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Is it possible to create a warm and contemporary style in a monochromatic and industrial space? The owner of this one bedroom loft liked the warmth and layout of the space when the previous owner occupied it, but wanted less of a monochromatic palette. The white walls make a great neutral backdrop, but placing color strategically within the space is what would make it feel like home. One simple application to Decorilla for contemporary living room design online helped to create the perfect home decor for the client’s brand new condo. 


  • Defining living and dining spaces within the open floor plan.
  • Balancing warm and feminine decor within a monochromatic space.

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contemporary living room design online inspiration

The client picked images of transitional and contemporary living room design online to show her Decorilla designer what she liked. The results proved she wanted a living and dining room with simple, clean lines and warn, neutral tones. Artwork that the client owned introduced reds and blues that also helped to inspire decor selected by the designer. She provided several images for the designer to use to inspire the final design of the living and dining areas. It helped that she knew exactly what table and chairs she wanted, but it is not necessary, as long as you can provide visual examples of styles you like. Pinterest is a great tool to search for the images that best describe how you want your home to look. The examples provided helped Decorilla designer Lauren A. develop a beautiful contemporary style living area for the client.

Online interior design services - how it works


Decorilla interior designer, Lauren, took the blank, white walls of this Boston loft space and designed a creative an inviting layout and color scheme. While the majority of the space still has monochrome tones, it is layered with colorful accents that enrich it. Online home design helped to easily and effortlessly elevate the design aesthetic of this client’s loft.

Contemporary living room – Decorilla 3D rendering


The winning moodboard created by Lauren A.

Given the choice between two different designer’s take on her design needs, the client felt that Lauren’s moodboard was exactly the style she was looking for. They both had a similar, well-functioning layout, but there was one subtle difference – the color red. Lauren’s warmer approach and incorporation of red tones really caught the client’s eye.


The final look of the loft’s design is one of elegance and comfort, while still very modern and chic – a true contemporary interior design solution to marvel at. To take away from the starkness of all white walls, Decorilla designer Lauren recommended painting the walls with the color “Sterling” by Benjamin Moore. Colors from accent pillows, paintings, and plants are the final touch needed to make the loft feel like a home.

Living room after – Decorilla 3D rendering
before Contemporary Living Room Design Online
Before photo with previous tenant’s furniture in place.

The richly colored plush throw pillows add just the right amount of color to contrast the white sofa and walls. Wire framed chairs and a glass table create a dining area that doesn’t overpower the open floor plan. The client’s existing fiddle leaf fig brings life into the space in it’s new pot.

Living room view from the kitchen – Decorilla 3D rendering

Window views remain unencumbered because the television placed at the intersection of two blank wall sections. Warm-toned velvet window coverings add yet another level of comfort amongst the monochrome design elements of the loft.

contemporary living room design online paint colors
Paint colors & shopping list – Decorilla interior design project

The focal wall boasts a brightly colored painting that incorporates both the black and white neutral tones, as well as the reds and blues incorporated into the living area. Lauren provided the option of two painting and displayed both in different digital drawings of the space. There is ample space surrounding the new painting for the client to coordinate her existing art that she wishes to keep with. Getting to see your home’s potential design in a 3D image is a huge benefit of online interior design help.


contemporary living room design online inspiration
  1. Wire Frame Side Chairs
  2. Black Accent Chest
  3. Hexagonal Side Table
  4. Gochenour Dining Table
  5. Exhale Canvas Print
  6. Cube Unit Bookcase

Online interior design help is at the tip of your fingers today. All you have to do is tell an online designer what you envision, and then implement the plan that they create for you! Decorilla Designer Lauren took into account all that the client wanted and designed a space that reflected just that! It didn’t require the client to search endlessly at decor stores or online. The client didn’t have to try to organize the space alone. Even after the designer gives you instructions, the Decorilla team can assist by helping you order, track, or return decor.

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