Vintage floral wallpaper bathroom design

Where better to try a bold interior design choice than in the bathroom? Since restrooms aren’t typically the focal point of your home it is a great place to test out some daring ideas. And today, the floral wallpaper bathroom concept is trending in design inspiration all over the internet. A recent Decorilla client reached out in need of help emulating this glamorous look for her own bathroom. And honestly, the transformation is stunning! Read on to see the results for yourself!

The Challenge: Floral Wallpaper Bathroom

After a successful renovation of her one-bedroom condominium by Decorilla’s designers, the client decided to update her bathroom with popular wallpaper ideas she had been seeing online. Impressed with the services, she wanted to get an expert opinion on her bathroom which according to her, lacked life. Moreover, with the newly done apartment, the bathroom felt rather lost. However, there were a few things that needed to be addressed by the designers, including:

  • The bathroom receives no light so having an efficient lighting plan was essential
  • A complete renovation, including the wall covering and flooring was required
  • Since her entire house was on the neutral side, the client wanted a bold bathroom design
  • Nice accessories and finishes to make the bathroom feel more luxurious
  • An eclectic and strong choice of wallpaper, in a jungle or oasis theme

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The Inspiration: Floral Wallpaper Bathroom Design

Dark floral wallpaper bathroom inspiration board

The client was certainly looking for a dark floral wallpaper bathroom that felt like an escape. Since her entire house was dominated by neutral and subtle colors, a statement bathroom was what she desired. In other words, she felt the bathroom looked bland and boring. Therefore, she wanted a bold wallpaper bathroom design look that fit with recent interior design trends. Her inspiration photos included touches of gold for a hint of glam, in addition to ideas for layered lighting. With these ideas in mind the designers had a solid foundation for starting their concepts.

The Concept and Moodboard

Floral wallpaper bathroom design with gold finishes
Floral wallpaper bathroom design with brass finishes – Decorilla 3D rendering

For this design brief, two amazing decorators from Decorilla’s online interior design team proposed their ideas. Spoilt by the choice, the client had a tough time choosing between the two. However, Marine H’s concept board particularly caught her attention. For instance, the brushed brass accents and accessories that the designer incorporated in the design looked sleek and luxurious. The dark floral wallpaper bathroom contrasted really well with the golden accents and gave the whole design the character the client was looking for. In the end, the moodboard portrayed exactly what the client dreamed of and even went above her expectations!

Dark floral bathroom wallpaper ideas with brass accessories
Decorilla floral wallpaper bathroom moodboard

The Result: Floral Wallpaper Bathroom

Glam floral wallpaper bathroom decor by Decorilla interior designers
Floral wallpaper bathroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The floral wallpaper bathroom interior design looked nothing less than dreamy. With a realistic, moody floral pattern on the bathroom walls, the ambiance of the space transformed completely. Furthermore, the designer gave the option of using the wallpaper as an accent wall or covering the entire restroom. To further create a stark contrast, the bathroom flooring and doors were finished in white, while the vanity compliments the space in a light grey. In this way, the wallpaper bathroom design stands out even more!

bathroom wallpaper ideas
Bathroom wallpaper ideas – Decorilla 3D renderings

Since the client wanted to replace the bathroom hardware, there was some extra room to show creativity. Marine worked smartly on all the small details. For instance, the space above the toilet was filled with a chic wall unit in a brass finish to complement the design and add some storage to the space. In addition, the design presentation included sophisticated faucets, towel rings, tissue holders and other accessories that were matching the wallpaper bathroom design. To further enhance the lighting there is a hammered gold scone on the wall, a backlit mirror, and overhead lights for perfectly layered lighting. Combined, these additions bring so much value to the design!

Modern glamorous wallpaper bathroom design by Decorilla
Floral wallpaper bathroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Another small detail that helps the dark floral wallpaper bathroom stand out so much is the selection of soft furnishings. A long carpet runner with a chenille braided loop accentuates the whole decor. Since the floral wallpaper was already dark, the designer used a light colored bath curtain. The abstract brush paint effect on the curtain has a rich feel to it. Overall, the floral wallpaper bathroom was totally on-point.

Before the Change

Before online interior design - bathroom

If nothing else, the bathroom provided a blank slate for creativity. Initially, the walls were all white which made the bathroom look dull and lacking in any character. In addition, the lighting felt harsh and didn’t set a welcoming mood to the space. Finally, chrome hardware throughout left the room feeling a little dated.

The Online Floral Wallpaper Bathroom Shopping List

Dark floral wallpaper bathroom design, shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list for the floral wallpaper bathroom design

Each online interior design project comes with a personalized, curated shopping list. In addition, this list has special designer discounts so the clients can enjoy savings not accessible to the general public! And the whole process of renovation is simplified when every online interior design package also includes a color palette, an implementation guide, and a complimentary white glove shopping concierge service.

Shop the Look

There are a plethora of things that go into designing even the smallest of spaces. However, with some essential elements, the process becomes easier. So, to make things easier for you, Decorilla’s online interior design team has created this list of top picks for a stunning bathroom transformation. Using these products, you can get your own luxury retreat.

Top picks for floral wallpaper bathroom design
  1. Floral wallpaper
  2. Brass Wall Unit
  3. Sleek Brass Faucets
  4. Organic Soft Towels
  5. Brass Bathroom Accessories

Design Your Own Floral Wallpaper Bathroom

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