Game rooms are often forgotten spaces when it comes to style. Hidden in the basement, they tend to become a cluttered mix of cords and stuff. This was exactly the problem faced in this projects. The clients instead wanted their game room design to be inspiring and neatly organized; that’s why they asked Decorilla’s help and the result is definitely stunning!


Activity and game rooms are full of stuff by definition, and it’s important to keep this into account in the design. In particular, the challenges of this project were:

  • Incorporating several functional areas (music, playing and hanging out) in a relatively small space.
  • Finding a neat and stylish way to store all musical instruments.
  • Creating an overall inspiring and inviting space.



Having a preference for masculine interiors, the clients selected all game room layout ideas in a distinct industrial style. Rough wood, black metal and leather were therefore the starting points used by the designers to create a first design proposal.
Even though it is undoubtedly handy, it is not necessary for clients to have such a clear style idea at the beginning of a project. Choosing inspiration pictures should actually be a very spontaneous thing. In practice, you just need to look for room designs that resemble what you would love to see in your home. Further discussions with your designer will then help to clarify exactly which direction to take for your specific project.


Decorilla 3D Rendering – Game room interior design

In the initial proposal, the designer Tera S. designed three communicating areas in the space. Besides an area for playing and one for music, a lounging area creates an inviting corner to watch people perform or just hang out.

Decorilla Game Room Moodboard

The leather couch and pendant lights that the client already owned fit perfectly in the overall industrial design. A neutral color palette creates the perfect backdrop and a paneled wood wall makes for a stunning focal point. Additionally, the ceiling is enriched with faux beams, and the same wood frames all doors and windows. These details are not particularly complex to achieve, but they make a giant difference in the overall design. Adding character to previously anonymous elements, they add the final touch to the space and create a beautiful bespoke result!


Decorilla 3D Rendering Game Room

Looking at the final result, it’s safe to say that this game room design turned out functional, neat and definitely inspiring.
When entering the room, two game tables create a playing area, that is labelled with metal letters writing the word “play” on the wall; such a funny way of adding art! Right behind the game tables is the lounging corner. It’s a small area, but still big enough to fit stools, a bar table and a spacious couch. Finally, on the side of the couch, is the music corner. Storing piano, drums and guitars close to each other is a great strategy to give a more organized feeling to the room. Also, hanging the guitars on the wall is a very clever solution as it saves floor space while decorating the wall. The cherry on the cake is the “music” writing on the wall, that adds to the industrial look and labels the area at the same time.

Decorilla Game Room Shopping List
Game Room Before Photo

To finish off the space, the designer has chosen a wallpaper that looks like corrugated metal. She has used it to create an eye-catching molding on the wall, which contributes to the bespoke design without adding up much to the budget. The same wallpaper is also used to cover the built-in table at the corner of the room. Another inexpensive strategy to pull the design together!

Decorilla 3D Rendering Game Room Interior Design


  1. Bar table
  2. Corrugated metal wallpaper
  3. Metal stool
  4. Metal letters
  5. Leather couch

If there’s one thing that this project shows very well, is that you don’t need a huge budget to get a gorgeous bespoke design! A professional designer can also work with inexpensive materials and turn them into a fabulous design!

So, if you also want to bring your dream home to life but you don’t want to break the bank, schedule a free interior design consultation with Decorilla and get started today!

Written by Decorilla designer Silvia C.

[Images 1, Decorilla designer Tera S. ]