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Bright, oxygen-filled airy spaces can boost mental health and form the base of a tranquil yoga room design. One recent Decorilla client needed help in creating an interior that is half motivational office and half balancing yoga retreat. She turned to Decorilla’s team of experts to ensure her at home office and studio space is as uplifting as it is functional.


  • Incorporate existing furniture into a fresh, updated design
  • Use yoga studio decorating ideas that also works for an office
  • Create at-home office space that doubles as a peaceful area for yoga and reflection
  • Ensure the interior is bright, airy and colorful.


yoga room design inspiration

Inspired by colorful and lively spaces, the client required a room that functions as an office and a yoga room. She needed somewhere where she could focus and be productive, but the room should also double as a secluded space to unwind in. Essential to the client’s brief was a room that is bright and colorful. Armed with this valuable information Decorilla’s interior designers got started on their proposals.


zen yoga room ideas with colorful upholstery
Yoga room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

As a supplementary design to a previous office project, the client required a design that incorporates the existing furniture. She was open to changing the wall color and reupholstering her couch to achieve her ideal yoga room design. Decorilla designer, Anna T., picked warming mustard for the sofa and used blue and orange hues to create an inspiring space. The yoga studio decorating ideas, like the expansive arch mirrors, give the office a reflective quality.


zen yoga studio decorating ideas mood board
Yoga Room Design Moodboard

According to behavioral psychologists, color has a profound impact on human emotion. This knowledge certainly led to Anna’s cheerful and warm mood board. Stirred by zen yoga room ideas, the initial proposal is filled with a sunrise-inspired color palette, perfect for the client’s morning yoga flow.

Before yoga room design ideas
Yoga Room Before

Before the interior lacked organization and purpose. Luckily, after the design was finalized, the client was able to apply the needed design techniques to aid a healthy yoga practice.


airy yoga room design
Yoga room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Most importantly, now the client has an open-plan office, lounge and yoga room all in one. The smart layout ensures that each functional area flows into the next in complete harmony. Two calming blue bookshelves frame a feature wall of a movement figure study, which makes a lovely focal for the yoga studio.

bright yoga room design
Yoga room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The interior designer set out to integrate working and resting areas and achieved a happy medium that is motivational and restorative. Off-white walls work to amplify and reflect the natural light coming from the medium-sized windows. Above all, no window dressing means even more light can fill the quiet room.

zen at home yoga room design with colorful touches
Yoga room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Sufficient artificial light from a bespoke rope table lamp, a pulley iron floor lamp, compact spotlights, and a crystal lamp create visual depth with layered light when the sun sets. Certainly well lit, the designer made sure the client could be productive at any time of day. Anna’s design successfully mixes multiple yoga studio decorating ideas, like greenery, handmade pots, and colorful pillows, upholstery and watercolor rug that complete the yoga studio.

zen colorful yoga room design ideas
Yoga room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The L-shaped desk feels integrated into the design because it is adjacent to the open-plan lounge area. Open wood shelving supplies the much-needed storage solution while an artisanal wood strip frames the office area as a separate zone.

zen yoga room ideas with colorful upholstery
Yoga room design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Square footage is essential in any DIY sanctuary, and it’s clear to see why. Here extra floor space and limited décor result in a minimalist aesthetic perfect for relaxation. The yoga area is not ornate, as a result, is distinctly separate from the office and lounge zones. The interior designer also incorporated multiple mirrors to enhance an airy atmosphere necessary for a yoga sanctuary.


colorful yoga room design shop the look
  1. Yellow Sofa
  2. Watercolor Rug
  3. Throw Pillow
  4. Peaceful Artwork
  5. Floor Lamp
  6. Blue Vases

Consequently, the client has a peaceful design filled with zen yoga room ideas. Restoring practice, relaxation, and productive work can all fit comfortably into  Anna’s colorful interior design.

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