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Bozeman, MT, offers a wealth of interior design options for those wishing to achieve their dream home. From one-man shows, to well-know agencies, there’s a design firm for any type of project. So if you’re on the hunt for top local talent ready on to see who’s who among the top Bozeman interior designers and decorators!

Interior Design in Bozeman, MT

Cozy cabin living space by Decorilla top Bozeman interior designers
Cozy cabin living space by Decorilla top Bozeman interior designers

Bozeman, Montana, has nothing short of stunning interior design. In fact, this unique destination boasts an impressive mix of modern and rustic vibes. From Tuscan-inspired villas to cozy cabins, a plethora of creatively composed rooms enchants and invites people in. Moreover, using natural materials like stone, wood, and metal is popular due to the availability of local resources. Bozeman interior design trumps trends time after time, tailoring its character to comply with both its environment and climate conditions. 

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Top Bozeman Interior Designers

Living room by Shasta, one of the top Decorilla Bozeman interior designers
Living room by one of the top Decorilla Bozeman interior designers

Utilizing both colorful and neutral elements, interior designers in Bozeman, MT, often craft superiorly harmonious spaces. From rustic cabins to sleek condos, the local scene thrives on taking cues from lavish nature and stunning sceneries. Leveraging nature’s beauty and carefully blending various elements allows Bozeman’s creatives to convey functional beauty, oozing comfort and style.

Abby Hetherington

Abby Hetherington, Bozeman interior designers

Abby Hetherington is a Bozeman interior designer and the head of an eponymous company renowned for its incomparable design approach. Her curated network of architects, builders, and artisans unites in bringing all kinds of clients’ creative ideas to life. As a result, they deliver striking abodes, with unwavering attention to detail applied throughout the installation process. AHI’s remarkable work has been featured in several prominent publications – such as Country Living, Sky Journal, and Cowboys & Indians – showcasing the quality of their unique designs on an international level.

Abby Hetherington, top Bozeman interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: Solid designs that boast a fanciful spirit at the same time.

Decorilla Bozeman Interior Designers

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It’s impossible to talk about Bozeman interior design without mentioning Decorilla interior design. This expert team offers a unique, creative take on transforming your home’s style and atmosphere, raising its functionality to a whole new level at the same time. Using their talents and knowledge, they infuse life into any space, whether it’s all about innovative contemporary decor or traditional solutions that maximize efficiency while preserving original charm.

Living room by top Decorilla interior designers in Bozeman MT, Sarah R
Living room by top Decorilla interior designers in Bozeman, MT

Working with Decorilla interior designers in Bozeman, MT, means enjoying the many advantages of their convenient process. Each client gets the chance to virtually experience a new space before committing to any changes. A comprehensive implementation guide is included in addition to the design solution, and product selections. That being said, the curated shopping list comes with exclusive trade discounts, significantly raising the design package value. A white glove concierge service sweetens the deal further by handling all of the ordering, tracking, and delivery details.

Top Decorilla interior designers in Bozeman MT, master suite by Wanda P
Decorilla master suite interior design in Bozeman, MT

WHAT WE LOVE: Exquisite designs and the unbeatable convenience of hiring Decorilla Bozeman interior designers near you.

Heather Humphrey

Heather Humphrey, Bozeman interior designers

Heather Humphrey is a highly experienced Bozeman interior designer and half of the duo behind the company Alder & Tweed Design Co. She has been creating exceptional spaces for living, relaxation, and recreation since 2010. Meanwhile, her impressive qualifications portfolio includes several different credentials, including a Master of Business Administration from the Marriott School of Business. Heather provides residential as well as hospitality design solutions across diverse markets worldwide, maintaining exceptional quality standards. 

Interior design Bozeman, Heather Humphrey

WHAT WE LOVE: The company’s approach to creating curated luxury “home away from home” experiences for hospitality industry clients. 

Sophia Cok

Sophia Cok, interior design in Bozeman MT

With a passion for textiles, fashion, and travel instilled at an early age, Sophia Cok has always had the innate ability to recognize outstanding design. To further hone her craft, she ventured East in pursuit of a BA in Interior Design, achieving honors as one of ASID’s 20 Under 30 Award recipients in the process. Today, as the owner of Sanctuary Interior Design, she practices interior design in Bozeman, MT, where she continues to create breathtaking spaces blending comfort with high style. Sophia prides herself in maintaining fluid, professional collaborations with outstanding industry professionals, including architects, builders, and contractors.

Sophia Cok, interior designer in Bozeman MT

WHAT WE LOVE: Bespoke interiors accompanied by personal, boutique design experience at the same time.

Debra Shull & Phoebe McEldowney

Debra Shull & Phoebe McEldowney, interior designers in Bozeman MT

With a solid footing in classic architecture and western aesthetics, Haven Interior Design represents the creative harmony of two cultures. One half of Heaven’s dynamic owner duo is Debra Shull, a third-generation Montana native with an academic design background. The other is Phoebe McEldowney from England, whose experience began working at Ralph Lauren while studying interior design. These creative ladies started blending their individual talents back in 2004. Ever since, their versatile combination of influences from both sides of the Atlantic has been conveying truly memorable interiors as a result. 

Debra Shull & Phoebe McEldowney, Bozeman interior designers

WHAT WE LOVE: A harmony achieved through the interplay of designer furnishings, textiles, artwork, and antiques.

Sharon S. Lohss

Bozeman interior designers Sharon S. Lohss

Sharon S. Lohss is a professional Bozeman interior designer with an affinity for merging her clients’ visions with their local landscapes. After graduating from Appalachian State University, she moved out west to make Montana a new home in 1996. Over the course of two decades, Sharon has developed extensive expertise, collaborating with architects, builders, and other industry professionals. All those relationships laid the foundations for a successful career, crowned by founding Shelter Interiors in 2012. 

Sharon S. Lohss, interior design Bozeman

WHAT WE LOVE: Sharon’s creative approach blends landscape, comfort, and art to curate beautiful but also highly functional spaces. 

Lori Garden 

Lori Garden, interior design in Bozeman MT

Bozeman interior designer Lori Garden of Design Republic Interiors applies her distinct “livable luxury” philosophy all across the United States. For over a decade, she has been translating her client’s visions into residential and commercial spaces. Meanwhile, this Florida native finds an inexhaustible source of inspiration in traveling around the globe, from Rome to New York City and Los Angeles. With the unique combination of an international portfolio and localized expertise, Lori specializes in creating lavish interiors filled with character. 

Lori Garden, interior designers in Bozeman MT

WHAT WE LOVE: High-end interiors, simultaneously lavish and livable. 

Rachael Celinski

Rachael Celinski, Bozeman interior designers

The world of interior design in Bozeman, MT, is well-acquainted with the name of Rachael Celinski. As a daughter of a successful architect, she developed a refined sense of aesthetics and creativity from an early age. She followed in his footsteps to become not only an architect but also a renowned interior designer in Bozman, MT. Rachael puts on the table versatile expertise, ranging from technical documentation handling to sourcing the decorative finishing touches. 

Bozeman interior designers Rachael Celinski

WHAT WE LOVE: Creative and timeless designs esteemed not only for beauty but also for exquisite craftsmanship.

Sara Marcille

Sara Marcille, Bozeman interior designers

Mountain Home Collective is an interior design firm in Bozeman focusing on mountain resort residential interior design. It is also an evolution of Sara Marcille’s long-held dream. It embodies her experience gained by working with some of America’s top interior design teams and exploring worldwide showroom exhibitions. From selecting high-end furnishings to decor and accessories, Sara visualizes every piece as a part of a perfect home. 

Sara Marcille, interior design Bozeman

WHAT WE LOVE: Streamlined, solid, but also very cozy mountain homes.

Laura Fedro

Laura Fedro interior design in Bozeman MT

With over three decades of experience in residential and commercial interior design, Laura Fedro has created some truly iconic interiors. Her extensive portfolio includes projects such as Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, The Lodge at Big Sky, and Montana’s State Offices. Sara’s career began in San Francisco and continued through New York City, Connecticut, and Los Angeles. Finally, she settled down in Bozeman in 1992. Being so much on the move allowed her to hone her distinctive style, along with a holistic approach to design as a whole. 

Interior design in Bozeman MT, Laura Fedro

WHAT WE LOVE: Laura’s commitment to creating distinctive and enduring but also highly personalized spaces.

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