Beautiful rooftop patio design with a firepit

There is something about a beautiful rooftop patio design that just takes your breath away. But how do you transform an empty, colorless space into a modern patio design perfect for entertaining? This recent client decided to get started with an online interior design service and the result is a luxe Scandinavian escape. Read on to find out more!

The Challenge: A Rooftop Patio Design Online

The client wanted to create a rooftop patio design in time for his housewarming. However, the existing space was bare and exposed to the elements. Decorilla’s interior designers know what a patio needs, but had to overcome a few specific challenges in this project. The designer had to:

  • Include design elements that increase the rooftop patio’s privacy
  • Transform the bland, empty rooftop into an inviting and cozy outdoor area perfect for sunset gazing and socializing with friends
  • Ensure the online patio design contains durable and weatherproof outdoor furniture
  • Add hardy greenery that will survive all the seasons, like faux plants
  • Come up with a solution to shelter the patio from the wet Seattle weather

The Inspiration: Scandinavian & Modern Patio Designs

scandinavian rooftop patio design inspiration

Although the client was unsure about what he wanted his patio to look like, he knew it needed plenty of comfy seating for his friends. Warm, cozy, and modern patio designs caught the client’s attention. His inspiration gallery was nature-inspired, streamlined, and inviting. These interiors exude a welcoming, relaxed air – ideal for landowners.

Two black canopies cover living and dining areas of a modern rooftop patio design
Scandinavian rooftop patio design – Decorilla 3D rendering

With proposals from two interior designers, the client was spoilt for choice. In the end, he chose what suited him best. The client chose to work with Sarah M., the designer who previously completed his dining room design he thought was amazing. For this project, Sarah suggested a monochromatic color scheme in line with the client’s Pinterest board.

Her mood board consisted of elegant furniture and fun additions like string lights and Art Deco-inspired yard games. Two separate canopies would ensure the lounge and dining area are practical and comfortable throughout the year. And in addition to the client’s firepit, a heat lamp will keep guests warm in the coolest months.

The Rooftop Patio Design Online Result

A magical Scandinavian rooftop patio design with fairy lights
Scandinavian rooftop patio design – Decorilla 3D rendering

At the heart of the design, a polished lounge set surrounds a modern firepit. The contemporary woven loungers, with their golden frames, are slightly turned towards the center of the rooftop. This positioning addresses a challenge the client was concerned about. Fortunately, the final design is cozy yet spacious. Thanks to a layout that encourages interaction, entertaining will be a breeze.

The unique checkered flooring was one thing that had to stay. Now the once quirky floor is what pulls the design together. And paired with contemporary furniture the rooftop becomes an elegant escape – perfect for sundowners.

Not sure where to start with creating your own rooftop oasis? Schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation to get started today!

The rooftop patio design's online mood board
Decorilla Scandinavian rooftop patio moodboard

Two black canopies not only act as a shelter from the rain but also help to create two distinct living areas. Dining and lounge areas may be separate, but the clever layout makes it feel much more like a shared space. The comfy contemporary lounge set faces the dining table as well as the open barbeque area. On rainy days the grill can easily move in next to the dining table. Underneath the canopies, the warm glow from string lights will also keep the party going.

Green privacy fencing makes the Scandinavian patio design feel tucked away and secluded. Although faux, it gives an air of whimsy, almost like it is part of a hidden garden. Enhancing that look, even more, is the potted greenery which also contrasts with the monochromatic color scheme. By adding terrace ideas, such as string lights and a wood dining table, the rooftop becomes warm and inviting. Lastly, final touches, like striped throw pillows, uplift the overall aesthetic.

Before The Change

Rooftop before the patio design online
Online patio design – before photo

At first, the rooftop patio was a blank canvas with a unique floor. It lacked privacy, furniture, and personality above all else. Luckily, with the guidance of a professional interior designer and her online patio design, the rooftop turned into one of the dreamiest outdoor escapes. Now the client and his loved ones can kick back  in style.

Outdoor dining area created for an online patio design
Online patio design – Decorilla 3D rendering – After

The Rooftop Patio Design: Online Shopping List

The shopping list for the modern rooftop design
Decorilla online shopping list for the patio design

Each finalized online interior design comes with a curated shopping list – complete with Decorilla designer discounts! The Scandinavian rooftop patio design started as an online project but transformed a real home. In the end, the designer gave the client the space that suited him best. And by using the 3D rendering, comprehensive shopping list, and design assistance, the client could finally bring his online rooftop patio design to life.

Shop the Scandinavian Rooftop Design

One thing luxurious outdoor spaces have in common is elegant seating. Anything that follows, builds on this base. So if you want to create a Scandinavian patio design at home, make sure you have comfy seating. And in using our top picks as a guide, you’ll be well on your way to having your own luxury retreat.

Scandinavian patio design top picks to create the look
  1. Outdoor curtains
  2. Outdoor rug
  3. Contemporary firepit
  4. White planters
  5. String lights
  6. Sectional sofa

Design Your Own Modern Rooftop Patio Design

This once dull and drab rooftop patio transformed into an inviting personal retreat only a flight of stairs away. Online assistance and 3D renderings helped the client to fully visualize what their dream home could look like. Ready to see what your rooftop patio could become? Schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation and get started today!

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