decorilla-vs-havenly-contemporary open living space
Contemporary open living space by Decorilla

Online interior design has been gaining some serious momentum in recent years. With so many choices out there it’s hard to know where to start. Keep reading as we dive into the ins and outs of two online interior design leaders and compare Decorilla vs Havenly. We’ll help you determine which online interior design service is the best choice for you and your home so that you can get started the right way. 

Decorilla and Havenly – A Quick Glance At Both

Contemporary living room results by Decorilla

With a vetted network of talented interior designers, Decorilla starts by carefully pairing you with two designers who excel in your particular interior design style. Decorilla interior designers compete to work with you. The choice is yours when it comes to choosing the designer who you’d like to continue designing your space. Unlike some other online interior design companies, Decorilla packages are far from cookie cutter. The custom options allow flexibility to adapt to all of your design needs. Decorilla is a great fit for larger-scale projects as well because of their ability to provide custom CAD drawings.

decorilla vs havenly comparison - high end living room by Decorilla
3D living room rendering – Decorilla

As for Havenly, if you’re looking for straight forward, budget-friendly designs, they’re a great fit. Havenly offers three package options ranging from a consult to a full room design. The maximum room size for a Havenly design project is 400 square feet. This one-stop-shop design service will take care of you from the first consultation to the ordering process.

Decorilla vs. Havenly: Overview Comparison

decorilla vs havenly - decorilla kitchen 3d rendering
Kitchen 3D rendering – Decorilla

Let’s start by looking at what’s included in each online interior design package.

Decorilla Online Interior Design Packages

  • Concept Board From Multiple Interior Designers
    • These include a detailed floor plan, décor, furniture, and color palette suggestions. You choose which designer you’d like to continue designing your space.
  • 3D Renderings
    • Photo quality images of your new room. You can see how everything looks in the space prior to making any purchases.
  • Online Shopping List
    • Virtual shopping list which includes detailed information about all your designers’ suggestions. Decorilla passes along their designer discounts from hundreds of popular vendors.
  • Detailed Furniture Layout
    • A straightforward furniture layout that details where each and every piece from your shopping list goes. It takes the guesswork out of where things should be placed.
  • Color Palette
    • Suggestions for paint colors to compliment your new room.
  • Tips and Implementation Guide
    • A step by step guide to help you through the decorating process. Your designer will pass along tips and tricks that will help you finish your room with ease.
decorilla vs havenly comparison floor plan 1
Decorilla bedroom moodboard design
decorilla vs havenly comparison floor plan
Decorilla detailed floor plan
decorilla vs havenly interior design service bedroom results
Bedroom 3D rendering – Decorilla
decorilla vs havenly comparison shopping list
Decorilla shopping list
decorilla vs havenly custom floor plan
Decorilla custom project elevations

Havenly Online Interior Design Packages

  • Design Themes From One Interior Designer
    • This includes 3 theme options for your new room. The 3 initial ideas are presented as a collage of inspiration images to give you an idea of what your designer is thinking before they do the concept moodboard.
  • Concept Moodboard  
    • A layered board showing furniture and décor suggestions together from your theme and inspiration images.
  • 2D Layered Rendering  
    • A photo-shopped image showing how the room will look with the new furniture and accessory additions. This is only available in the full design package.
havenly vs decorilla - havenly rendering
Havenly layered rendering
  • Floor Plan
    • Comes with the Havenly Full package only if requested
  • Shopping List
    • Your designer will let you know where you can purchase your new room items.
havenly designer rendering
Living room 2D layered rendering – Havenly
havenly vs decorilla - havenly package
Havenly shopping list

Decorilla vs. Havenly: Features

FEATURESdecorilla logo DECORILLAhavenly logo HAVENLY
3D MODELYes – Photorealistic 3D RenderingsNo – Moodboard & Layered Image
CONCEPTS FROM MULTIPLE DESIGNERSYes – Competing Design Concepts from Multiple DesignersNo – 3 Concepts Proposals from 1 Designer
DESIGNER EXPERIENCEInterior design or architecture degree requiredNo degree required
DISCOUNTS ON FURNITUREYes, 10% – 45% Off Popular BrandsNo
NO MARKUPS OR SALE PRESSUREShopping list and discounts do not expireShopping list does not expire
ORDERING CONCIERGEComplimentary white-glove purchasing serviceComplimentary purchasing service
CUSTOM WORK & CAD DRAWINGSYes, with gold packageNo

Schedule a Free Online Interior Design Consultation from one of Decorilla’s online interior decorators today. Or if you’re ready to get started, Choose a Design Package that suits you with a click of a button!

Havenly vs Decorilla: Design Process and Flexibility

Decorilla vs havenly - 3d kitchen rendering
Decorilla 3D kitchen rendering

Interior design relies on your personal opinion and style preferences. When it comes time to choose what interior design service is right for you, it is important to think about how each company approaches the design process along with the ability to be flexible.

Decorilla Interior Design Process

The Decorilla interior design process is customized to you from the start. To begin, you’re asked to take an interactive questionnaire where you can tell them more information about your space. Once the questionnaire is completed you receive a free one-on-one consultation with an interior designer where they will help you determine which package will best suit your design needs. Decorilla offers three packages, bronze, silver, and platinum, which determines the experience of the interior designer. If you need interior design help that’s not listed in the packages, Decorilla will create a custom package for you to make sure you’re getting everything you want out of your room design. Decorilla also offers in-home consultations if you prefer to meet your designer in person. This service is offered in over 20 major US cities.

decorilla vs havenly comparison moodboard
Combined living room and dining room – Decorilla concept board

Once you’ve had your one-on-one consultation, Decorilla will match you with two interior designers that excel in your particular interior design style. Each designer will submit a concept board that takes all your requirements and budget into consideration. After receiving the initial concept boards you choose which interior designer you would like to continue designing your room.

decorilla vs havenly comparison glam 3d combined living and dining
Glam combined living and dining room interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Throughout the process, you remain in constant communication with your interior designer via email or the Decorilla platform. Your chosen designer will then finalize the design with you and share photorealistic 3D renderings with everything needed to complete your room. This also includes any existing furniture you want to keep in the space. The final package from your chosen designer will include a moodboard, a detailed floor plan, color pallet and paint suggestions, 3D renderings, and an online shopping list. Decorilla passes along their trade discounts which range from 5% – 45% from hundreds of top retailers.

decorilla vs havenly shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

The Decorilla customer service team is always there to help with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the design process. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Decorilla will make sure you are receiving the design you’ve been dreaming of. Decorilla’s online interior design packages are available for anyone worldwide.

Havenly Design Process

To get started with Havenly you can take their detailed and fun style survey and complete your room profile. Once all your information is uploaded on your Havenly profile you then browse through their list of interior designers and see all their gorgeous previous moodboards so you can find the perfect style match for you. Havenly offers three package options, consult, mini, and full design.

decorilla vs havenly interior designers idea board
Havenly theme board

After you’ve chosen the designer you’d like to work with they will present you with three room ideas that show general furniture and theme suggestions. Think of it as a collage of all the best Pinterest inspiration images, which is a great way to help get a feel for how the room will look. After selecting which idea you like best your designer will present a concept board showing all the new furniture and décor suggestions together. Havenly Full package includes floor plans upon request, but the mini packages or consults do not, so be sure to let a team member know if you would like a floor plan included. Your designer will also create a shopping list complete with retailer and price information so it’s easy to see where each item is sourced. 

havenly vs decorilla - havenly shopping list
Havenly final package and shopping list

Havenly vs Decorilla: Furniture Brands

The Havenly interior designers source their furniture from over 200 vendors of all sizes. With new brands as well as big-box retailers, Havenly designers are able to source from vendors that match your interior design style and budget. You can also let the Havenly team know if a retailer is having any promotions and they will factor that into the pricing.

With the Decorilla team, you can take advantage of discounts from over 300 different furniture vendors with up to 45% off retail prices. When you break it down, the discounts passed on can cover the cost of the package. Decorilla clients aren’t limited to use only the partnered brands. New brands and products can be used as well, just let your designer know if you have a vendor you’d love to use in your room. In addition to the trade-exclusive brands, Decorilla also has discounts with popular retailers like West Elm, Wayfair, and Crate & Barrel. Interior designers at Decorilla don’t make commission based on the furniture you purchase, so you can rest assured that they are sourcing products with the client’s best interest in mind.

Decorilla vs Havenly: Ease of Use

The Decorilla platform is very straightforward and user-friendly. Communication with your designer can be done either via the website or simply reply directly from your Gmail. It is clear which stage of the design process you’re in as well as the timeline of the project. Decorilla designers are very prompt to reply and will be there to answer your questions when you need them. Should you have any questions your designer can’t help with, they have a talented customer service team that is always there for you.

decorilla vs havenly process comparison
Decorilla design process

The Havenly platform is also very user-friendly. Communication with your designer is done via the messaging platform in your Havenly account. This can be accessed via the web or Havenly’s app. Havenly designers have to stick to a maximum project timeline based on the package chosen. The Havenly Full package allows you 4 weeks with your designer, and the Havenly Mini package is a 2 week timeline. This ensures a quick turnaround for all clients so you can have your new room finished in no time. 

havenly vs decorilla - havenly layered rendering
Havenly design process
havenly vs decorilla - havenly optional floor plan
Havenly optional floor plan

Decorilla vs Havenly: Customer Support

Customer support is something both Decorilla and Havenly take pride in. Both companies have a handpicked team of customer service members that are available to help you should any problems occur. With Decorilla, you have access to customer service 24/7. That way, there will be someone there to help you with any issues day or night. In addition, Havenly also has a team ready to help. The customer service team can be reached Monday-Friday 8am-4pm and Saturday-Sunday 9 am to 1 pm.

Decorilla vs Havenly: Pricing

Online interior design is becoming more and more popular as people realize they’re paying 80% less than they would for a traditional interior designer. Taking advantage of the best online interior design services are allowing people to create their dream home at a fraction of the traditional interior designer cost. Here is a breakdown of each companies pricing:

decorilla vs havenly pricing - organic living room by decorilla
Living room 3D rendering – Decorilla

Decorilla Pricing

Decorilla pricing is determined based on the room and experience level of the designer. Smaller spaces like entryways are different prices than larger spaces like living rooms and dining rooms. In addition, they also offer multiple room discounts if you want to take on more than one space.

  • Bronze Design Package – $549 – $899/room
    • Includes two experienced designers concepts and ideas
    • Designers have 2-5 years of experience and an interior design degree
    • Interior design help from a professional for a space with simple requirements
  • Silver Design Package – $649 – $1,099/room
    • Includes two very experienced designers concepts and ideas
    • Designers have 5-10 years of experience and an interior design degree
    • Seamless designs done timely and professionally with less back and forth
  • Platinum Design Package – $1800 – $3,200/room
    • Includes two high-end interior designers’ concepts and communication
    • Designers have over 10 years of experience and an interior design and/or architecture degree
    • End-to-end project and timeline management
    • Designer calls
    • Drawings for contractors as needed
    • Exclusive furniture sourcing and highest quality items
    • Exceptional designs for any space (best industry knowledge for decor and renovations)
  • Custom Hourly Design – $75/hour
    • Custom packages available if the other packages don’t cover your needs
decorilla dining room design 3d rendering
Decorilla – dining room 3D rendering

Havenly Pricing

For Havenly, they determine pricing based on the package chosen. One room is limited to a max of 400 square feet. If your space is larger than that you will need to purchase multiple packages.

  • Havenly Mini – $99
    • Includes 3 theme ideas/inspiration collage from one designer
    • One final 2D concept from your one interior designer
  • Havenly Full – $159
    • Includes concepts from one interior designer
    • 3D renderings
    • Custom floor plan
  • Havenly In-Person – $499
    • In-home designer collaboration
    • Concierge service to help with measuring and photographing
    • Hands on designer styling
decorilla vs havenly interior designers idea board 2
Havenly concept board

Havenly Reviews vs Decorilla

Decorilla Reviews from Customers (5 stars)

Check out what some happy Decorillla customers had to say:

  • “The clarity of the site, the portfolio of designers, the overall options the entire process is professional and of a very high level, you never feel as though you are online.”
  • “I recommend Decorilla so highly. They have surpassed all of my high expectations for customer service and quality. I’ve used them for several projects, and the work has been phenomenal – great ideas tailored to my needs and tastes.”

Decorilla Reviews from Interior Designers (4.3 stars)

Decorilla interior designers also had great things to say about the company:

  • “I’ve been working with the Decorilla for 3 years now, and it has been a great experience with my clients and with the team, they definitely make the process easy so you can fully focus on designing for your clients.”
  • I’ve had the most amazing clients and projects. I do work that I’m proud of and that pushes me to grow creatively. The work is always fun and interesting as we get to do both moodboards and renderings for every project.”
havenly vs decorilla - decorilla kitchen rendering
Kitchen 3D rendering – Decorilla

Havenly Reviews from Customers (5 stars)

Here is what some Havenly customers had to say about their design experience:

  • “I had a great experience with my designer – she did an excellent job incorporating our original thoughts (and budget!) with follow up feedback and the pieces we knew we wanted in the room.”
  • “I had no idea how to start with my study but within a week I had a great design and I was purchasing furniture.”

Havenly Reviews from Interior Designers (3.3 stars)

We also took a look at what Havenly interior designers had to say about the company. Some had a great experience while others did not.

  • “I love the ability to have a flexible schedule, lots of freedom to be creative, wide range of client projects and styles, and I can stay very busy with work!”
  • “Great platform to manage and complete projects. The pay per hour averages out to be much lower than industry standard.”

Havenly Reviews from Facebook (3.1 stars)

Havenly reviews are also on Facebook. Here are some highlights:

  • “The designer helped me identify my style (southwestern eclectic- who knew?!) and put an awesome living room together for me! She worked well with my budget too!”
  • “It was great that Havenly handles all the ordering for you as I had 15 different shipments from 7 different vendors. The only issue I had was only finding out items were out of stock after I placed the order.”
decorilla vs havenly interior designers 3D rendering
Havenly layered 2D rendering

Havenly and Decorilla Alternatives

If Decorilla or Havenly don’t seem like the right fit for you here are some great alternative options to consider.

roomLift Design Service

roomLift Design Pros

  • One design box comes with 2 design options to choose from
  • Each Room Lift comes with a 15 minute phone or email conversation about your design
  • When purchasing 3 or more roomLift’s you get a 20% discount on everything

roomLift Cons

  • You must make purchases on your own
  • No additional discounts are offered with retailers
  • Unable to speak with your designer for longer than 15 minutes

Wayfair Interior Design Service

Wayfair Design Pros

  • Budget-friendly design advice
  • A simple and interactive design questionnaire to help determine your style
  • Three different package choices

Wayfair Design Cons

  • Limited to furniture sold on Wayfair
  • Must purchase the most expensive package for 3D renderings
  • Only some packages offer revisions

Crate and Barrel Interior Design Service

Crate & Barrel Design Pros:

  • Professional floor plan
  • 3D image of your design
  • Moodboard and shopping list

Crate & Barrel Cons

  • Only specify Crate & Barrel furniture and décor
  • $99 deposit
  • Cannot choose which designer you will work with

Decorilla vs Havenly: Major Differences and Conclusion

It’s clear why both Decorilla and Havenly are two of the top online interior design companies in the business. While they have so many similarities it’s clear there are some major differences. Here is a breakdown of the differences we’ve found between the two:

decorilla bedroom 3d rendering
Decorilla 3D rendering – bedroom interior design


  • Interior design concepts from multiple interior designers
  • 3D renderings and VR designs
  • Shopping list with trade discounts on furniture and decor
  • Custom packages and CAD work
  • An in-house team of architects and designers that handle large-scale projects and renovations
  • Online team available worldwide
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Concept boards from one interior designer
  • 2D photoshopped “rendering”
  • Shopping list with retailer pricing
  • No renovations or remodels
  • No custom work
  • Space planning not available for kitchen or bath design
  • Maximum of 400 square feet per package
  • Only available to people in the US
  • Custom support during limited hours only

Do you still have questions about if online interior design is the right fit for you? Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation with our team today to learn more!

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