Black-owned brands are making an impact on the home goods scene with stunning products that deliver big on aesthetics! And since creating a bespoke interior requires more than cookie-cutter pieces from national franchises, these companies are a “must-shop”. Read on to explore the top Black-owned furniture companies for chic homeware!

Why You Should Support Black-Owned Furniture Companies & Stores

Black owned furniture companies - Deidre B
Decorilla contemporary lounge featuring pieces from Black-owned furniture companies

While browsing for the best sectional sofas or other furniture and décor, remember to check out Black-owned businesses. Not only do their products make homes look good, but there are other benefits to supporting them.

Pro Tip: Source your furniture and decor from Black-owned brands that match the aesthetic of your home. Not sure what that is? Then, take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to discover your unique decorating style today!

Black owned furniture companies products in a lounge by Sierra G
Eclectic interior by Decorilla with items from black-owned home décor brands

When investing in Black-owned home décor brands, you help:

  • Empower Black communities by celebrating their culture and history, which inspires many products.
  • Fuel entrepreneurship and help close the racial wealth gap.
  • Create new job opportunities. Business owners can hire extra help and, in doing so, uplift the unemployed.
  • Boost local economies. Whether the company specializes in furniture or décor you can help them grow. When a small business does well, so does the regional economy.

1. Jungalow

Black owned furniture companies - Jungalow

Rich colors, patterns, and a general jungle-inspired vibe are what Jungalow is all about. This Black-owned furniture company certainly stands out as one of the top decor companies worldwide. Founded by Justina Blakeney in 2009, it has only grown bigger and better since. When browsing for and buying furniture online from this lifestyle brand, you’re bound to notice the joyful nature of their collection.

Black owned furniture makers products in designs by Sara S
Decorilla eclectic interiors with furnishings from Black-owned furniture stores

WHAT WE LOVE: Jungalow’s collection of limited-edition art prints is especially desirable. The revolving selection is of the highest quality and designed by international artists.

2. The Black Home

Black owned home decor brands - The Black Home

For minimalistic pieces in captivating dark hues, turn to The Black Home. It’s definitely one of the top Black-owned home décor brands in New Jersey. Owner and principal designer Neffi Walker’s creations are not only beautiful but also daring. The store represents the best of artistry and craftsmanship. Each item is lovingly made and meets the highest quality standards.

Black owned furniture stores in interior design - Tiara M
Stylish spaces featuring items from Black-owned furniture makers by Decorilla designer, Tiara M.

WHAT WE LOVE: The Black Home’s décor highlights the beauty of blackness – both the color and culture.

3. Ilé Ilà

Black owned furniture stores - Ilé Ilà

Tosin Oshinowo founded Ilé Ilà (or House of Lines) in 2017 as an outlet to celebrate her Yoruba heritage. Every furnishing comes from Lagos, Nigeria, where it’s carefully handcrafted. That’s why the brand’s chairs, in particular, are among the brightest and boldest of all Black-owned furniture stores. The use of hardwood and West African fabrics certainly set Ilé Ilà’s items apart.

Boho interior design with pieces from Black-owned sofa company by Decorilla designer, Sierra G.

WHAT WE LOVE: Ilé Ilà’s handmade furniture is different, exciting, and authentically African.

4. Albany Park

Black owned sofa company - Albany Park

Finding the perfect couch is notably simpler because of Albany Park. Thanks to owners, Darryl and Jessica Sharpton, the Black-owned sofa company came to be in 2017. The couple had difficulty during their couch shopping experience and decided to make life easier for others.

As a result, their business combats decision-making burnout caused by too many options. Moreover, they offer several stylish designs instead of hundreds of mediocre ones.

Black owned sofa companies
Decorilla modern spaces featuring items from a Black-owned sofa company

WHAT WE LOVE: Albany Park offers free delivery on all orders and comes packaged in space-saving boxes. For this reason, bringing packages into any home is a breeze.

5. Things by HC

Black owned home decor brands - Things by HC

For those who adore house plants and chic ways of displaying them, this is undoubtedly among the Black-owned home décor brands to remember. Things by HC is the brainchild and creative outlet of Hilton Carter. Unique vases and propagation vessels are among the amazing products they stock. Books on styling indoor greenery are also available.

Black owned home decor in the form of greenery included in a design by Aida A
Black-owned home decor in the form of greenery included in a balcony by Decorilla designer, Aida A.

WHAT WE LOVE: Things by HC’s products inspire homeowners to embrace lusher, and thus serener, interiors.

6. 54kibo

Black owned furniture stores 54kibo

Like popular retailers, online Black-owned furniture stores also have plenty to offer. It certainly is the case with the home goods store, 54kibo, which sells handcrafted items for every space. Any interior can benefit from its modern, handcrafted furnishings. These afro-centric pieces suit many decor styles, from bohemian and coastal to farmhouse.

Black-Owned Furniture Companies & Home Décor
Casual spaces by Decorilla with elements from Black-owned furniture makers

WHAT WE LOVE: 54kibo follows eco-friendly and sustainable business practices. It further enhances an already feel-good shopping experience.

7. Dressing Rooms Interiors Studio

Black owned furniture stores - Dressing Rooms Interiors

Some Black-owned furniture stores have both an online and physical presence. One such stunning shop is Dressing Rooms Interiors Studio. They boast a range of items ideal for soulful, maximalist spaces. Shopping at owner Ariene Bethea’s studio is a significantly positive experience. That’s because it also follows green business practices. Pre-loved furniture and décor receive makeovers and get to shine again in new homes.

Black owned furniture makers' designs in a dining room by Sierra G
Eclectic dining room by Decorilla with products from Black-owned furniture makers

WHAT WE LOVE: Dressing Rooms Interiors Studio’s vintage lifestyle pieces help to create storied interiors.

8. Marie Burgos Collection

Black owned furniture companies - Marie Burgos Collection

When it comes to Black-owned furniture companies with bold style, Marie Burgos Collection is a top contender. The eponymous founder looks to her Martinican heritage for design inspiration. She also appreciates mid-century modern furniture, and it’s evident in her sleek designs. The resulting bespoke creations are unlike others and infuse spaces with harmony, luxury, and comfort.

Black owned home decor brands used in a bedroom by Deidre B
Bedroom with elements from Black-owned furniture companies by Decorilla designer, Deidre B.

WHAT WE LOVE: The Marie Burgos Collection’s furniture and décor perfectly suit modern living. Yet they pay tribute to the sophistication of an earlier period too.

9. AphroChic

Black owned home decor store - AphroChic

Husband and wife duo Bryan Mason and Jeanine Hays started AphroChic in 2007. What began as a blog soon became an interior and product design venture. The brand is deeply committed to exploring contemporary design in the African American context. It’s no wonder it’s seen as one of the best Black-owned home décor brands today.

Decorilla luxe living with elements from Black-owned furniture stores

WHAT WE LOVE: AphroChic is the envy of all furniture makers and offers pieces that echo the diversity of the Black community. Their items celebrate the history and culture of Black individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Buy and Save From Black-owned Furniture Companies!

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[Feature image: Forbes Masters]

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