Living room by one of the top Grand Rapids interior designers - Mariko K

Grand Rapids is known as somewhat of a Midwestern art and design hub. For that reason, it is no surprise that the city is also home to many talented interior design professionals. And we’ve done our research and sought out the best of the best among them. So, read on to discover the top Grand Rapids interior designers and decorators ready to help create your dream home.

Interior Design Grand Rapids

top grand rapids interior designers decorilla
Contemporary farmhouse living room by Decorilla Grand Rapids interior designers

There’s a lot of buzz about art and design, including interiors, in Grand Rapids and for a good reason. The scene is thriving, with numerous talented artists, designers and firms producing amazing work. In addition, the city is host to a well known annual arts competition called ArtPrize – which displays work from skilled creatives throughout the town. So, from quaint bungalow neighborhoods to rising downtown condos, there’s sure to be a designer to fit any project.  

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The Best Grand Rapids Interior Designers

Transitional dining room interior design in Grand Rapids, by Decorilla
Transitional dining room interior design in Grand Rapids, by Decorilla

Interior design in Grand Rapids features an endless number of talented creatives. Many of them are distinguished by diverse designs, excellent customer service, as well as a keen eye for detail. Here are some of the best names that make every project stand out from others.

Lauren Figueroa

Interior design Grand Rapids Lauren Figueroa

Lauren Figueroa Interior Design quickly transformed from a small company into the latest up-and-coming professional service provider. As a new player in the interior design Grand Rapids, MI scene, they cater to successful professionals looking to update their space or create a new one. Lauren’s goal is to spare them the headache, time, and decision fatigue that comes with managing a design project from top to bottom.

Interior designers Grand Rapids MI Lauren Figueroa

WHAT WE LOVE: Chic but inviting and comfortable compositions. 

Decorilla Grand Rapids Interior Designers

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Decorilla combines the professional talent of traditional interior design with the affordability of getting your dream interior online. A variety of affordable flat-rate packages for custom designs tailored to you and your needs ensure your budget will never be exceeded. Each project starts by filling out a short questionnaire to help the team match you with the right designers. And unlike most interior design firms in Grand Rapids, you will received unique initial concepts from not one, but two interior designers. From there, you choose your favorite concept and designer to complete the project with.

Eclectic bedroom by Decorilla Grand Rapids interior designer Laura A
Eclectic loft bedroom by Decorilla interior decorators in Grand Rapids, MI

Decorilla offers an all-inclusive interior design solution that takes your specific needs and desires into account. You will be able to visualize the final product before making any changes or purchases. That means you avoid the potential for costly mistakes and stress from designing a space yourself. Also, forget the hassle of having to shop around. Decorilla’s dedicated concierge service handles all the ordering, tracking updates, and delivery coordination. And then there are trade exclusive discounts that offer a savings of up to 45%!

Modern rustic interior design in Grand Rapids by Decorilla
Modern rustic interior design in Grand Rapids by Decorilla

WHAT WE LOVE: The convenience, as well as the guarantee for a custom design solution you’ll love.

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Autumn Fuchs

Interior design Grand Rapids Autumn Fuchs

Autumn has an education in interior design and construction management, followed by interning across the country. She studied abroad before returning home to quickly become one of the top interior decorators in Grand Rapids, MI. Being a detail-oriented woman, Autumn uses her character traits as assets when designing custom homes, combining creativity with a boundless work ethic. In return, it has brought her several prestigious awards and a reputation to follow. 

Interior designers Grand Rapids MI Autumn Fuchs

WHAT WE LOVE: Timeless designs with modern accents.

Jessica Crosby  

Interior design Grand Rapids Jessica Crosby

Jessica’s motto says that every house needs a story in order to become a home. For that reason, she puts additional effort into getting to truly know her clients, their lifestyles, and the ways they function in the space. Along with translating characters into designed spaces, Jessica also serves on the Board of the Northeast Business Association and Executive Board of Rockford Professionals. 

Houzz interior designers Grand Rapids MI Jessica Crosby

WHAT WE LOVE: Eclectic approach to trends.

Deidre Remtema 

Interior design Grand Rapids Deidre Remtema

Coming from a creative background, Deidre Remtema earned a degree in interior design from Kendall College of Art & Design. She established her own interior design firm in Grand Rapids in 2009. Deidre starts each project by digging deep into her clients’ lives, looking for design inspiration in their everyday routines. Her natural gifts reflect in designing both functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing spaces, seamlessly combining the two without sacrificing one over another. 

Grand Rapids interior designers Deidre Remtema

WHAT WE LOVE: Deidre’s authentic, highly textural aesthetic. 

Francesca Owings 

Interior design Grand Rapids Francesca Owings

Francesca is a well-rounded professional with over ten years of experience. As one of the top interior designers in Grand Rapids, MI, she is no stranger to collaborating with West Michigan’s finest architects and builders. Her portfolio is as diverse and vibrant as the homes she creates. From lake cottages to lavish day spas, each project boasts a unique flavor tailored for clients who want something different.

Grand Rapids interior designers Francesca Owings

WHAT WE LOVE: Attention to detail, applied with a sophisticated flair.

Rock Kauffman 

Grand Rapids interior designers Rock Kauffman

A renowned name among Houzz interior designers in Grand Rapids, MI, Rock Kauffman started as the owner of Urban House. His experience with a high-end furniture store helped him translate his creative drive into a distinguished, intuitive design process. Acquainted with every aspect of exterior to interior completion, Kauffman approaches his work with hands-on, step-by-step involvement, offering services from project initiation to completion.

Houzz interior designers Grand Rapids MI Rock Kauffman

WHAT WE LOVE: Timeless style filled with contemporary elements that convey a sophisticated, inviting feel. 

Kendra Steinhaus and Kerra Schroeder

Grand Rapids interior designers Kendra & Kerra

Two twin sisters make a vibrant design duo of interior decorators in Grand Rapids, MI. Kendra employs her keen eye for the details in both commercial and residential design, taking particular pride in having composed a headquarters in Europe. Kerra, in the meantime, is focused on a broad spectrum of residential design projects. Together they work on finding unique, tailored solutions for each client, making every task stand out in return. 

Houzz interior designers Grand Rapids MI Kendra & Kerra

​WHAT WE LOVE: Attention to the needs of each individual client while still maintaining their vision throughout every project phase. 

Amy Pottenger

Grand Rapids interior designers Amy Pottenger

Amy Pottenger is an established name among award-winning Houzz interior designers in Grand Rapids, MI. Her design goals are rooted in more than simply creating a pretty room. She sees a home environment, above all, as a vital tool to help the clients lead the life of their dreams. By incorporating their personalities into their living spaces, Amy strives to eliminate the stress that stands in the way of flourishing in both business and private life.

Interior decorators Grand Rapids MI Amy Pottenger

WHAT WE LOVE: Meaningfully assembled spaces rooted in practicality and beauty. 

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[Feature image by Decorilla designer, Mariko K.]