Havenly living room layout and design

Have you ever wondered if an online interior design service can truly transform your home? You’re not alone! In this Havenly review, we’ll dive into how this popular service works, its unique features, and whether it’s worth your time and money. Read on to find out if Havenly can help you create the home of your dreams!

Havenly Interior Design Service

Havenly bedroom design package review
Bedroom design by Havenly

Havenly designers could fit your style and budget, whether you need a room refresh or a complete interior design. Plus, the platform is accessible to anyone with an internet connection! Keep in mind, it’s always good to research a couple of design options to see how Havenly compares to others. Let’s take a look at its convenient, fully digital process.

Havenly Design Process: How it Works

Embracing the digital age, Havenly blends technology and human creativity. It’s easy to use and fuss-free. The allure of Havenly lies in this online design process. Unlike traditional options, it takes a streamlined, virtual approach to make the most of interior design ideas in any timeframe and location. Here are the main aspects of Havenly’s design service: 

Knowing your style helps designers create a dreamy interior you’ll love. Not sure what yours is? Then try our free interior design style quiz to find out! 

1. Style Quiz

The journey begins with a style quiz. Here, you get to pick your preferred designs out of a few options. Next is specifying which rooms you want to tackle, and after signing up, you can see your results. The online design service then lists your main style as well as sub-styles, indicating the dominance of each. From here, you can answer a few more home specifics, and you’ll receive designer suggestions.

2. Designer Matching

Havenly interior designers
Havenly interior designer portfolio

Once the quiz is complete, the Havenly algorithm matches you with a designer and provides a few alternatives. It suggests designers who align with your style and the other things you specified, like property type and location. When you click on a designer’s portfolio, you’ll also see their availability – helpful for planning your project timeline! That said, remember that this is an estimate and may change once you’ve started. After picking a designer, you’ll select a design package to get going! 

3. Virtual Collaboration

Havenly dining room layout
Havenly dining room design

Havenly’s collab is where you can engage with designers. Share Pinterest boards, photos of your space, and any specific ideas or needs. In this way, you can give your designer a firm grasp of your vision.

4. Custom Design Plan

After understanding your needs, the designer will present a design concept. What you receive depends on your design package. It can include a layout, furniture suggestions, decor ideas, and a product list. In the two top-tier packages, your final room will be in a 3D format, allowing you to visualize the final look.

5. Revision

Havenly furniture shop
Havenly furniture shop

If something in the design doesn’t resonate, you can request changes. This iterative process helps create a final design that fits your needs. Just be mindful that the more revisions you request, the longer the design process will take. 

6. Purchasing Furniture & Decor

The Havenly shop feature lets you buy recommended items directly from the platform. Whatever you need to bring the design to life is at your fingertips. Having the curated list is very useful and makes completing the design seamless, but some clients may want to buy from vendors as some items may be more affordable directly. That said, other items come with a discount, too. 

Havenly Pricing: Picking a Package

Havenly design of a foyer
Design of a foyer by Havenly

Havenly’s transparent pricing is one of its standout features. It has set package prices, so there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs. The cost structure is tiered, catering to different needs and budgets.

1. Mini Design Package

The Mini Design Package is a good fit if you don’t have a good grasp on your style, are looking for design guidance, or a room refresh. It’s priced affordably, making it a popular choice. This package offers initial and final design concepts, a curated shopping list, and direct communication with the designer.

Cost: $129

2. Full Design Package

The Full Design Package is comprehensive. It’s ideal for those looking to design a room from scratch or undergo a more significant redesign. It includes 3D visualizations and layout suggestions in addition to the Mini Package’s offering. It’s a more in-depth version of the Mini, with added features like unlimited revisions.

Cost: $199

3. In-Person Design

Havenly’s in-person design services are currently available in 12 US cities, including Chicago, Atlanta, and New York. This package takes a more traditional approach to interior design while still adding the convenience of online features. You’ll receive everything from the Full package and in-person consultations.

Cost: $699

4. Havenly Shop

Once your design is finalized, you can purchase items directly from their platform. They often offer exclusive discounts, making high-quality items more accessible. The shop is user-friendly, with filters that allow you to sort by style, price, and type.

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Havenly Designers: Selecting Expertise

The best Havenly interior designers
Best Havenly interior designers

Havenly’s success can be attributed to its significant pool of interior designers. The team’s combined wealth of experience, creativity, and passion brings a well-rounded experience. Each designer has a unique style, ensuring a diverse range of aesthetics. 

The platform prefers certified interior designers. However, it’s not a prerequisite to join the team. That said, its designers understand the intricacies of good design.

Havenly Reviews: Feedback from Clients

Havenly pricing for a reading room
A Havenly reading room design

Havenly has garnered much attention, with many positive reviews to follow, but there are also a few set backs to keep in mind. 

Online Havenly Reviews from Recent Clients:

 “I enjoy taking the design style quiz and seeing the design come to life through the design board and final 3D designs. The designs have been so accurate, the stylists are great at listening to preferences and putting it all together.”

“I recently used Havenly to do a living room refresh and it was such an easy and fun experience. My designer was super responsive and listened to my needs. We even had a video call. I loved the 3D rendering because o could really get a feel for how the room looked. I ordered my pieces and I can’t wait to get everything in!”

“Overall, I don’t know if I would work with Havenly again. I liked my design but I maybe could’ve gotten there myself… also didn’t love the overpriced items suggested to me and I found better and cheaper alternatives on my own. I think it has to be a mix and you can’t just go with everything they suggest- you have to look at reviews and do research otherwise you will get burned on quality and pricing.”

“Kind of frustrating. I ended up with an incomplete room design because I couldn’t get the designer to suggest a rug I liked. I asked her a few times for more suggestions. They make it pretty clear that they’re not going to give you extra time to get the design finished. They send you messages asking you to finish up. I paid for the more expensive package. I think they give their designers too much work.”

Perks and Drawbacks: Is Havenly worth it? 

Havenly living room design with a white color scheme
Havenly living room design

Making your home design a success relies on picking the right interior design service. The perfect fit depends on your needs, but finding the one takes a bit of research. If you’re considering using Havenly, weigh the perks against the caveats. Here’s a comprehensive look at what makes the service worthwhile and what to keep in mind.


Havenly’s benefits boast personalization, revisions, convenience, and affordable consultations. You can conduct it all online to fit into your busy schedule.

1. Tailored Designs

This personalized approach sets Havenly apart from those offering templates or predetermined styles. By engaging with clients through consultation and feedback rounds, designers ensure that each space is relevant to the client’s day-to-day life. The designs aren’t cookie-cutter as they reflect individual tastes and personalities. 

2. Affordability

Havenly’s pricing proves that interior design doesn’t have to be exorbitant. They have three packages, providing an option for every budget.

Outdoor patio design by Havenly
Outdoor patio design by Havenly

3. Convenience

The online model means you can design your space from the comfort of your couch. There is no need for physical meetings or site visits. Everything is done virtually, saving time and effort. That said, Havenly also has an in-person option for specific states. 

4. The Inside by Havenly

This online shop offers exclusive furniture and decor pieces, adding a unique touch to your Havenly design. It’s a curated collection that gives current clients and any online shopper access to a plethora of furniture and decor. 

Things to Consider

Havenly design review for a living room design
Havenly furniture in a dining room

While Havenly offers a smooth virtual design experience, it’s not without its drawbacks. It’s important to note that there can be a few constraints.

1. Virtual Limitations

While the online model is convenient, it has its limitations. Havenly kitchen and bathroom design options are restricted. The Mini Package comes with 2D design concepts, while the Full Package provides virtual design renderings but these are based on photos and descriptions. Ensure you provide accurate details to avoid design discrepancies.

2. Design Revisions

While designers are accommodating, there might be limits to the number of revisions. It’s essential to communicate clearly to ensure the design aligns with your vision and timeline, as they’ll take time to complete.

3. Shipping Times

Shipping times may vary since furniture comes from a great list of external vendors. The quality and delivery times depend on the vendor, which Havenly has limited control over. It’s essential to factor this in, especially if you’re working on a tight timeline.

Alternatives to Havenly Design

1. Decorilla Interior Design Service

Alternatives to Havenly - Decorilla
Luxe living room interior design by Decorilla

Decorilla’s robust design service can be fully virtual as well as in person. Plus, it features immersive photorealistic 3D designs to let you experience your room before making physical changes! Decorilla also comes with a difference: you receive two design concepts from vetted interior designers. This means you get to pick your favorite pro after sampling their work. From here, you can chat with your designer to fine-tune the room. After finalizing your design, you’ll receive multi-angle virtual designs of the space and get access to exclusive trade discounts on the products you need – up to 45% off! 

Havenly review alternative - Bedroom design by Decorilla
Transitional bedroom design by Decorilla

Starting is convenient, too. A quick quiz kickstarts the process, followed by the personalized designer selection. Decorilla’s diverse team of vetted designers caters to various budgets. Transparent pricing, ranging from basic to luxury, ensures something for everyone.

2. Pottery Barn 

Dining room design by Pottery Barn
Dining room by Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn offers a unique blend of expertly crafted furniture and home decor designed to elevate your living spaces. With its Design Crew service, the company provides personalized one-on-one consultations with professional interior designers. Known for its timeless aesthetic and high-quality materials, Pottery Barn offers options for every budget without compromising quality. Every design session is tailored to the client’s specific needs and tastes.

3. RoomLift

Havenly alternatives
Bedroom recommendations by RoomLift

RoomLift is unique. Instead of a fully digital process, they mail clients a box filled with design recommendations. Each box contains floor plans, shopping lists, and design tips. It’s a tactile and personal approach to online interior design. Their pricing is per room, with each box tailored to the client’s preferences and budget. It’s a blend of traditional and modern, offering the best of both worlds.

Havenly vs Interior Design Alternatives

FEATURESdecorilla logo DECORILLAhavenly logo HAVENLYroomlift logo ROOMLIFTpottery barn logo POTTERY BARN
3D MODELYes – Photorealistic 3D RenderingsYesNo – Room sketch onlyNo – Room plan only
DESIGNER EXPERIENCEInterior design or architecture degree requiredNo degree requiredDesign experience requiredDesign experience required
DISCOUNTS ON FURNITUREYes, 10% – 45% Off Popular BrandsAvailable in Havenly ShopNoNo
SHOPPING LISTYes – discounts do not expireYesYesLimited to Pottery Barn brands
TYPICAL PROJECT DURATION3-5 weeks1-3 weeks3-4 weeksDepends on your schedule
ORDERING CONCIERGEComplimentary white-glove purchasing serviceComplimentary purchasing serviceNoOrder directly from Pottery Barn
CUSTOM WORK & CAD DRAWINGSYes, with gold packageNoNoNo

Havenly FAQ

Can I meet Havenly designers in person?

Havenly operates primarily online, but in-person meetings are possible. Their top-tier In-Person Design package is available to those living in one of its selected US cities.

How long does a Havenly design project typically take?

The timeframe can vary depending on the complexity of the project, your responsiveness to design suggestions, and your chosen designer. However, most projects are completed within 2 to 4 weeks, providing a quick turnaround for your design needs. The time estimate can vary, depending on the chosen designer. 

Can I request revisions to the design concept?

Yes, revisions are included in its design packages. If you’re not fully satisfied with the initial concept, you can request changes to better align the design with your preferences.

Is there a Havenly shop for furniture? 

Yes, the Havenly shop feature allows you to purchase recommended items directly. It’s a one-stop shop for all your design needs. 

Havenly Review in a Nutshell

Havenly interior design offers a fresh, modern approach to home makeovers. With its transparent pricing, many designers, and convenient online process, the platform can help and inspire DIY decorators to create a space they love. 

If Havenly isn’t the fit for you, we suggest trying some of the alternatives above!

Want to try something different from Havenly?

Find what suits you with designers tailored to your exact needs. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to learn more!


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