Contemporary house remodel lounge

Renovation is exciting. You get to envision a new home and explore possibilities to make the most of your property. But this journey is not without its challenges. Such big projects tend to have countless difficulties – even when you’re as prepared as can be. That’s why one homeowner turned to Decorilla. They needed help to execute their dream and create perfection – read on to see the lush contemporary home remodel!

The Challenges of a Contemporary House Remodel

Contemporary house remodel - from the dining room to the bedroom

Creating a sophisticated interior takes skill, especially when it’s a whole-house makeover. Fortunately for this project, the client was detailed and descriptive about what they wanted, from the ceiling finish to the contemporary décor. Yet, like any task, this contemporary home remodel had specific design challenges. To overcome these, the designer had to:

  • Design a contemporary interior with a rustic twist that complements the surrounding woodland and farmhouse architecture
  • Update the stair railing to suit the sleek look the Miami-native client prefers
  • Visually soften the all-white interior cladding with alternatives in grey, gold, and wood
  • Replace flooring throughout the house with hardy materials that can withstand wear from pets

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Contemporary Design Style Inspiration  inspiration for a contemporary house remodel

Abstract and pop art are among the client’s most-loved wall décor, with their personal travel photos taking first place. Keeping this in mind, it’s clear that they like abstract lines – marble and wallpaper can also provide this contemporary design style. Their top colors include rich greys combined with contrasting beige and white. By combining warm and cool colors, these inspiring interiors are perfectly balanced. In addition, the client also leaned towards modern furniture, which goes beautifully with contemporary trends.   

Contemporary Mood Board & Design Style

contemporary home remodel living room design board
Decorilla mood board for a living room with a contemporary design style


Alongside inspirational images, the client sent footage of their home to give the designer a distinct idea of what the rooms needed. This enabled Decorilla’s designers to create a thorough and detailed concept perfectly tailored to the brief. After receiving the preliminary proposals, the client chose Mladen’s sleek yet approachable style. 

Contemporary house remodel dining room design board
Decorilla mood board for a dining room with contemporary house decor


To give the client a clear view of his concept, Mladen C. created a mood board for every room, complete with notes. He was also sensitive to the client’s need to marry contemporary and rustic aesthetics. By combining modern and contemporary design and incorporating natural materials, Mladen could create a concept that is equally refined and welcoming.  

Contemporary Home Remodel Result

Luxurious dining room in a contemporary house remodel
Contemporary home remodel – Decorilla 3D rendering

With a fully modified home, the client certainly has a touch of Miami’s style in their new residence. Now, thanks to the contemporary house remodel, the space is luxe, elegant and practical. 

Contemporary Home Remodel Combined Living & Dining Result 

Chic contemporary design style for a living room
Living room of a contemporary house remodel – Decorilla 3D rendering

To create a beautiful open-concept living and dining room, a designer must pay special attention to spatial planning and the room’s layout. Here one zone flows seamlessly into the next for a few reasons. The first being a harmonious neutral color scheme that results in a cohesive aesthetic. The second, further bringing the room together, is the focus on form and pattern. Slim, line-like chandeliers feature above both the dining table and lounge area, while striped rugs enhance these motifs even more. 

Open Living & Dining Practicality 

Details and contemporary house decor in a dining room
Dining room with contemporary decor – Decorilla 3D rendering


With open walkways, it is easy to move around furniture as well as from one area to the next. Movability is certainly vital to successful design. For the living area, the designer used an L-shaped couch and a complementary accent chair. The latter is slim, architectural in its shape with a swooping seat and tapered legs – a true ode to modernism in a contemporary setting. And the sofa provides ample seating without taking up too much floor space. The layout ensures the room feels airy as the design opens to the adjacent dining area. 

Contemporary decor for a dining room makeover
Luxurious contemporary design style dining area – Decorilla 3D rendering


With the addition of wood floors and panels, a fireplace, and a marble mantel in the lounge, the living space has a welcoming glow. And, next to the gold accents and furniture hardware, even the grey wall color looks plush. Additionally, the ceiling finish makes the room even more memorable as it strengthens the stripe theme subtly and smartly.

Although the palette for the contemporary house remodel is neutral, the interior is eclectic and lively. The reason lies in furniture and contemporary decor use. In fact, this design is a fantastic example of how furniture form and pattern can make all the difference. 

Open concept living and dining room for a contemporary home remodel
Living room of a contemporary house remodel – Decorilla 3D rendering


One of the most impactful parts of this project is the lighting design. The designer paid careful attention to include layered light and make statement pieces truly stand out while bringing balance to the aesthetic. In addition, every aspect of this design, from the slightest to most substantial, has a purpose. And, together, they create a seamless dream home. 

Contemporary House Remodel Bedroom Result 

Lush contemporary design style for a bedroom
Stunning contemporary home remodel of the bedroom – Decorilla 3D rendering


One glance at the bedroom, and you’ll know: this is what dreams are made of. As a result, a canopy bed with soft voile, perfectly layered bedding, plush pillows, and a luxurious rug underfoot all form part of a satisfying, successful design. What’s more, the focus on symmetry highlights the structural elements of the contemporary design style. The strong lines from the poster bed, mirrors, and ribbed pedestals also tie in with the rest of the home’s contemporary décor and aesthetic. 

Romantic contemporary bedroom for a home remodel
Romantic bedroom with contemporary house decor – Decorilla 3D rendering


Colors and lighting are skillfully used in this contemporary house remodel. For instance, the mirrors that flank the bed reflect the soft light coming from the delicate table lights. This design trick provides an additional layer of light as well as makes the room feel expansive.

Contemporary artwork in a bedroom of a house remodel
Contemporary house remodel bedroom features – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the bedroom, cooler tones take the lead as sandy browns and gold accents adorn the room minimally. Nevertheless, the result is just as harmonious as the other designs. Not only is the effect a pretty one, but it’s also functional. Furthermore, blues and colors with a cool undertone, like some greys, have a calming effect, which is perfect for a peaceful sleep. 

Entryway with Contemporary House Décor  

Stairway leading to a contemporary home remodel patio
Eclectic and contemporary design style entryway – Decorilla 3D rendering

Every part, even the downstairs entry, was carefully designed. As a result, the view from the front door resembles a contemporary artwork. The stairs, with marbled detail and dark wood steps, lead to a faux living wall and a sign that reads, “I am with you always.” The combination is at once spectacular yet sublimely serene. Once again, the use of warm and cool hues does wonders for the room, making it feel just right.   

Contemporary decor and design style for a sleek patio
Playful entrance/patio wit contemporary house decor – Decorilla 3D rending

The entryway leads to an even more eclectic and enjoyable indoor patio. Round furniture, plenty of soft throws, and pillows beckon, “come in and relax!” An alternative entrance, like this one, is altogether a great icebreaker to make guests feel at home. Additionally, it also gives visitors a glimpse of the homeowner’s personality and interests. In this case, the different styles also give a well-traveled look to the home. 

Online Shopping List

Online shopping list and guide for a contemporary home remodel
Decorilla online shopping list for the contemporary home remodel

Every Decorilla project comes with a comprehensive online shopping list, complete with impressive discounts. This list not only features contemporary house décor, but it also comes with a guide to implement the design at home.  

Design Your Remodel with Contemporary Decor 

Whether you’re planning a renovation or looking for a quick interior update, visual references can help. Our top décor and furniture picks below are a good place to start for those who want to replicate a contemporary design style at home but need some inspiration.  

Top Picks for a contemporary home remodel


  1. Twist Pendant
  2. Bias Pillow
  3. Hanging Chair
  4. Abstract Painting
  5. Tasseled Rug 
  6. Coffee Table

After another successful designer-client collaboration, one more home saw an impressive transformation. After all, the contemporary home remodel might just have the homeowner – and guests! – weak at the knees. 

Looking For Your Own Contemporary Home Interior Design?

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