.

Contemporary home interior design by newport beach interior designer decorilla
Contemporary home by Decorilla interior decorators Orange County CA

Every interior design package includes other benefits as well. You will get 3D photorealistic renderings to truly see and feel the design before committing. In addition to that, your designer will provide you with everything needed to turn the image into reality. That means mood boards, color palettes, implementation guides, and, on top of it all, a personalized shopping list with exclusive Decorilla discounts. But that’s not all. Your package also includes a complimentary shopping concierge that will take the hassle of ordering, tracking, and delivery scheduling off your shoulders.

Luxury master bathroom by Decorilla interior design, Newport Beach
Luxury master bathroom by Decorilla interior design, Newport Beach

WHAT WE LOVE: High-end interior design at an unbeatable price! Love their work? Get started with Decorilla today!

Melissa Morgan

Orange County interior designers Melissa Morgan

Melissa Morgan is one of the premier Orange County interior designers near you with an impressive portfolio. She is also the owner and design director of a thriving boutique design firm with over ten years of experience working on different projects. Her scope of work includes residential apartments and commercial spaces. Moreover, Melissa boasts a notable reputation acquired in the field of luxury coastal interior design in Newport Beach, Irvine, Laguna Beach, and Corona Del Mar.

Find an interior designer Melissa Morgan

WHAT WE LOVE: Melissa’s talent for creating living spaces, devoted to the joy of life above all.

Wendy Blackband

Orange County interior designers Wendy Blackband

Wendy Blackband is an Orange County interior decorator and a half of the designer-matrimony couple. With her husband Greg, she runs Blackband Design, a full-service, internationally-awarded interior design company. Wendy and her team take pride in bringing a fresh, unpretentious style to the sophisticated Californian interior design scene. Furthermore, she specializes in full-home material specification, new construction technologies, and custom furnishings. It is no wonder they rank among the best of Houzz interior designers in Orange County.

Find an interior designer Wendy Blackband

WHAT WE LOVE: Wendy’s creativity across all architectural styles, and a personalized approach to every client.

Lindsay Olson

Orange County interior designers Lindsay Olson

Lindsay Olson is an artist and businesswoman with dual degrees and over 18 years of experience in construction and design. She’s also the founder and lead designer of Lulu Designs. Furthermore, her passionate, authentic, and practical approach to the wishes and ideas of her well-informed clients has made her renowned among local designers. Lindsay takes pride in knowing how to walk the fine line between aesthetic and function with any budget. Moreover, she believes that the secret of success lies in capable project management as much as in creating gorgeous designs.

Find an interior designer Lindsay Olson

WHAT WE LOVE: Originality in implementing a wide range of styles.

Brittany Stiles

Orange County interior designers Brittany Stiles

Brittany Stiles is one of the renowned interior decorators in Orange County, CA. She is open to the challenges of working with every style and budget, devoted to turning any place into her client’s vision of a perfect home. Such a space needs to be livable, comfortable, and functional at the same time. To achieve that goal, Brittany works closely with a client throughout every step of the process, in order to mutually discover and customize the ideal design style.

Find an interior designer Brittany Stiles

WHAT WE LOVE: Brittany’s commitment to making the best out of any kind of space, whether it’s a studio or a luxurious villa.

Julie Katcherian

Interior design Orange County Julie Katcherian

Julie Katcherian is a Californian designer devoted to implementing health and wellness philosophies into her projects. She is the owner of Katch Design Collective, one of the progressive interior design firms in Orange County. Her approach to design is embodied in the ‘Roots Methodology’ based, above all, on the ways our bodies and minds interact with the environment. The four roots are beauty, biophilic design, Feng Shiu philosophy, and ritualized routines.

Interior design Newport Beach Julie Katcherian

WHAT WE LOVE: Livable designs made to be both human and trendy at the same time.

Mari Garcia

Find an interior designer Mari Garcia

Mari Garcia is the founder and principal designer of Blush House Interiors, an interior design firm in Orange County, CA. She believes that living spaces should capture the client’s lifestyle essence and reflect it in the most convenient way. Mari designs comfortable, functional, and attractive spaces to make every home truly feel like a home. As a result, her services give attention to each client’s custom needs, desires, and budget limits.

Interior design Newport Beach Mari Garcia

WHAT WE LOVE: Mari’s playful ways with colors, and also her eclectic styles.

Mindy Gayer

Interior decorators Orange County CA Mindy Gayer

Mindy Gayer created a distinguished brand out of her MGD, an interior design firm in Orange County, CA. As a founder and principal designer, she devotes her work to capturing and translating the best of laidback California living into her designs. Her inspiration is borderless, though, and drawn from both world travels and local lifestyles. As a result, Mindy creates tailored spaces with a focus on livable functionality. It is no surprise that she has also received all 5-star ratings on Houzz interior designers Orange County.

Newport Beach interior designer Mindy Gayer

WHAT WE LOVE: High attention to detail and striking, original accents.

Chris Givan

Interior decorators Orange County CA Chris Givan

Chris Givan studied at the New York School of Interior Design before moving to the West Coast to start his own interior design firm in Orange County, CA. Mediterranean architecture greatly influences his style, with a special focus on Italian heritage. As a result, compositions of different era styles enhanced by contacts between traditional and modern gradually became the trademark of his work. Chris uses a neutral color palette as a background for accents and art, thus adding a distinctive character to every room he designs.

Newport Beach interior designer Christopher James

WHAT WE LOVE: Bold plays with textures, prints, and patterns in spaces designed for all senses.

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