Beautiful rustic interior design for living room

Rustic home interior design brings about a sense of no-fuss relaxation, but pulling off the look can be trickier than expected. There’s an art to achieving the perfect blend of ruggedness that still accounts for the creature comforts of today. For that exact reason, new homeowners reached out to Decorilla to help them bring their dream home to life. Read on to see the charming rustic home interior for yourself!

The Challenge: Rustic Home Interior Design

Creating a rustic interior design comes with its own set of challenges. While the talented Decorilla designers were well prepared for it, they still had to address the following concerns –

  • Transform the facade of the house completely using exposed brick and simple columns
  • Ensure that hardwood furnishings in the entire house were stylish and consistent
  • Work on an efficient open floor plan that maximizes the space
  • Provide ample vertical storage to get a clean and organized look
  • Use typical rustic interior design elements including a wooden ceiling and stonework to achieve a lodge style living room

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The Inspiration: Rustic Home Interior Design

Rustic home interior moodboard

From the inspiration images shared by the clients, it was clear that they wanted rustic interior decor. They sought a country style bedroom with wooden beams to add to the rustic charm. In addition, the inspiration images included rooms with exposed stonework to bring in more organic elements. Most importantly, the clients wanted a mix of modern furnishings the would deliver comfort along with timeless elements to complement the whole design.

The Rustic Home Interior Moodboard and Design

Lodge style living room with fireplace
Lodge style living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

After the client design briefing, two creative designers from Decorilla sent their concepts for the open living and dining room. Both the designers provided rustic interior decor ideas for the home that clients were looking for. However, Liana’s design moodboard appealed to the clients the most and they fell in love with the design instantly. She created a space that was warm and welcoming using wooden elements to provide a comfort to the space. In addition, the grey hues suggested throughout provide elegance to the rustic home interior design. Lastly, the cottage-style accessories and lighting pendants elevated the design style even more.

Rustic interior decor moodboard
Decorilla rustic interior design – Living room mood board

After being chosen as the preferred designer, Liana set out to complete the designs of the additional rooms in the house. She sought to carry out the elements and color palette of the opening living room into the rest of the space for one cohesive look throughout the entire home.

The Rustic Home Interior Design: Living Room Result

Simple rustic home interior
Rustic home interior for Living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

For the living room design, Liana, the online interior design expert, used a mix of beige and grey hues. Firstly, the neutral tone sofa acts as a perfect canvas to use cozy cushions of all different kinds. Secondly, the fireplace tucked in an exposed stone wall acts as a perfect accent to the rustic decor. Lastly, the accents of wood in the ceiling, tables and other places create a perfectly charming rustic interior.

Warm and welcoming rustic interior decor in living area
Rustic home interior for Living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the end, the lodge-style living room is an example of pure beauty and authentic features. The open floor plan perfectly combines the two areas of the living room and dining area. In addition, raw wooden accent pieces such as the console and side tables further enhance the unrefined rustic interior decor. For the dining room, more natural wooden furniture is punctuated with chic accessories. As a result, the entire space looks extremely comforting.

The Rustic Home Interior Design: Bedroom Result

Stylish country style bedroom
Rustic interior design for bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The country style bedroom is a true rustic sanctuary. The slanted wooden roof brings a lodge style feel in an otherwise simple room. A traditional wooden bed with inviting beige upholstery will welcome a good night’s sleep. To achieve a stylish look, the designer used a soft blue-grey paint on one wall which looks spectacular against the headboard.

Beautiful rustic interior decor in bedroom
Rustic interior design for bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The space planning of a country-style bedroom is done seamlessly to utilize every inch. All the furniture used in the bedroom feature wooden finishes that creates a nice harmony among all the elements of the room. Yet, there’s ample space between the pieces for a functional practicality. Moreover, the two accent chairs in the corner add a cozy space for reading or lounging. As a final touch, two bookshelves were added on one wall to increase the storage area.

The Rustic Home Interior Design: Kitchen Result

Beautiful rustic kitchen design
Rustic interior decor for kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

For the rustic kitchen design, the clients wanted to reuse their old wooden hutch but they were unsure of the perfect placement for it. However, with this new non-conventional layout the kitchen looked on-point! To achieve that rustic look, the designer used a number of elements in a very smart manner. Firstly, the wood clad ceiling provides a countryside charm. Secondly, the modular kitchen cabinets are very chic while paneling details on the doors add to their design. Lastly, the angled kitchen island provides additional seating and counter space for friends and family to gather around.

Open plan living and dining room in rustic interior design
Rustic interior decor for kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

The muted color palette of the rest of the home is carried into the kitchen, focusing on creams, whites, and wooden tones.  The distressed brick tile used as a backsplash brings in a touch of grey and complements the stone fireplace in the adjacent living room. Caged pendants over the kitchen island and a candelabra chandelier over the dining table bring an industrial touch to the space.

The Rustic Home Interior Design: Home Gym Result

Rustic interior design for home gym
Rustic interior design for home gym – Decorilla 3D rendering

The home gym also follows the rustic interior decor and is true to its style. The small detailing through wooden accessories brings charm to the space. On entering, there is an industrial style storage shelf unit which is essential both aesthetically and functionally. In addition, the designer used a wooden ladder in the corner which enhances the rustic feel, while providing practical storage for gym towels and accessories.

Home gym in a traditional and rustic home interior
Rustic interior design for home gym – Decorilla 3D rendering

Rustic Home Interior Design: Online Shopping List

Rustic home interior shopping list
Decorilla – online shopping list

Every online interior design project with Decorilla comes with an entire package of everything you will need to design your dream home. In addition, the designer provides a custom list of all the rustic interior decor included in the design. Better yet, each shopping list is complete with special Decorilla designer discounts not accessible to the general public!

Shop the Look

Do you want to achieve this same rustic interior decor but don’t know how to find the right pieces? Well, here is a curated list of all the items that will help you achieve that perfect rustic interior design in your home!

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  5. Wooden Coffee Table
  6. Industrial Bookshelf

Design Your Own Rustic Interior Home

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[Images: 1, Decorilla designer]


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