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Bedrooms are personal sanctuaries in our homes. They are havens from the frenzy of the day, our places for rest and reprieve. With a new room as a blank slate, how do you create a space of comfort and intimacy that is unique to you? For a recent client, the intention was clear: a bedroom design that had a luxury suite hotel feel.  Keep reading to see how a small, blank slate bedroom was transformed with online interior design into a masculine bedroom design with a contemporary twist.


The project goal was to personalize masculine bedroom decor ideas with the client’s needs in mind. Besides a set of speakers, the room was a blank slate. This left room for the designer to creatively incorporate the following into the design:

  • optimize the use of the small space; the master is the smallest of the three bedrooms
  • have controlled lighting options as natural lighting is minimal
  • incorporate client’s photography into the design in a cohesive fashion
  • balance minimalism with intentional decor
  • give a hotel room feel with a minibar, refrigerator, and home theater feature

With this list, what was left was to use inspiration images to achieve the modern with a touch of glam look the client wanted.

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masculine bedroom inspiration

There’s something gorgeously inspiring about a masculine bedroom design. Having minimalistic tendencies, the focus rests on finishes and form. Luxury materials like leather, brass, and velvet offer a sensual appeal. Metallic elements offer a shine that can also be seen as rather glamorous. The client expressed preferring a dark palette of colors which definitely leans into a masculine bedroom design. These ideas definitely helped guide the direction of the design.


masculine bedroom design online decorilla rendering
3D rendering Decorilla – Masculine bedroom design

Designer, Mladen C., has ample experience in both luxury residential and commercial projects. Here he took his client’s requests to heart and created a proposal that aligned with preferences and needs. One element that gives the room bold beauty is the use of the client’s own photography. In black and white, the landscapes offer a dramatic and enchanting effect. Oversized art, when thoughtfully placed, can bring the room together in an amazing way. These pieces also influence the color palette of the room. Beautiful shades of gray blend in with muted blues and greens. The rich white color on the ceiling helps make the small room more airy and spacious.

bedroom design online - decorilla moodboard
Decorilla masculine and contemporary bedroom design moodboard

Possibly the most magical part of this masculine bedroom design is found in the layout. Mladen used tricks of spatial awareness to create an accommodating floor plan. Working with a small space, the decision was made to go with a queen size bed in order to give room to an armchair and nightstands. The console-like surface desk opposite the bed functions both as a desk and place for a minibar with a fridge underneath. These men’s small bedroom ideas manage to create a space that is functional and exactly what the client needs.

bedroom design online floor plan - decorilla
Bedroom floor plan and elevations by Decorilla online interior designer, Mladen C.


bedroom design online seating area
3D rendering Decorilla – Contemporary bedroom design

Not only a radiologist and photographer, but the client also is a magician. And boy, did the magic happen, thanks to this client-designer duo! What was once a plain four walls transformed into an eye-catching masculine bedroom design with a contemporary twist. This result was anything but bland and impersonal. Using men’s bedroom accessories, the designer brought in accent decor pieces that spoke to the client’s interests. Books, magic elements and the client’s artwork all contributed to personalizing the space.

contemporary bedroom design before - decorilla client photos
Before photo – masculine and contemporary bedroom design

One must-have for this project was the attention to great lighting. The client wanted to “get that cozy feeling with right lighting”. The designer addressed this with varied lighting options through both ceiling and table fixtures. A set of acrylic table lamps with antique brass offer task lighting in set areas of the bedroom. Their cylindrical shape is sleek and simple which is in line with the contemporary and masculine style. A pair of finely faceted crystal pendant lamps are like hanging gemstones. The light reflects and refracts contributing to the glam elements desired. As an ambient lighting option, they evoke a calming effect.

bedroom design online - decorilla 3d rendering
3D rendering Decorilla – Contemporary bedroom design

To appease the wish for varied textures, Mladen did not shy away. There are so many pieces you just want to touch! Luxurious curtains reaching the ceiling, not only give the appearance of height but also dress the only window in the room with sophistication. The vinyl wallpaper selected is in earthy tones that compliment the design. Its subtle pattern is done in engraved lines and a metallic sheen. Talk about texture! And, just like a furry accent pillow, the pouf’s velvety feel is soft to run your hand along.

masculine bedroom design decorilla shopping list
Decorilla online bedroom design shopping list


masculine bedroom shop
  1. Velvet curtains
  2. Faux fur pillow
  3. Desk lamp
  4. Oversized art
  5. Leather pouf

Whether attracted to masculine, feminine style or a balance of both, it’s all possible with interior design help. Schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation with Decorilla and get started today!

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