Cozy cottage interior design

Cozy cottage interior design creates the ultimate interior for any vacation getaway home! This blend of old and new is perfect for those looking to create a comfortable and inviting space dedicated to relaxation. And a recent Decorilla client was after such an interior for her family’s holiday home. Our designer was able to transform the interior into a nature-inspired oasis. Read on to see the results for yourself!

The Challenge: Cottage Interior Design

The client needed a cottage interior design service for a newly acquired vacation house in Northwest Michigan. This getaway project entailed an open living space, including kitchen and dining areas serving as both a family cooking area and a gathering spot when entertaining guests. What the client expected from the designer was to: 

  • Create a cohesive open-space living room design
  • Convey the feel of an outdoor-oriented home 
  • Choose a neutral, earthy color scheme 
  • Focus on the client’s favorite eclectic style 

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Cottage-Style Decor Inspiration

Cottage style decor inspiration

As expected, the client provided an inspirational image gallery that rendered their original ideas clearly. While the shots boasted a strong old-world charm of cottage interior design style, the contemporary furnishing simultaneously ensured 21st-century functionality. The abundance of sage green kitchens was no coincidence, and neither was the lack of open shelving systems – two preferences high on their wishlist.

Cottage Decorating Ideas & Moodboard

Cottage decorating ideas by Decorilla
Cottage decorating ideas by Decorilla

Indeed, the client’s answers to the interior design questionnaire helped complete the design brief. Using this information, the Decorilla team proposed two suitable designers who translated their cottage decorating ideas to moodboards in no time. After reviewing and a few rounds of consultation, the clients decided to proceed with the design by Erin R.         

Cottage interior design moodboard by Decorilla
Cottage interior design moodboard by Decorilla

Erin’s cottage interior design concept was timeless, rustic, and contemporary at the same time. There was, of course, a lot of wood and stone, but the scheme was still feeling bright and fresh. The kitchen’s sage green proved a natural choice for a pop of color seamlessly tied in through furnishing and decorative accents. Meanwhile, the layout made the most of the available open-concept space, with clear zoning and an intuitive flow. 

Country Cottage Living Room Design

Country cottage living room design by Decorilla
Country cottage living room design by Decorilla

As a result, the design was entirely in line with the client’s idea of a cozy and stylish family lake house that inspires outdoor-oriented activities and reflects the lifestyle of “up north.” The overall scheme oozes a casual and livable style but still delivers an elevated design. 

Its strong character starts in the country cottage living room, with a washed-out vintage rug zoning and grounding the earthy-hued conversation area. A wood coffee table, leather sectional, and petrified wood side table all add layers of texture, along with the pair of contrasting sage poufs. The flow seamlessly continues in the kitchen-and-dining background, conveying the feel of a smooth, cohesive whole. 

Cozy cottage decor render by Decorilla
Cozy cottage decor render by Decorilla

A vigorous organic flair pulls together many elements. Various timber textures provide a lot of visual interest, eliminating the need for excessive cottage-style decor. The dark wood-look flooring also contrasts the warm white walls to deliver fresh yet powerful visual dynamics. At the same time, the pebble-patterned fireplace acts as an organic focal point, conveying an inviting and cozy cottage atmosphere.  

Cottage style decor render by Decorilla
Cottage-style decor render by Decorilla

Streamlined, contemporary rustic black chairs complement a large stained wood table in the dining room. A matching pendant above the set merges modern forms with a traditional lakehouse feeling. 

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, aged brass hardware, lighting, and fixtures complement the sage cabinetry. The spacious island ensures not only an ample workspace but also three additional seating places. In addition, the leather and wood counter stools round this area out, tying it back into the sectional sofa.

Cozy Cottage Decor Shopping List

Decorilla online interior design shopping list
Decorilla curated online shopping list

Decorilla is renowned for its expert designs and streamlined approach. However, the benefits of engaging do not stop there. Each online design package includes photorealistic 3D renderings, allowing you to envision your future stylish space properly. Meanwhile, a custom shopping list comprises all design items offered with trade discounts that typically exceed the initial design cost. On top of all, the clients have no worries about the ordering and delivery process. A white glove concierge service takes good care of all those steps as well. 

Country Cottage Living Room Top Picks

The cozy cottage decor is all about creating a relaxing, comfortable space. The key to getting the look lies in mixing and matching different elements to create an eclectic style that resonates with you. Sometimes even a few strategically chosen pieces can do, so check out our favorite picks for cottage interiors:

Country cottage living room top picks by Decorilla
  1. Tribal Area Rug
  2. Leather Sectional
  3. Metal Floor Lamp
  4. Drum Chandelier
  5. Side Chair
  6. Dining Table
  7. Faux Fur Stool
  8. Rectangular Coffee Table

Is your cottage interior design in need of a makeover? 

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