contemporary bedroom design online
It’s no secret that rooms with unusual shapes are harder to work with. But a skillful design can transform a strange shape in a quality, making every space unique. This was exactly the challenge of this contemporary bedroom design online, and the end result definitely speaks for itself!


The starting point for this project was a master bedroom in the Cayman Islands, with a great outside view and lots of natural light. But this lovely setup came with few challenges to solve:

  • Working around the strange shape of the floor plan.
  • Highlighting the natural brightness to the room, which was feeling dark despite having big windows.
  • Incorporating a seating area.


Contemporary Bedroom Design_Inspo

The clients’ top priority for their master bedroom was definitely natural light. Their existing dark furniture was making the whole room feel somehow gloomy and this had to change. It’s no wonder then that they selected all bright bedrooms as inspirations. Warm textures and neutral colors were also common to all inspirations and this gave the designers a good starting point.

Providing the designer with images of inspiring rooms is essential to any quality interior design advice. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and few images can really help clarifying what you are looking for.


Contemporary Bedroom Design_final1
Decorilla 3D rendering – Contemporary bedroom

If there is one thing that stands out in the after picture is the balance in this room, which is striking if we think at the strange floor plan of this space!
Hanging the same long curtains on all three openings is crucial. What this does is disguising the different shape of the windows with respect to the French door (a detail that was particularly evident given the orientation of the walls). Choosing floor-to-ceiling curtains is also helpful and visually enlarges the room. All walls are painted in a very light beige color (Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore), which is just enough to give warmth to the ambiance. An organic-shaped mirror placed over the dresser reflects the light, making the room even brighter.

Contemporary Bedroom Design_before
Before pictures – Contemporary bedroom


Contemporary Bedroom Design_moodboard
Decorilla moodboard – Contemporary bedroom

The furniture chosen by Decorilla designer Tiara is an interesting mix of bohemian and contemporary elements. The irregular texture of the bedhead combines with a similar reclaimed-wood dresser and two rustic side tables add another touch of wood. But actually, every single item in this space brings in a new layer of texture and looking at this room is a constant discovery!


Contemporary Bedroom Design_final2
Decorilla 3D rendering – Contemporary bedroom

Looking at this finished contemporary bedroom design, it’s safe to say that the awkward floor plan is definitely not an obstacle anymore. Instead, Tiara used it to her advantage to create a unique design!

Contemporary Bedroom Design_floorplan
Decorilla – Floor plan

A king size bed is the biggest item in the room and its position has remained unchanged to still allow the clients’ to enjoy their beautiful view to the garden. The narrower end of the room creates a sort of nook that is perfect for a cozy reading corner. Next to it, the dresser adds storage and provides a surface to display some accessories that add to the boho-glam vibe of the space. The color palette is overall neutral and the warm – almost golden –wood tones are balanced with blue accents. The color scheme is tied together with a blue armchair, that also gives a distinct character to the reading nook.

As a general rule, hanging artworks on each wall wouldn’t be the best idea in this case. The risk would be to draw the attention to each wall individually, highlighting the odd shape of the room. But since all artworks are similar in size and hung at the same height, they actually help the eye to travel across the room and make it feel bigger.


Contemporary Bedroom Design_TopPicks
  1. Brass leaf figurine
  2. Solid wood side table
  3. Contemporary brass lamp
  4. Organic shaped mirror

This before & after is the ideal example to prove that there really are no impossible projects!
Do you also have an awkwardly shaped-room at home that is giving you a hard time? If you do, or if in general you’d love to remodel your home at an affordable price while getting quality results, start with a free interior design consultation with Decorilla today! And when designing is done, Decorilla team will also help with orders and tracking, making the whole process even smoother!

[Images: Decorilla designs and 1, 2, 3]

Written by Decorilla designer Silvia C.