Ever struggle to make a new house feel like home? Balancing existing surroundings, while incorporating your valuable possessions can pose quite the challenge. Which is exactly why a recent client sought expert help. They wanted to create a style that was unequivocally theirs and daringly new. Read on to see the amazing transformation of this vintage eclectic living room with a Victorian flair!

The Challenge: A Vintage Living Room in Modern Times

Having moved into a Victorian home near the beachfront, the client had a lot to work with and felt inspired by both the vintage and contemporary possibilities of their home. Considering the existing elements of their Victorian home, the client decided to modernize with a blend of vintage and eclectic designs. However, curating a vintage eclectic living room with taste and confidence is no simple task. These are some of the challenges the designer had to address:

  • Design an eclectic interior in harmony with the period aspects of the surrounding rooms
  • Find a balance between a formal and casual family atmosphere 
  • Accommodate pets and kids in the choice of eclectic furniture and décor and by avoiding furniture with woven upholstery
  • Make use of an existing modern artwork
  • Stick to a color palette that includes colonial blue

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The Inspiration: Eclectic Living Room Décor & Furniture

vintage eclectic living room inspiration

A sure way to spruce up a vintage living room design is to go all-out eclectic. Not only is it an opportunity to showcase those seemingly out-of-place items in your basement, but it also gives you a chance to play with bolder colors, textures, and artworks. The client gravitated towards dark walls, specifically colonial blue which naturally leans towards a comfortable yet lofty feel. A moody hue works perfectly in a Victorian setting as well as an eclectic one. 

The Vintage Eclectic Living Room Design and Mood Board

eclectic living room with a tan, teal and blue color scheme
Vintage living room reveal – Decorilla 3D rendering

There were a few specific changes that the client wanted for their vintage eclectic living room including a change in drapes, wallpaper, and a reimagining of how the room flows into the foyer. Aside from these express desires, the designers received a blank slate. As with every Decorilla project, the client received two proposals from two designers but it was Casey’s concept the client fell in love with instantly. 

To respect the home’s Victorian architecture, Casey focused on paint color, a classic French door installation, and eclectic living room furniture that goes with some of the vintage decor. She also considered textures that wouldn’t be ruined by the client’s pets and be comfortable enough for quiet evenings with the family at home.

vintage eclectic living room mood board
Decorilla eclectic living room mood board 

Keeping to the client’s inspiration and pre-conditions, Casey chose blue hues ranging from electric blue walls to the calming pale teal rug. To balance the cool colors, dashes of natural browns and metallic finishes feature in accents. The beauty of this mix between vintage and eclectic living room decor is the freedom in using seemingly clashing items, such as the scatter cushions and placing them symmetrically in the space to create an unpredictable sense of harmony. The dual function of the room was important to the client, so Casey chose furniture to reflect a casual and fun-filled atmosphere.

The Vintage Eclectic Living Room Result

vintage living room with eclectic living room decor
Eclectic living room result – Decorilla 3D rendering

Bold color, décor, and furniture combined with Victorian architecture make a memorable final design. What’s more, wainscoting and a bold moody blue on the exposed walls emphasize the classical high ceilings. With the white paneled bottom edge, the cool teal of the furniture stands out more. It also lends some satisfying asymmetry to the room. 

The white ceiling-to-floor drapes create the illusion of even more space, while the fine wooden blinds add an organic element that matches the flooring. With the glass and metallic features, light bounces around the room effortlessly, providing multiple sources of soft illumination.

Eclectic Living Room Decor and Furniture 

vintage living room with eclectic living room furniture
Vintage eclectic living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

To accentuate the classy French doors, the designer chose two modern art pieces to frame them. One of which the client previously battled to find a place for. Additionally, a large, modern chandelier further uplifts the grandeur of this vintage living room. The leather couch, a favorite of the client, works well with the original wooden floors, complementing the warm amber hue. The leopard print scatter cushions are also the perfect example of eclectic living room decor at play. 

A strong blue vintage decor cabinet, eloquently placed, functions as both a focal piece as well as a center for games and puzzles. To further this function, the glass coffee table serves as a perfect puzzle-building surface. The vintage eclectic living room, while ultra-trendy, is certainly made for a family. For instance, the overall room layout is such that the seating is close-knit for quality family time, but overall spacious enough for intimate social gatherings too. 

vintage eclectic living room with dark blue walls
Vintage eclectic living room result – Decorilla 3D rendering

With gold finishes on the glass coffee and side tables, the balance between eclectic and vintage is accomplished. Additionally, faux plants, some sizable table lamps, and, true to any vintage eclectic living room, and a small chess table by the window brings the room together as final touches. In short, the room is one for play, contemplation, and conversation.

The Online Vintage Eclectic Living Room Decor Shopping List 

Online interior shopping list for a vintage living room
Decorilla online shopping list

For many, remodeling happens bit by bit rather than in one grand sweep. And with an online interior design service, like Decorilla you can complete the project at your own pace. With Decorilla’s online shopping list, the client has access to exclusive discounts on eclectic living room furniture, vintage living room decor, and everything in between. This also comes with guidelines and tips on implementing the design at home. 

Design Your Vintage Eclectic Living Room

Once again, curating a mix of styles requires consideration and a playful attitude. Use this simple shopping guide to get your imagination rolling. Start small and let the momentum carry you through your eclectic living room design.

Vintage eclectic living room furniture and decor top picks
  1. Glass Chandelier
  2. Artwork
  3. Decorative Pillows
  4. Blue Rug
  5. Console Table
  6. Leather Sofa

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