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Coziness is without a doubt one of the main ingredients of any living room interior design. This Decorilla project was no exception. Keep reading to see how this online interior designer created the ultimate refreshed and cozy space for this client!


There were some things the client already liked about her living room: the layout was functional, she had enough storage and the style felt overall right. Still, this space needed a refresh and the designers had a few specific challenges to deal with:

  • Update the space getting rid of its dated look.
  • Lighten up the room.
  • Create a cozy ambiance for gathering with friends and family.
  • Keep floor, bookcases and few other existing pieces. 

On top of that, the project needed to stay strictly on budget. The client was going to remodel the entire home and spending too much for this room would have lowered the budget for the rest of the home.


living room design inspiration
Living room design ideas

This room is part of a big home and its remodel had to match the whole design. The client knew she liked an overall traditional style, but she wanted to give a fresh look to her space, so she opted for a transitional living room design. It’s clear from the inspiration pictures that she liked blue and this was a good starting point for the designers to come up with their first proposal.


living room design with double sofa
Cozy living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

After having received and reviewed a proposal from two different designers, the client chose the one coming from designer Anna T. At first sight, this living room design feels super cozy and it is just the right transitional combination for this client. In fact, the style is mostly traditional, with the window treatments, the lamps, and the artworks bringing the traditional vibe in. But there are also few pieces here and there that add a more modern vibe, like the brass coffee table and the ottomans. This creates an overall fresh atmosphere in the space, which is exactly what the client was aiming for! In order to achieve a cozy ambiance, the designer has opted for a serene mix of neutral colors with a pale blue as an accent. Also, this color palette helps to make the most of the available natural light. And finally, brass accents throughout the room lighten up the space even more. Overall, the room feels much brighter than it was before, despite having kept the same dark floor.

Living room design moodboard by Decorilla interior designer, Anna T.


Cozy living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

This final living room design is definitely cozy, inviting and ready to host family and friends’ gatherings. With this in mind, the designer has incorporated plenty of seating options with two wide sofas facing each other, a couple of cozy armchairs under the windows and two ottomans on the opposite side. This layout is actually very versatile. The armchairs are a separate area to chat, but they can also blend with the rest, creating a bigger conversation area. This space also needed to work for everyday family life and indeed it gives the flexibility to move some pieces around. For instance, the ottomans can move over to the sofa and transform it into a comfy lounge chair in seconds!

Living room design – Before picture

Fun fact: the choice to keep the sofas in a clear color was not only a style decision, but also had a functional reason: the client shared that she had a white cat, and we all know what that would mean for a dark sofa! This client had worked with Decorilla before and knew that lifestyle and habits are also important aspects to discuss. This is what will make the difference between a final design that looks beautiful and one that is also functional!

Living room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The focal point of this living room design is certainly the fireplace. Before, it had dark brown tiles framing it, but that created a dated look and made the ambiance dull. The designer instead chose light tiles with an elegant pattern that contribute to brighten the space. Adding brass accessories on the bookshelves also adds light while contributing to the transitional vibe of this living room design. A great trick to keep in mind if you’re looking for living room decor ideas!

Decorilla shopping list

When she saw her final living room design, the client was really excited! And we’re sure she’s now enjoying plenty of joyful moments with her friends and family in this room!


  1. Cozy sofa
  2. Brass coffee table
  3. Persian style rug 
  4. Brass table lamp
  5. Brass table lamp

How does your living room feel? Is it cozy enough? Does it work for your lifestyle? If the answer is “not really” and you’d love to receive professional help without breaking the bank, Decorilla’s online interior design may be just the right choice for you! Schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation with Decorilla and get started today!

[Images 1, Decorilla designer Anna T.]