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It might come as a surprise to some, but the arts and culture scene is as lively as ever in Des Moines. And burgeoning interior design is no exception here. So whether you’re a long time local or a recent transplant, we’re here to help with our top picks of Des Moines interior designers and decorators ready to create your dream home!

Interior Design Des Moines

3D rendering by Decorilla designers near you
Contemporary living room by Decorilla Des Moines interior designers near you

If you’re ever lucky enough to have the chance to visit Des Moines, Iowa, you might just be stunned by the city’s art, architecture, and interior design. From the moment you enter the urban area until you leave, you’ll be surrounded by beautifully designed buildings and public spaces. Whether it’s an art museum, a government building, or simply someone’s home, there is no shortage of style in Des Moines. So take some time, explore the scene, and check out all the amazing work. You won’t be disappointed!

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Des Moines Interior Designers

Home office by Decorilla Des Moines interior designers
Home office by Decorilla Des Moines interior designers

With such a vibrant scene, it’s no wonder that interior design firms in Des Moines employ some very creative professionals. So let us introduce you to our favorite names. 

Jillian Lare

Interior design Des Moines Jillian Lare

A native Pennsylvanian, Jilian Lare moved to Iowa in 2009, the same year she started blogging about interior design. It also marked the moment of dreams coming true for a girl who spent her younger years developing her creativity. With a major in engineering, she stumbled into interior design, finding it the perfect blend of artistic sensibility and technical capabilities. In 2021, Jillian and her friend launched Morris Lare, offering a broad range of interior design services.

Des Moines interior designers Jillian Lare

WHAT WE LOVE: Neutral color palettes with a strong emphasis on nature. 

Decorilla Des Moines Interior Designers

Decorilla interior designers near me (1)

Decorilla combines the experience of traditional interior design with the cost-effectiveness of creating your ideal living space online. Clients rest assured that Decorilla is able to offer an affordable design solution for any style or budget. Moreover, regardless of the budget, each client gets the chance to begin their project with two talented interior designers.

Interior design Des Moines 3D rendering by Decorilla
Modern farmhouse interior design Des Moines, by Decorilla

In order to find the right match, the clients first complete a brief questionnaire, along with taking an interactive interior design style quiz. From there, you can choose your favorite concept from the two presented and let your preferred Decorilla Des Moines interior designer make your vision come alive. As a part of the all-inclusive package, photorealistic 3D renderings allow you to be able to visualize the design solution before committing to any changes or purchases. Moreover, a concierge service handles all the logistics, including delivery, while the savings from exclusive discounts on ordered items often exceed the price of the design service itself!

Inviting bedroom by Decorilla's top Des Moines interior designers
Inviting bedroom by Decorilla‘s top Des Moines interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Unmatched design diversity at affordable flat-rate packages.

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Meghan Blum

Interior design Des Moines Meghan Bloom

Meghan studied interior design prior to gaining specific professional experience within the industry. Subsequently, in 2015, she established Meghan Bloom Interiors, blending her skills, knowledge, and inspiration into a successful business venture. Her goal is to bridge the gaps between designers, contractors, and vendors, in order to offer a well-rounded service. Meghan considers the interior design process to be not decoration but rather the path to living better and enjoying more. 

Des Moines interior designers Meghan Bloom

WHAT WE LOVE: Artfully blended styles and periods with also a keen sense for detail.

Jodi Peterman 

Interior design Des Moines Jodi Peterman

Elizabeth Erin Designs proudly carries the names of interior designer Jodi Peterman’s two daughters. The business was initially established in 2003 in New Jersey as a small home office company. There, it bloomed for six years before Jodi decided to return home, joining other interior design firms in Des Moines. In 2018, Jody opened her interior design showroom and store, allowing clients to see and touch furniture, fabrics, accessories, and decoration samples.

Des Moines interior designers Jodi Peterman

WHAT WE LOVE: Modern designs combined with a seamless customer experience. 

Becky Leu

Top interior decorators Des Moines IA Becky Leu

Becky has maintained a lifelong interest and respect for home building and design as the daughter of a master carpenter. In March 2016, she launched Leu Interiors, dreaming of providing families with functional beauty. Becky offers a broad spectrum of design services, from producing technical drawings to planning entire developments. Consequently, she brings extensive experience in various areas of the industry to the table. Her design goal is to improve spaces by customizing them to better fit her clients’ needs. 

Interior design Des Moines Becky Leu

WHAT WE LOVE: Spaces defined by strong contrasts yet are still flowing and harmonious.

Ryan Staiert

Interior design firms Des Moines Ryan Staiert

One of the top interior decorators in Des Moines IA, Ryan Staiert, offers his time and expertise through professional consultation services. He provides procurement of all items his clients need, using his professional relationships with manufacturers and showrooms. Ryan sees his customers’ spaces as their source of pride, a place to live and delight. Therefore, he believes the investment in such an environment is also an investment in yourself, your family, and your lifestyle.

Interior decorators Des Moines IA Ryan Staiert

WHAT WE LOVE: Distinctive and well-defined spaces.

Lori Wiles

Houzz interior designers Des Moines Lori Wiles

Lori is the founder and CEO of LWD. She is also one of the top Des Moines interior designers, with over 30 years of experience and a team to match. Lori’s goal is to discover not only what you want but also what you truly require. She believes the environment in which you reside and work intensely influences how you think, breathe, eat, sleep, and more. Therefore a genuinely livable room shouldn’t only be aesthetically pleasing but also scientifically sound.

Interior design firms Des Moines Lori Wiles

WHAT WE LOVE: Lori’s understanding of classic design and the ability to upgrade it with the right twist.

Terrill Johnson

Interior decorators Des Moines IA terill Johnson

Terrill is an Iowa native and a well-known name among Houzz interior designers in Des Moines. Ever since 1984, she has passionately created beautiful spaces her clients deservingly call a home. By using textures, patterns, and blended styles, she personalizes spaces to make them genuine. Multiply awarded and featured in a variety of publications as well as HGTV, Terrill brings remarkable energy to each of her projects. 

Houzz interior designers Des Moines Terill Johnson

WHAT WE LOVE: Artistic approach and spaces bursting with color. 

Kate Michelle 

Interior design Des Moines Kate Michelle

Interior design Des Moines scene also features Kate Michelle Interiors, a full-service residential interior design studio servicing the central area. Their scope of work includes everything from small remodeling projects to new developments. In addition, Kate eliminated the culprits that make the design process overwhelming, offering guidance and support in every step of the way. Completely tailored results are something her clients consider a reward of their own. 

Interior design firms Des Moines Kate Michelle

WHAT WE LOVE: Cordial, livable residential spaces distinguished by a timeless flair.

Jessi Economos

Des Moines interior designers Jessi Economos

For Jessi Economos, one of the top Houzz interior designers in Des Moines, the home is defined by three words. It must be personal, comfortable, and beautiful. Also, a home should be inviting and tailored to the client’s personality and lifestyle. For that reason, Jessi approaches every project like solving an extensive and attractive puzzle. The challenge translates into layouts and compositions, producing exceptional results every single time.  

Interior design Des Moines Jessi Economos

WHAT WE LOVE: A keen eye for elaborate details, yet overall livable spaces.

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