Before & After Formal Dining Room Ideas

A formal dining room is a place where friends and family can gather around for a delicious meal and enticing conversation. Creating the perfect intimate setting, on the other hand, might be more difficult that it appears. Details, such as spatial planning, seating, and lighting are ever important to pull off the look. That is the reason why one recent client asked for Decorilla’s assistance in implementing the best formal dining room ideas. Read the story to discover how it went!

The Challenge: Formal Dining Room Ideas

Every good project comes with a set of interesting challenges for a designer to solve – this one was no exception. The client needed help in finding the best formal dining room decorating ideas to put the room together. Some of the key issues included:

  • Coming up with a concept that will comply with the client’s taste, as well as her partner’s
  • The new layout had to accommodate a few pieces of existing furniture and a piano
  • The client also needed help with curating the right artwork and plants
  • The traditional setting should reflect British Colonial and West Indies design styles, with a dash of tropical and modern flair.

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The Inspiration: Formal Dining Room Decor

Inspiration for formal dining room decor

The client was looking for classy formal dining room decor ideas to implement in her new home. Although the existing room design featured some good pieces, the room didn’t feel put together. She needed a designer to decorate blank walls, change the light fixtures, and add distinctive character to the space.

Her inspiration gallery featured bright, traditional pieces, solid wood, and statement art, while the greenery conveyed a slight tropical vibe. Although quite open to new ideas, she also wanted to keep the piano and a sofa table in the new plan. The proposed layout had to be stylish, pretty, and practical, aligned with both her and her partner’s taste. New flooring and a fresh layer of wall paint were also on the table. Since the room received a lot of mid-day light, the color options were broad.

Formal Dining Room Ideas Concept

Formal dining room online interior design
Formal dining room online interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Following a detailed outline and design questionnaire, Decorilla online interior designers devoted themselves to developing original concepts. The client received proposals from several designers with different formal dining room ideas. Each solution featured its own distinctive character, in line with the designer’s unique vision.

Formal dining room decor moodboard by Decorilla designer Farzaneh K
Formal dining room decor mood board by Decorilla designer Farzaneh K

While all proposals properly addressed all the requests, it was Farzaneh K’s mood board that vibrated with the client’s imagination. Traditional in its core, the solution bore just the right amount of spice. Farzaneh’s vision featured neutral walls, discreet window treatments, wooden furniture pieces, and intricate porcelain. The assembled arrangement conveyed a warm, solid base for detailing in forms of art, greenery, and decorative items.

Formal Dining Room Design Result

Formal dining room ideas by Decorilla designer Farzaneh K
Formal dining room ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

Using a white/off-white background palette resulted in a fresh and clean atmosphere, adding a dash of modern vogue. With a light and neutral base, it was possible to play with some strong patterns without disturbing the overall harmony. Benjamin Moore’s Classic Grey on the walls, juxtaposed to warm browns and blue accents turned out to be the right choice for a homey, yet very refined creation.

Formal dining room decor by Decorilla designer Farzaneh K
Formal dining room decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

The neutral grey is warmed up by layers of cream. At the same time, navy color pops add visual dynamics and vibrancy, taking off some weight from solid browns to avoid any monotony. The exotic rug pattern and a large tropical plant soften the rigidness of traditional wooden furniture, adding the desired British colonial flair to the space.

Formal dining room online interior design
Formal dining room online interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The golden beveled mirror and crystal chandelier add some non-imposing glam, elevating the formal dining room decor to a new level. The central lighting fixture is supported by two table lamps placed on the side table. Finally, a wooden sideboard offers convenient storage options, while the four-piece floral print creates an attractive focal point over it.

Before The Change

Formal dining room decor - before

The original room decor didn’t use the most advantage of abundant daylight. For that reason, it felt smaller and darker than it really was. Similarly, the room was lacking any cohesion among the existing furniture and decor. New formal dining room decorating ideas succeeded in changing that, turning the area into a bright, airy, and spacious room. The result is functional, comfy, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Formal Dining Room Decor Shopping List

Formal dining room decor shopping list
Formal dining room decor – Decorilla shopping list

The design package contains more than just formal dining room ideas. Every project completed with Decorilla comes with additional benefits, curated to simplify the process. As a result, turning the vision into reality becomes easy on all levels of realization.

Firstly, you get floorplans and photorealistic 3D renderings. They are accompanied by a personalized shopping list and implementation guides. Still, that’s not all. To top up the experience, each client receives exclusive Decorilla discounts on chosen items as well as a white glove shopping concierge to help with ordering, tracking, and delivery.

Formal Dining Room Decorating Ideas for You

When looking for the best formal dining room ideas, it’s good to resist the first impulses. Instead, take your time and think one segment after another. Decide what you would love to keep, and build the style around it. Always keep in mind that proportion matters. Moreover, the harmony of all key pieces is more important than color or final details.

Formal Dining Room Decorating Ideas for You
  1. Saylor Accent Mirror
  2. Floating Entertaining Shelf
  3. Champagne Gold and Crystal Chandelier
  4. Blue and White Porcelain Table Vase
  5. Three-Drawer Buffet
  6. Four-Piece Print

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