Ever wondered how to blend adventure and tranquility into the perfect space for your children? Then don’t miss this transformation story where we explore a practical boy’s bedroom interior design, as well as a whimsical makeover of the adjacent girls’ room. Find out how each layout promises to inspire, entertain, and grow with the family.

The Challenge: Girls’ and Boy’s Bedroom Interior Design

A recent client approached Decorilla for expert kid’s room interior design assistance, seeking a creative solution that would reflect their love for modern, whimsical design. The desire was to create functional, playful, and personalized spaces for their eight-year-old son and two young daughters, aged 19 months and five years. Although inspirational, their boy’s and girls’ room decor ideas needed a practical touch, addressing the unique needs of their children. Hence, the chosen designer had to:

  • Source furniture that complements the modern aesthetic
  • Infuse warmth and character into each layout while maintaining a cohesive look throughout the home
  • Prioritize white elements in the girls’ room and brown or grey for the son’s room
  • Choose artwork and accessories in line with the client’s boy’s and girls’ room design
  • Incorporate existing pieces like the son’s paramount Star Wars light and the daughters’ pink light fixture into the new design

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Design Inspiration: Practical & Playful 

Boy’s bedroom interior design inspiration by Decorilla
Boy’s bedroom interior design inspiration by Decorilla

While envisioning the playful whimsy of their children’s sanctuaries, the client drew inspiration from a creative palette of images bursting with childhood joy. Their ideas for a boy’s room design rendered a space where imagination takes flight, grounded by a tasteful backdrop and a functional setup. The ideal layout should induce desires for adventure and learning, blending in seamlessly a study nook equipped with a sturdy desk and snug shelving.

Girl bedroom interior design inspiration by Decorilla
Girls’ room design inspiration by Decorilla

Similarly, the girls’ room decor ideas were not only functional and stylish but also deeply personal. For their daughters, the client imagined a space that encapsulates the gentleness of a pastel scheme sprinkled with vibrant pops. In general, each room provided in the inspirational gallery reflected the individuality of its occupants, with kids’ room designs that can evolve as functional spaces for growth and creativity.  

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Renata B.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Renata B.

The choice of the designer was as crucial as the design solution itself. Therefore, after considering the playful and functional needs of the rooms, the Decorilla team presented two adept professionals for the task. Each designer was tasked with translating the family’s vision into a palpable design concept that would ultimately bring the rooms to life.

The first designer’s moodboard encapsulated a vibrant world of wonder, incorporating a spectrum of colors and textures to convey a spirited atmosphere. It combined the thrill of childhood with practical, sturdy furniture arrangements punctuated with playful bursts of patterns. 

On the other hand, the second designer offered a moodboard that spoke to the heart of sophisticated whimsy. Her design wove together the functional aspects of kids’ rooms with a thread of enchanting elegance, using a palette that married a streamlined approach with soft pastels.

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer Dragana V.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Dragana V.

When it came time to decide, the client was drawn to the articulate vision of the second designer. While embracing their initial brief of modern whimsy, she also touched upon their unspoken desire for a harmonious balance. On one side, her girls’ and boy’s room design offered a nurturing environment where the children would feel cocooned and secure. On the other, both layouts promised to spark creativity.  

Results Revealed: Playful Boy’s Bedroom Interior Design

Boy’s bedroom interior design by Decorilla
Boy’s bedroom interior design by Decorilla

The boy’s room design is a delightful blend of vibrancy and inspiration, encapsulating a young spirit’s sense of adventure. It’s a subtle nod to the timeless allure of space exploration, embodied above all in the iconic Star Wars theme, thoughtfully integrated into the décor. The choice of a world map (requested by the client) as another key piece adds a splash of color and interest and further signifies the boundless possibilities. This combo is complemented by an array of additional boy’s room decor ideas and accessories, feeling playful but not overwhelming. 

Room transformation by Decorilla

The new room also features a sleek, modern bed that provides a neutral base for the more colorful elements to stand out. A cozy, navy blue bean bag chair meanwhile adds another level of comfort, offering a perfect nook for the proud owner to relax or read.

The format took a lot of creative clues from the existing pieces, such as a Death Star light fixture that was a paramount feature to preserve. On the other side, the setup is grounded with a striped area rug that ties together diverse elements. 

Maximizing Space and Utility

Boy's bedroom interior design by Decorilla
Boy’s bedroom interior design by Decorilla

Functionality meets aesthetics in the carefully selected furnishing for both rooms, making the most of the previously neglected areas. The new shelving offers a mix of practical storage and creative display, housing both necessities and a collection of memorabilia that holds a strong sentimental value.

As a result, the completed space feels properly curated for a child yet adaptable for a maturing character. The color palette of blues, greys, and pops of orange brings that further, maintaining a fresh and energetic vibe while allowing for future personalization.

Dreamy Two-Girl Bedroom Interior Design

Girls' room decor ideas by Decorilla
Whimsical girls’ room layout by Decorilla

The design of the girl’s room is a whimsical retreat that embraces softness, light, and joy. It is a delicate balance of playful elements and practical features, creating a space that is as reflective as it is functional. 

The study area makes a lovely focal point, featuring a shared desk space that encourages collaboration and curiosity. The arrangement is flanked by generous bookshelves, feeling harmonious and aesthetically pleasing while promoting organization skills at the same time.

Girls room transformation by Decorilla

The girls’ room décor ideas are simple yet enchanting. Wall art includes playful animal motifs and whimsical illustrations, fostering a sense of imagination and wonder. Similarly, the shelving system offers abundant display space for personal items and keepsakes. The light fixtures and wall shelves are carefully chosen to complement the room’s serene and airy ambiance, blending soft elegance with vivacious charm.

Girl bedroom interior design by Decorilla
Girl bedroom interior design by Decorilla

The bedroom’s centerpiece, a charming white bunk bed, provides a cozy sleeping area while making the most of the available space. Next to the bed is a daydreaming armchair enveloped by a sheer, flowing canopy that transforms it into a snug haven perfect for reading or relaxing.

An infusion of soft pink tones, from the plush armchair to the chic desk chairs, adds a touch of warmth and femininity to the room. This color is subtly echoed in the striped area rug, adding texture and gentle contrast to the pristine white flooring. 

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Online shopping list with discounts by Decorilla
Online shopping list with discounts by Decorilla

The designer’s scrupulous attention to the intricate details and necessities of the girls’ and boy’s room design left the client astonished. The transition from concept to tangible reality was navigated by realistic 3D renderings for scale and color accuracy, providing a virtual walkthrough of their future spaces. This visual representation was instrumental in clearly envisioning the final setup, allowing for any adjustments before implementation. 

Each item of the carefully selected collection was not just in line with the envisioned aesthetic: it also involved exclusive trade discounts, striking a perfect balance between refinement and budget-friendliness. The client’s feedback was glowing, “Thank you so much! My family loves everything! Sarah R. diligently guided us through choosing from a variety of furniture and accessories, and the outcome is just fantastic.”

Get the Look: Girls’ & Boy’s Room Decor Ideas

Discover the enchanting blend of functionality and whimsy with our curated kids’ room design picks. Use them to create spaces that will spark imagination in your little ones day after day.

Boys and girls room decor top picks by Decorilla
  1. Area Rug
  2. Bean Bag
  3. Kids Lamp
  4. Desk Chair
  5. Storage Basket
  6. Smart Desk
  7. Wall Map
  8. Kids Bed

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