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Nicknamed the ‘Paris of America’ in the 1800s, Cincinnati boasts impressive architecture. With the glamour of the Music Hall and the longest suspension bridge in the world, this Ohio city is a hub of design including a growing talent-pool of Cincinnati interior designers. Since Decorilla is always on the lookout for new design talent, we’ve put together a list of our local favorites. You won’t want to miss these top Cincinnati interior designers and decorators!

Amy Youngblood

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With over 20 years of experience, Amy Youngblood has design pulsing through her veins. What’s more, Amy integrates her skills as an accomplished artist into interiors. With an education in both the arts and interior design, she is known for her slick yet warm modern aesthetic. As one of the top Cincinnati interior design firms, her studio runs like a well-oiled machine. Accordingly, clients have access to services across the board – from space planning to art selection. 

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WHAT WE LOVE: A distinct integration of bold and muted colors that match her curated artworks. 

Decorilla Cincinnati Interior Designers

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Finding the best interior designers in Cincinnati is made easy through Decorilla. With an interior design team in Cincinnati dedicated to matching clients to designers, clients are sure to meet their ideal home soon. The process starts with an online quiz. Clients express their needs as well as preferences, whereafter Decorilla matches them with two vetted designers. Alternatively, clients may also choose their designers.

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Bedroom by one of the top Cincinnati interior design firms, Decorilla 

Unlike most interior design firms, clients can choose between the two designers and their presented initial concepts. This flexibility, combined with flat rate design packages and trade discounts, ensures exceptional results. And to top it all off, realistic 3D renderings let clients visualize their new homes before committing to a change. Moreover, the diverse team can cater to every style preference and setting. 

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Living room by Decorilla Cincinnati interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Interior design can all happen remotely and within a client’s timeline. Not only do they offer an exclusive Cincinnati design deal, but satisfaction is also guaranteed. 

Laney Reusch

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After obtaining her degree in interior design from the University of Cincinnati, Laney Reusch started her design firm in 2010. Now, with over a decade of industry experience, Laney and her team are mindful of what it takes for clients to hire an interior designer. From their bespoke furniture and decor selections to full remodeling and builds, no two projects are ever identical. This creative team also acts as experienced project managers who take care of all the admin. 

Best interior designers in Cincinnati - Laney Reusch

WHAT WE LOVE: With her unique combination of bold and serene, traditional and contemporary, Laney’s designs are certainly a call to comfort.

Amy Holt

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With over 15 years of experience in all sectors of the design industry, Amy Holt is an expert in remaking homes. As the head of her firm, Designs On Madison, she unites the skills of various interior designers in Cincinnati, Ohio, to create the remarkable. Here experience meets fresh perspectives thanks to Amy’s diverse team. In addition, she received many awards, including first prize from Cincinnati Magazine for best design in 2009. 

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WHAT WE LOVE: A clear priority of natural light and palpable textures. A serene and relaxing atmosphere sweeps across many of Holt’s designs.

Julie Anne Baur

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Since its inception in 2014, Julie Anne Baur’s design studio, Winding Lane, has won multiple awards. It is the product of an extensive education and experience in interior design. Through the years, Julie has fine-tuned her knack for colorful and lively designs. Nevertheless, she also specializes in timeless and transitional design above all. Additionally, she travels the country to find the finest American-made furniture and decor for her projects.

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WHAT WE LOVE: The balance between traditional furniture and well-suited modern touches. Returning clients and referrals are always a good sign of a well-managed firm. 

Kelly Clark

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NARI-certified Kelly Clark Design is a go-to for classic interior design. With three awards as one of the best Houzz interior designers of Cincinnati, Kelly Clark offers reliable services. When put into practice, Kelly’s keen eye for style certainly makes any place feel like home. Through dedication to details, she’s become one of the top Cincinnati interior decorators.

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WHAT WE LOVE: Kelly is certified by the industry’s leading color expert, Maria Killam. The color combinations in her designs are tailored to perfection.

Megan Berger

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Adorn Interior Design is another complete service on the list of interior design in Cincinnati. Since co-founding the Cincinnati interior design firm in 2010, Megan Berger takes on projects of any size. Whether residential or commercial, the results are chic and impressive. And no matter the scale, Megan makes client collaboration her top priority.

Top interior decorators Cincinnati - Megan Bergsen

WHAT WE LOVE: Megan’s interesting take on minimalism. It is expressed in her use of bold colors and patterns over neutral, uniform bases.

Mindy Frimer & Jody Salters

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Nimbus 9, a mother and daughter duo, comes with an impressive resume. Based in Oakley Square, the pair are making a sizable footprint in Cincinnati interior design. After all, Mindy Frimer’s 38 years of experience in woodwork and industrial design leads the way. You’ll find countless projects including Mosques and Synagogues with her name on them. On the other hand, Jody Salters is a star-studded visual designer with names like Prada and Gucci in her bag. This creative duo brings a significant amount of finesse to the table.

Cincinnati interior design firms - Nimbus

WHAT WE LOVE: The bigger picture. Nimbus 9 also shows a certain knack for architectural design and floor planning. This results in an intuitive flow throughout their work.

Sara Berninger

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Berninger Designs was founded by another top interior decorator in Cincinnati, Sara Berninger. Her beautiful creations have been featured in Houzz, Cincinnati Magazine, and House Trends. Today, Sara has three other Cincinnati interior designers working at her firm. As a result, their combined expertise leads to a pleasant mix of styles and eras.

Cincinnati design firms - Sara Berninger

WHAT WE LOVE: A bold use of artworks, patterns, and prints that set the tone for many of Sara’s designs.

Mary Miller

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With accolades from Houzz dating from 2014, Sketches brings 18 years of experience to the client. Founder Mary Miller is certainly among the top Cincinnati interior designers. One of the reasons for her popularity is that Sketches welcomes any project. Whether clients need a single consultation on color, window finishings, or a full-scale remodel, Mary makes time for clients.

Top interior decorator in Cincinnati - Mary Miller

WHAT WE LOVE: A clear understanding of texture is evident in Mary’s designs. From kitchen counter to bathroom tile, she finds interesting and surprising combinations.

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Whether you have a big or small project, you certainly can’t go wrong with any of these Cincinnati interior design firms. But if you need help deciding, get in touch. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to find out more or hire an interior designer today! 

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