Cape cod decorating style for a living room with a bay window

Cape Cod house interiors reflect the breathtaking beauty of its original seaside surroundings. These homes harmoniously blend good taste, coastal colors, and a laid-back lifestyle. Fortunately, you can exude this effortless elegance in your design with a bit of help! Read on for tips on infusing your home with Cape Cod interior design! 

What is Cape Cod Style House Interior Design?

Modern Cape Cod decorating style

Known for its warm and inviting atmosphere, Cape Cod interior design ideas have proven their worth over time. That’s why Cape Cod house décor has a magnetism that inspires homeowners worldwide. These interiors overflow with elegant natural materials and coastal accents. That said, they feel exceptionally cozy and inviting – thanks to the gentle nod to traditional design in furniture and decor. 

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Cape Cod house interiors with a sea view by Jamie C
All-white Cape Cod interior design by Decorilla designer, Jamie C.

With deep roots in New EnglandCape Cod designers showcase their talent through their relaxed and charming interiors. Cape Cod house interiors intertwine practicality and purpose to create an irresistible oasis of comfort. It’s no surprise, too, as the traditional English beach cottages in the area inspire this design style. As a result, personality and character gush within these interiors. 

10 Best Cape Cod Interior Design Ideas that Ooze Charm

Cape Cod interior design with a sea view by Jacqueline H
Modern Cape Cod style house interior by Decorilla designer, Jacqueline H.

Let’s enter the alluring world of Cape Cod-style house interior, where modern and traditional elements meet in an airy setting. It’s certainly a firm favorite among those who appreciate a classic and timeless coastal look. So, let’s get into a few quick tips to recreate the look in your space! 

1. Embracing Natural Materials 

Cape Cod style house interior and decorating style for a living room by Tammy M
One of the Cape Cod house interiors by Decorilla designer, Tammy M.

Wood, wicker, and linen create a warm and welcoming feel in a Cape Cod-style house interior. In addition, organic materials nod to the connection to nature and sustainability. A great way to incorporate this is through plants, décor, and furniture. For example, you can add a wooden coffee table, leather chairs, and a lush plant in the room’s nook. As a result, your home will have a serene ambiance. 

2. Sticking with a Light & Airy Color Scheme

Bright and light-filled Cape Cod decorating style for a bedroom by Jordan S
Bright Cape Cod decorating style for a bedroom by Decorilla designer, Jordan S.

Cape Cod house interiors are generally light and airy. Their color palette showcases the natural coastal landscape. These hues often include muted blues and greens with soft neutrals such as fawn and white. And by adding natural materials, you can add organic sandy hues and rich textures that complement coastal colors. 

3. Using Shiplap in Style

Cape Cod bathroom interior design ideas by Corine M
Cape Cod bathroom interior design ideas by Decorilla designer, Corine M.

To form a Cape Cod interior design, try shiplap or beadboard panels. These consist of horizontal or vertical overlapping wooden planks with rabbet grooves, ensuring they self-space to fit perfectly. This form of wall paneling can add visual depth, texture, and rustic warmth to your interior. They’re versatile and insolating too! Plus, you can use them as accents or on walls to create a cozy cottage-like atmosphere. 

4. Classic & Comfortable Furniture 

Cape Cod style house interior with traditional furniture by Drew F
Cape Cod style house interior by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

Cape Cod interiors have furniture with traditional lines, simple shapes, and a timeless charm. They often feature plush sofas and accent chairs with deep-buttoned cushions. Solid wood is also a favorite, with oak or pine infusing designs with a rustic yet refined appeal. Furniture can encourage the relaxed vibe of a Cape Cod style interior when paired with linen or cotton upholstery. Remember to balance aesthetics with practicality – so pay attention to proportions and scale too. 

5. Amplifying Natural Light

Cape Cod house interiors with big windows and comfy furniture by Lori D
Cape Cod decorating style for one of the house interiors by Decorilla designer, Lori D.

Natural light and lightweight window treatments are key to modern Cape Cod interior design. It’s important to evoke the open, breezy atmosphere of seaside living. You can ensure privacy by opting for light curtains to dress windows. As a result, sunlight will filter through to connect with the outdoors and brighten the room. 

6. Subtle Coastal Elements for a Cape Cod Decorating Style

Cape Cod dining room interior design - Corine
Cape Cod decorating style for a dining room by Decorilla designer, Corine M.

A delightful array of coastal elements dot Cape Cod interior design. Though patterns and nautical references are welcome, the coastal touches are often subdued and minimal. These can include striped patterns, subtle maritime artwork, or wall art resembling barnacles. One or two pretty seashells or coral sculptures can complete the look. That said, it’s essential to strike a balance with these items to avoid overwhelming your Cape Cod-style house interior. 

7. Creating a Coastal Reading Nook

Cape Cod interior design ideas with a cozy window seating area

Even a small Cape Cod house interior can incorporate a reading nook. Here, you can unwind and take in a good book. You only need a window seat with comfortable cushions and a few throws. Use these to show off coastal patterns and colors. In the end, you’ll have a serene haven where you can take in the seaside ambiance. 

8. Embrace Storage Solutions

Modern Cape Cod house interiors by Drew F
One of the modern Cape Cod house interiors by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

All Cape Cod house interiors have a clutter-free and structured yet homely look. This is due to practical storage within the homes. Look for coffee tables with built-in drawers or side tables with ample cabinet space. In addition, rustic ottomans that open up offer a great storage solution for putting away items such as blankets and toys. These also form part of what makes these interiors feel like home.  

9. A Cozy Fireplace

Cape Cod interior design and decorating style for a living room by Dina H
Cape Cod decorating style living room by Decorilla designer, Dina H.

A cozy fireplace enhances the appeal of a Cape Cod decorating style living room. Adding seaside-inspired decor will provide a charming focal point encouraging a warm atmosphere. 

10. Incorporate Subtle Texture

Small Cape Cod house bedroom interior with shiplap by Jessica S
Bedroom with a Cape Cod interior design by Decorilla designer, Jessica S.

Add dimension and interest to your Cape Cod interior design with patterns and textures. Go with motifs inspired by the seaside or textures with natural woven accents. Combined, you’ll create a welcoming, organic vibe with a sense of simplicity. It will also enhance the timeless elegance and relaxed feel of your space. 

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