Feeling inspired by modern coastal living room images is easy. These serene and inviting interiors pay homage to the beach without any tackiness. Putting this inspiration to work and creating the home of your dreams is not as simple. Fortunately for one couple, they decided to turn to Decorilla’s experts for help, and the result is beach-y bliss. Read on for the dreamy transformation and see how they did it!

The Challenge: Upgrade to a Modern Beach House

Each project has typical and unique challenges the interior designer need to address and overcome. For this modern beach house, Decorilla’s designer had to:

  • Redesign and repurpose a cupboard for the new modern coastal living room
  • Update the bedroom’s closet as the existing storage unit was unpractical
  • Design a reading nook for the standard-size bedroom
  • Ensure each room ties in with the next while keeping to feng shui principles
modern coastal bedroom with natual and neutral modern beach decor
Modern coastal bedroom with a garden view – Decorilla 3D rendering

The Inspiration: Modern Coastal Decor Ideas

Modern coastal living room and dining area inspiration

Light, atmospheric and welcoming interiors are at the heart of the clients’ coastal interior design inspiration. The modern coastal living rooms and dining areas they loved most feature plush sofas, natural textures as well as exposed architectural elements like brick and wood beams. Rough materials, such as rattan, woven pendants, and coarse rugs, give these contemporary interiors a deeply natural look. Most importantly, each room is flooded with natural light, making the modern coastal décor come alive.

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The Modern Beach House Design

modern coastal living room with natural textures and trendy furniture
Modern coastal living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

Although not essential, providing designers with a clear visual guide of your preferred style can help along the design process. In this instance, the clients’ inspirational images showed designers exactly what they wanted for their home – coastal interior design. After receiving initial proposals from multiple designers, the clients could choose the concept they liked most.

modern coastal living room with a neutral dining and bar area mood board
Decorilla modern beach house moodboard

Designer Wanda‘s neutral and dreamy mood board for a living and dining area caught the clients’ attention. She came up with a sandy color scheme fit for a modern coastal living room and suggested arty additions that would give the interior a creative and unique look. Wanda also kept to specific elements that promote good feng shui or, in other terms, positive energy flow.

Modern Coastal bedroom ideas and mood board
Decorilla modern coastal bedroom moodboard

The designer suggested a bold yet calming color to complement the neutral palette in her modern coastal bedroom proposal. The proposed seagrass green not only lifts the design but also adds contrast that makes the lighter coastal furniture stand out more. With more natural textures, the bedroom has a bespoke visual appeal and a lovely tactile element. Living and processed wood also ground the design and doubles as modern coastal decor.

The Modern Coastal Living Room Result

modern coastal decor in an open living and dining room with a natural coastal look
Modern beach house interior Decorilla 3D rendering

With her keen attention to detail, the designer put together a modern coastal living and dining room that is tranquil and spacious. The layout keeps to feng shui best practices, specifically limiting clutter, not obscuring the line of sight, and ensuring plenty of room between functional areas. In doing so, the design creates a relaxed atmosphere while encouraging free airflow, natural light influx, and highlighting the view of the garden.

modern beach house interior with a modern coastal living room and dining area
Modern coastal living room and dining area – Decorilla 3D rendering

For this project, establishing a connection to nature was important. The designer did so by ensuring the large garden windows double as the room’s main focal point as well as keeping clerestory windows uncovered. The minimal layout also places more emphasis on the interior’s beautiful architecture. As a result, the high ceiling with its exposed beams, pillars, and various wall and ceiling recesses become stunning features in themselves.

Modern Beach Decor in an Open Living Area

The pop of modern coastal decor is both minimal and impactful. Wall art and floor lamps, for instance, draw the eye up toward the impressive ceiling. Moreover, woven baskets play on symmetry while not identical but still mirroring other woven elements in the room, like the nest chair, jute pouf sitting next to the coffee table, dining chairs, and rug. The result is a cohesive and harmonious design.

The Modern Coastal Bedroom Result

modern coastal decor for a bedroom
Modern coastal bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Not only comfortable and idyllic but also supremely sleek with a boutique-hotel appeal, the modern coastal bedroom impresses on all levels. On the one hand, the design is high-end, stylish contemporary eye-candy, and on the other, it is serene and honors natural materials. The interior may be luxurious, but it works to frame the beautiful outdoors thanks to the thoughtful layout and the subdued color scheme.

modern coastal bedroom with natual and neutral modern beach decor
Modern coastal bedroom with a garden view – Decorilla 3D rendering

Like the living room design, the view is emphasized in the bedroom as minimal window dressing adorns the large windows overlooking the garden. What’s more, the teal occasional chairs and large pot plants frame the view while the sandy-colored linen and rug are subtle enough not to detract any attention from the focal point.

Inside, however, the room is a symphony of symmetry. The batten wood bed base both saves space and adds so much texture to the interior. Opposite the bed is a raw wood art ensemble that poetically contrasts with the bed frame’s processed wood. Again, these elements bring balance in texture, height, and depth.

Modern Coastal Bedroom Decor Ideas

Modern coastal decor in a modern beach house bedroom
Modern beach house design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Beautiful modern coastal decor, like the handwoven rope wall hanging and distressed wool rug, certainly brings a design together. Decoration is an essential aspect of interior design, but it’s easy to overdo it. Rather than adding too many pieces, add pieces that are equally decorative and functional, like these hanging globe sconces. These little lights increase the aesthetic value of the interior twofold. And lastly, necessary yet often overlooked, the wall color in the modern beach house has a cool grey undertone that provides a clean and fresh feel. And since most of the décor and furniture are in warmer hues, the cool white balances the design.

Modern Coastal Decor Shopping List

Decorilla shopping list for modern coastal decor
Decorilla shopping list for modern coastal decor

All Decorilla designs come with detailed shopping lists that guide clients in completing the project at home. Not only are these lists easy to use, but they also include exclusive discounts. In the end, clients save more than the cost of their online interior design.

Design Your Own Modern Beach House

Top Picks modern coastal bedroom beach decor

With a little help and stunning modern coastal decor, you can create a beachy interior at home that you’ll adore. Have a look at our top picks for inspiration below.

  1. Floor Lamp
  2. Linen Pouf
  3. Nest Chair
  4. Woven Baskets
  5. Area Rug
  6. Faux Palm

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