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Everyone wants their home to exude comfort and class. One recent Decorilla client had a new house and ample inspiration but lacked the know-how to bring their luxurious contemporary condo design dreams to life. That’s why he turned to a professional online designer for help. Not only is online interior design services convenient, but it also keeps the cost of interior design low – perfect for anyone who wants value for money. Keep reading to see how a blank canvas is transformed into an opulent family home, made for entertaining!


Armed with beautiful images of contemporary interiors, the client knew what he wanted. But turning a dream into reality can be tricky, especially if the interior needs to be practical for a young family. Above all, the designer needed to pay attention to the following challenges:

  • Create a modern condo design that is comfortable and practical for a family with two young children
  • Ensure the dining and entertaining areas can accommodate 12 people
  • Incorporate carpets and furnishings that are easy to clean
  • Ensure the contemporary interior is sophisticated and comfortable
  • Design an impressive restroom for guests

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Contemporary condo design ideas

Light walls, expansive rooms, and statement lighting featured in each of the client’s inspirational images. The client found these images attractive not only for their luxurious finishes but also because these big spaces have plenty of room for entertaining. Now, armed with a visual guide, the designers could set out to create their initial proposals for a condo interior design that ticks all the client’s boxes.


Contemporary condo interior with impressive art features
Contemporary condo design – Decorilla 3D rendering

After receiving initial proposals from two accomplished online interior designers, the client chose the bright and airy concept by Michelle B.. With feedback from the client, Michelle modified her contemporary condo design to suit her client and his family. Previous woven rattan armchairs, and silver throw pillows were replaced with ottoman poufs and purple scatters. As a result, the design is highly sophisticated yet inviting.

Moodboard for the best contemporary living rooms
Decorilla modern condo design moodboard

Thanks to clear and constant communication, Michelle could capture the client’s love for opulent interiors in her mood board. Pops of purple and blue certainly brings the refined color palette to life. One of the most useful condo design tips Michelle used in her design was adding different textures and patterns. The visual play of opposites is exciting and adds depth to the predominantly white interior. Plus, alternating texture and pattern can help to zone areas in a large open space like the client’s living/dining room. But most importantly, Michelle made sure that the design features more than enough space to entertain family and friends.



Contemporary condo design stone gray living room
Contemporary condo design – Decorilla 3D rendering
contempoary condo design online - before
Empty before photo – Contemporary condo design online

This beautiful condo is yet another successful design project by a Decorilla online interior designer. The result certainly is among the best contemporary living rooms designed online. With plenty of natural light coming from great glass doors and reflecting on the many glossy surfaces, the living room is cheerful but polished. The outcome is thrilling for three reasons. Firstly, three distinct zones give the client space to entertain a large group while providing guests with the freedom to move from one chat to the next. Secondly, the essence of contemporary design is emphasized through the impressive, sculptural light fixtures. Lastly, the layout ensures each area is drenched in natural as well as ambient artificial light.

modern white condo design with blue accents
Contemporary condo design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The first lounge area of the contemporary condo design is stately. Marble wallpaper, slim wall sconces and the blue pop from the artwork above the credenza turn the previously blank space into a stunning feature wall. Every part of the design is aesthetically pleasing. Those sitting on the L-shaped sofa will certainly enjoy the molecular pendant lights and the sculptural quality of the circular coffee table.


Best contemporary living rooms in white, blue and purple
Contemporary condo design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The central living room in this modern condo design is the most fun. This versatile space offers the most seating with swivel bucket chairs, colorful poufs and a relaxing daybed.  Bringing this central space together is a natural rug that is as pleasing to look at as it is underfoot.

blue paint-effect feature wall in a modern condo interior design
Contemporary condo foyer design – Decorilla 3D rendering

A beautiful paint-effect mural adds even more color to this seating area and sets it apart from the other zones. Also bouncing more light into the room is a large mirror. Enhancing the bright allure, even more, is a contemporary gold floor lamp that sits in front of the mirror to maximize its glow. A condo is often dark because of its large rooms, that’s why making the most of light is one of the condo design tips worth remembering.

modern condo living room design with a contemporary light fixture
Contemporary condo design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final lounge features a deep L-shaped sofa and a flower-like designer pendant. This built-in section is sturdy and ideal for children. Here, kids can relax and socialize on furniture that is both durable and comfy.


condo bathroom design in black and white
Modern condo restroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The client wanted an impressive guest restroom, and Michelle delivered. In the end, the design is edgy and filled with art. A black and white color palette contrasts with the subtler tones found in the living areas. Contrasting shapes – straight lines and curves – certainly make this part of the condo interior design truly memorable. Adding a large mirror, like the round hanging mirror in this room, is a clever design trick that can make even a small condo seem larger than it is.


Contemporary dining room with teal accents and a marble feature wall
Condo dining room interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Richly textured, warm, welcoming and sublimely contemporary, the modern condo design comes alive in the dining room. Sticking to the color scheme but highlighting the liveliest combination of teal and natural wood, this room is inviting above all else. Luxurious additions like the plush velvet dining chairs, artwork and unique pendant light are extra special when you’re working with Decorilla. Many items come at a lower price tag thanks to individual designer discounts.


Contemporary condo design for a patio
Contemporary condo patio design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The patio of the modern condo is perfect for beautiful summer days. Here, two rugs bring raw texture underfoot while a pebble-filled centerpiece and pot plants add a natural outdoorsy aesthetic. Plenty of seating means that everyone can sit down and enjoy the fresh air together.

modern condo design for an outdoor area
Contemporary condo patio design – Decorilla 3D rendering

On the opposite end of the patio is a fresh, trendy nook for children. The woven egg-shaped chairs and round pendants give a sense of creativity and play. Similarly, colorful throw pillows break with the rest of the condo’s color scheme to set itself apart as an exceptional part of the home. Now, young and old can revel in this contemporary condo design.

contemporary condo decorilla online shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list


Top picks condo design
  1. Marble wallpaper
  2. Glass vase
  3. Throw pillow
  4. Constellation chandelier
  5. Coffee table
  6. Paramount daybed

Thanks to the Decorilla team, the client and his family have a contemporary condo design perfectly suited to their lifestyle. Blank canvas no more, now the living areas make the space come to life with elegant touches and memorable designs. In short, this dream home has become a reality. Plan your home transformation with online interior design help – Schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation and get started today!

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[…] Everyone wants their home to exude comfort and class. One recent Decorilla client had a new house and ample inspiration but lacked the know-how to bring their luxurious contemporary condo design dreams to life. That’s why he turned to a professional online designer for help. Not only is online interior design services convenient, but it… Read more » […]