Contemporary bedroom design online before and after by Decorilla

Are you familiar with unusual room shapes and how difficult they can be to work with? Still, a skillful design can transform virtually any strange base into a unique, functional layout. This was exactly the challenge of this contemporary bedroom design online, and the end result definitely speaks for itself!

The Challenge: Contemporary Bedroom Design

The starting point for this project was a master bedroom design in the Cayman Islands, with a great outside view and lots of natural light. But this lovely setup came with a few challenges to solve:

  • Working around the strange shape of the floor plan
  • Designing a contemporary bedroom online
  • Highlighting the natural brightness of the room, which was feeling dark despite having big windows
  • Incorporating a seating area

Design Inspiration: Contemporary Bedrooms

Contemporary bedroom design online with plenty of natural wood by Decorilla
Contemporary bedroom with plenty of natural wood, by Decorilla

Brightening up the layout was the clients’ top priority for their contemporary bedroom design project. Their inspiration gallery, with images collected from the best interior design websites around, clearly communicated such desire. Abundant natural light enhanced each room’s openness, creating a serene atmosphere.

Contemporary bedroom design with blue accents by Decorilla
Contemporary bedroom design with blue accents, by Decorilla

Rich wood and navy accents stood out beautifully in those airy spaces. In addition, sleek, modern furniture with organic materials established a balance perfect for relaxation. Rich contrasts complemented the organic flair, infusing a sense of grounded tranquility.

Initial Concepts: Finding the Right Designer

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

The client completed Decorilla’s design questionnaire, marking the official start of the project. Guided by the gallery and the answers provided, the Decorilla team then proposed two standout designers: Michelle B. and Tiara M., both known for their distinctive styles and expertise.

Michelle B. envisioned a natural chic bedroom with boho influences. Her moodboard emphasized neutral tones, rich textures, and gold accents.

Conversely, Tiara M. offered a more subdued boho glam design that married natural elements with a touch of luxury. Her concept featured deep navy accents, warm wood finishes, and eclectic art pieces.

Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Tiara M.
Preliminary proposal by Decorilla designer, Tiara M.

The design, also highlighted by brass details and layered textiles, promised a bold look that radiated personality.

In the end, the client was drawn to Tiara’s vision. They moved the project forward, resulting in a unique master bedroom interior design.

Results Revealed: Contemporary Bedroom Design

Interior design advice and solution for a bedroom, by Decorilla
Interior design solution for a bedroom, by Decorilla

Looking at this finished contemporary bedroom, it becomes apparent that the awkward floor plan is definitely not an obstacle anymore. Instead, Tiara used it to her advantage, providing expert interior design advice and thoughtful solutions.

Contemporary bedroom before and after online design by Decorilla
Contemporary bedroom before and after design by Decorilla

It’s no wonder the client selected all bright bedrooms as inspirations. Their existing dark furniture was making the whole room feel somehow gloomy. Moreover, although the existing furniture was all a part of a set, it still rendered a disjointed aesthetic.

Striking the Perfect Balance

If we had to use one single word to describe the result, it would be balance. The achievement is astonishing, considering this space’s strange floor plan! Hanging the same long curtains on all three openings disguised the different window shapes with respect to the French door—a detail particularly evident given the orientation of the walls. Moreover, since all artworks are similar in size and hung at the same height, they actually help the eye to travel across the room.

Bedroom design inspiration by Decorilla
Bedroom design by Decorilla

Choosing floor-to-ceiling curtains also contributes to visually enlarging the room. All walls are painted in a very light beige color (Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore), which is just enough to bounce light and illuminate the ambiance. In addition, the organic-shaped mirror placed over the dresser reflects it even more.

Contemporary bedroom design online by Decorilla
Contemporary bedroom design by Decorilla

The furniture chosen by the designer is an interesting mix of bohemian and contemporary elements. The irregular texture of the bedhead combines with a similar reclaimed-wood dresser, while two rustic side tables add yet another organic touch.

The narrower end of the bedroom accommodates a cozy reading corner. The color scheme is tied together with a blue armchair, which also gives this nook a distinct character. Next to it, the dresser adds storage and provides a surface to display accessories that add to the boho-glam vibe.

Design Details: Sourcing the Perfect Pieces

Shopping list by Decorilla
Shopping list by Decorilla

While creating this contemporary bedroom design online, Tiara made sure her professional interior design advice aligned with the client’s vision. She carefully sourced each piece of furniture and decor to achieve the desired effect. Utilizing Decorilla’s access to exclusive trade discounts also helped her seamlessly blend style and cost-effectiveness while adhering to the project’s timeline.

The client expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the efforts and the overall transformation. They shared: “Thank you so much for everything. We all love our home! The kids are excited and we are so thankful. Loved this experience!”

Get the Look: Bedroom Design Inspiration

Creating a stylish yet serene contemporary bedroom involves blending comfort with visual appeal. Check out our top decor picks to elevate the overall design.

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  4. Organic shaped mirror

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