Known as a “unique experience to discover the unexpected” Maison & Objet is Paris’ popular trade show that has been bringing the latest design trends of global markets for 20 years! Designer, Lesya Bukaytis, acted as Decorilla‘s eyes and ears at last week’s incredible event. Her general impression? “Design is seen as more playful, toy-like and shiny. Sense of humor is the new must have.” With an overwhelming number of exhibits to witness, Lesya brings up her favorites!


If we had to choose one animal that got most show time in this event, it certainly is birds! Birds are everywhere – textile patterns, porcelain, crystal, plastic, paper etc. Caged or not, there were several designs that alluded to these aviary creatures – their feathers and quills, nests and eggs.

dog seats interior design


Wrinkled paper and origami are definitely top trends with most of lighting represented as  either wrinkled paper or origami. A favorite is Nendo by Oki Sato – his minimalistic lamps and pendants are so full of whimsy. This theme extended beyond lighting as well with wrinkled paper porcelain vases and textiles, origami leather bags, plastic vases and even Christmas tree toys.



Metal has always been a great material to add design balance. This year, the it  is mostly gold, not polished brass or aged bronze hues,  but very glossy and shiny gold. Seem in ceramic skulls and “rubber” boots, shiny chandeliers, stools and table bases, these are fun decor accents.

cage interior design


Some of the playfulness found in this show was the idea of creating illusion, the imitation of  materials and items not being what they seem.  “Paper” boats, planes, and playing cards are really porcelain! Murano glass vases, ruby earrings and crystal bracelets, knitted bowls – all turn out to be rubber. Concrete was widely used; where the texture takes on an expensive look and silky surface,  imitating even leather. This is not only used in tabletops, but tiles, lamp bases and even gold-plated champagne bowls.  Not only materials, but objects too change their usual use. For example, cups. From martini glasses to pendants, cups showed their multi use.

rubber bowls interior design

(Rubber bowls)



Beautiful curves of Scandinavian design are widely used in such traditional luxury material as carrara marble. Decor items include sleek and minimalistic lamp bases, candle holders, and table tops



Another trend for deco objects comes back to us from 19th century lifestyle: collections and decor use of English gentlemen displaying the hunt and possession of  nature. This includes minerals (as seen on knobs of furniture pieces) shells, bones, herbariums and insects.

To get more of a glimpse at this event, check out more photos below.

By Decorilla Contributor and Interior Designer Lesya Bukaytis

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