Modern kitchen design

Kitchens and bathrooms use a lot of the same materials, so why not follow the same visual aesthetic between the two spaces? By choosing matching materials and finishes for both rooms, you can create a unique flair flowing seamlessly from one area to the other. Recently, a Decorilla designer took on the challenge of a modern kitchen design, followed by three luxury modern bathrooms, to bring in a more consistent feel. Read on to see the stunning result!

The Challenge: Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Undergoing a complete gut renovation of their kitchen, recent clients came to Decorilla with a particular vision in mind. They envisioned a modern, luxurious space that would feel warm and inviting at the same time. However, the modern kitchen design was only a part of the project. There was also a bathroom, or, better said—three of them. The list of requirements was lengthy and required the designer to:

  • Create a beautiful and functional modern style throughout the spaces
  • Assemble a spacious and modern luxury kitchen, perfect for cooking parties 
  • Keep the design clean and minimal
  • Utilize plenty of sleek surfaces paired with warm wood accents
  • Come up with a modern master bathroom and two smaller bathroom ideas, making them luxurious and comfortable

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Luxury Modern Bathrooms & Kitchen Ideas & Inspiration

Sleek modern kitchen and bathroom design inspiration board

When designing a luxury kitchen, it’s important to consider equal measures of style and function. Keeping the design clean and simple makes it easy to achieve a sleek and sophisticated look that will stand the test of time. Meanwhile, for a genuinely fashionable yet practical space, a minimalist approach is often the best way to go. And that was exactly what the clients were looking for. Their inspirational image gallery displayed all staples of streamlined, modern minimalism. Despite a few embellishments and decorative elements, a sharp focus on creating a functional layout was more than apparent. 

Modern Kitchen Design and Moodboard

Modern kitchen design render by Decorilla
Modern kitchen design render by Decorilla

Once the clients’ ideas were clear, completing the rest of the interior design process took no effort at all. The answers in Decorilla’s quick and easy online questionnaire cemented their design vision, so finding the right designers for the project was a breeze. After receiving an elaborate moodboard from each designer the next step was choosing the one who best portrayed their vision. In the end, the clients decided to continue with Drew F

Decorilla modern kitchen design mood board
Decorilla modern kitchen design moodboard

Drew’s moodboard reflected all clients’ aspirations in its sleek yet simple composition. Rooted in a neutral color palette and clean lines, it maintained visual interest with several meticulously curated accents. Wooden elements juxtaposed with the silver coolness of modern appliances, capturing the initial idea of “minimal but inviting” in all its glory. 

Modern Luxury Kitchen

Modern kitchen design ideas by Decorilla
Modern kitchen design ideas by Decorilla

The focal point of the new kitchen became the massive island covered in elegant white stone. A gorgeous waterfall edge at the sides of the island made the design pop, anchoring it at the same time. The island was paired with beautiful black bar stools, providing a balancing contrast with their lightweight, streamlined form. Above the island, a trio of pendants complemented the arrangement, blended but still eye-catching with their chic appeal. 

Modern luxury kitchen render by Decorilla
Modern luxury kitchen rendering by Decorilla

Parallel to the island extended a long line of wooden cabinets equipped with a stove top and ample work surface. The absence of visible hardware accentuated the minimal appeal, leaving all communication to the rich wooden texture. Speaking of the texture, the choice of continuing the marble countertops ups the walls as a backsplash elevated the luxurious element of the story to a whole different level.

The end result was a beautiful minimalist kitchen showcasing high-end finishes above all. Italian marble, custom cabinets in a rich wood stain, and wide-plank hardwood flooring perfectly reflected the clients’ wishes and style.

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern master bathroom design by Decorilla
Modern master bathroom design by Decorilla

This project also required creating a minimalist luxury master bathroom with a spa-like feel. The clients wanted a clean and serene space focused on functionality and relaxation, and the designer delivered. In addition, the abundance of storage and free surface promoted the idea of clutter-free space, without any unnecessary items. Similarly to the kitchen, the chosen background was neutral, with wood texture as the only dynamic element. 

Luxury modern bathrooms by Decorilla
Luxury modern bathrooms by Decorilla

The base of the modern master bathroom ideas was the calming white hue, combined with curated modern bathroom tiling. On one side, it confronted the dark grey accent wall, while the other maintained balance with pale marble tiles. The bright, airy, minimalist luxury master bathroom flair achieved as a result became a perfect canvas for sharp black accents in the mirrors and fixtures. 

Modern Master Bathroom Ideas

Modern master bathroom ideas by Decorilla
Modern master bathroom ideas by Decorilla

The combination of a freestanding bathtub with a sleek walk-in shower was the star of the show. Divided yet connected with a glass screen, this zone became as attractive as it was functional. It allowed a herringbone tile pattern in 50 shades of grey to shine in full glory, providing the right amount of visual interest. All other accents were kept strictly functional but decorative enough by their design alone. 

Modern bathroom tiling ideas by Decorilla
Modern bathroom tiling ideas by Decorilla

The freestanding tub was placed in front of the screen, feeling like a window with a view. The shower design followed the rest of the minimalist story, leaving only sleek black fixtures visible.

Luxury Modern Bathrooms for Guests

Small modern bathroom ideas by Decorilla
Small modern bathroom ideas by Decorilla

In terms of fixtures, the guest bathroom comprised a toilet, a single sink vanity, and a large walk-in shower. Again, the design was sleek and modern, keeping up with the space’s overall aesthetic. Curated modern bathroom decorations helped to achieve an inviting feel, reflected in fluffy white towels, scent diffusers, and a beautiful piece of art on the wall. The result was a successful composition of small modern bathroom ideas, composing a small luxe spa retreat for guests.

Small Modern Bathroom Ideas for Powder Room

Small modern bathroom ideas and layouts by Decorilla
Small modern bathroom ideas and layouts by Decorilla

Finally, the same clean, luxurious, and minimal aesthetic extended to the smallest space in the bunch, the powder room. This bathroom was tall and narrow, with just enough space for the small sink next to the door clearance. Drew’s layout made the most of the available space, with furniture and fixtures still placed in a functional and aesthetic manner. Contrasting wooden and black marble walls highlighted the modern bathroom design, while the backlit LED mirror put the finishing touch on the space.

Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Design Shopping List

Modern kitchen design shopping list and color palette
Modern kitchen design shopping list and color palette by Decorilla

Every Decorilla design package offers much more than stunning designs. To mention just a few benefits, you can expect photorealistic 3D visualizations, a personalized shopping list with exclusive trade discounts, and a white glove concierge service to handle all the details of ordering and delivery. 

Modern Master Bathroom Top Picks

Upgrade your bathroom into a modern master retreat by swapping out some fixtures and decor. Check out our favorite picks from this project to get some ideas of your own. 

Modern bathroom decorations top picks
  1. Bathroom Vanity
  2. Metal Wall Mirror
  3. LED Wall Sconce
  4. Light Silver Porcelain Tile
  5. Freestanding Bathtub 
  6. Bathroom Hardware Set
  7. Chevron Grey Porcelain Tile
  8. Floor Mounted Tub Faucet
  9. Matte Porcelain Floor Tile

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