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Achieving a beautiful coastal interior design can be more challenging than one might expect. Class and elegance might be your aim, but one or two decor mishaps and the look becomes nautical kitsch. That’s why one family turned to Decorilla’s team of experts. They wanted to get it right the first time. And a good thing too, as the coastal interior design remodel is breathtaking. Keep reading for the refreshing transformation!

The Challenge: Coastal Interior Design

One of this project’s big challenges presented to Decorilla was the scale of the remodel. With layout changes and repurposing of more than one room, the designer had five jobs in one. More specifically, the designer had to:

  • Create a coastal sunroom interior that will adjoin the guest room and library
  • Use coastal style decor suitable for the library remodel
  • Include beach bedroom décor and timeless coastal bedroom furniture into the new guest bedroom
  • Design both a bathroom and powder room in beach bathroom colors
  • Integrate a few existing decor pieces and keep the interior cat-friendly

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The Inspiration: Coastal Style Decor

coastal interior design inspiration

The bright and breezy look inspired by the seaside drew the client to coastal style decor. Tones of blue splashed across clean white textures certainly evoke the atmosphere of a refreshing ocean mist. And this is just what the clients wanted. 

Modern beach-style homes caught their eyes above all else. They especially liked the subtle patterns and textures set in muted color schemes. These interiors also feature fun elements, like a swinging couch, ball pendants, and poufs. 

Coastal Interior Mood Board and Design

light coastal interior design
Coastal sunroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

After receiving the clients’ brief, two designers created preliminary concepts for the project. And it was Berkeley’s coastal interior design concept they loved most. From here, the designer and clients could refine the look before finalizing each room. 

Berkeley suggested a coastal sunroom and study with a similar appeal. A neutral color palette of off-white and sandy beige shades forms the basis of the mood boards. Woods, different textures of weaves, and blue patterns add visual interest. 

Coastal sunroom and lounge mood board
Decorilla coastal sunroom and study mood board

Filled with natural light, the sunroom is the perfect space for social lounging. For this reason, it acts as the connector between the library and the guest room. This space also features soft seating to bathe in the afternoon sun. The study, meant for reading and solitude, headed in a simpler direction with a personal touch. One addition the clients requested was overhead ceiling fans to keep the summer air cool. 

coastal style decor in the interior design mood board
Decorilla coastal bathroom mood board

For the coastal bathroom, Berkeley wanted to highlight minimalistic patterns and calm tones. Although the color palette is simplistic, different textures maximize the aesthetics. For instance, different tiles – from large wall tiles to a pebbled floor – complement and contrast the smooth bathroom hardware. 

Coastal Interior Design: Guest Suite Result

Coastal bedroom with a dresser and steel bedframe
Coastal interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Now the guest suite flows into the coastal sunroom and will have this client’s guests coming back for longer stays without a doubt. The light walls maximize the natural light to emphasize the coastal style decor. A once dark and unfeatured room has become sophisticated and restful. 

Coastal Bedroom with Beach Bedroom Decor

Beach bedroom decor for a sunny guest room
Beach bedroom decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

A steel bedframe echoes the black distressed dresser and contrasts to the light color scheme. It’s a lovely play of opposites: light and flowy against dark and straight-lined. The subtlety of the beach bedroom decor brings a seaside air without any kitschy motif. Moreover, a plush linen quilt and patterned rug lend this beach bedroom a warm and cozy feel. Complete with a pale blue couch and wooden floors, the coastal bedroom certainly has a wow factor.

Coastal Bathroom & Powder Room

coastal bathroom shower
Coastal bathroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

A selection of classic beach bathroom colors creates a sea of off-white textures. Punctuated with blue and natural tans, this coastal bathroom feels spacious and airy. Furthermore, the on-suite features practical yet pretty storage space for towels and such.

Coastal bathroom by online interior design
Powder room and coastal bathroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

Keeping to beach bathroom colors and patterns, the powder room is full of character. Bold wallpaper and an eclectic blue vanity cabinet mirror an artwork the client wanted to incorporate. These features create a striking focal point by contrasting the surrounding clear walls.

Coastal Interior Design for Relaxing

Coastal interior design lounge
Coastal interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Relaxation looks different to every individual. For some, it’s curling up with a book while at other times a conversation with a close friend accomplishes the same result. Our client kept this in mind when they decided to separate the coastal sunroom from the library.

Lounge with Coastal Style Decor

Coastal sunroom and library
Library with coastal style decor – Decorilla 3D rendering

Comfortable seats, a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf and a cooling fan is the recipe to relaxation for this coastal design study. Cat-friendly decor and furniture further ensure the whole family can enjoy oceanic tranquility. In fact, sleek pet food bowls and nooks in the bookshelf make this interior very suitable for felines. The addition of reading lamps makes reading and cat-cuddling possible for any time of day.

Coastal Sunroom Result

Coastal sunroom with beach decor
Coastal sunroom – Decorilla 3D rendering

The coastal sunroom is the pinnacle of bright, warm, and inviting interior design. An L-shaped couch provides ample seating for socials, while the swinging couch brings whimsy to entertaining. Strong lines meet gentle curves in the choice of coastal furniture. The play between round and rectangular further mirrors the coastal landscape.

A cream rug set against the slate tiles grounds the light color scheme while blue pattern pops add balance. As final touches, small coastal-style decor items and a lush plant round off the interior. 

light coastal interior design
Coastal interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The coastal sunroom serves more than one purpose here. With a wall-mounted television, the entertainment can continue long after sunset. So the perfect place to have your morning coffee also becomes a home theater experience. With both the console and side table in the same rustic wood, the interior celebrates the outdoors.

Online Shopping List: Coastal Style Decor

beach bedroom decor and furniture online interior design shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

Decorilla simplifies the process of selecting products and shopping. In fact, each project comes with a detailed online shopping list. With this in hand, clients can save on coastal style decor with exclusive trade discounts. Furthermore, their white glove ordering concierge handles everything from ordering, to tracking, and delivery. 

Design Your Coastal Interior

You can certainly spruce up your interior with a few key elements. Below is a selection of our top picks for an effortless beachy aesthetic. Combined, they can work in a sunroom or you can use one of each as a grounding base for different rooms. 

coastal interior design top picks
  1. Throw Pillow
  2. Table Lamp
  3. Riverglass Mosaic
  4. Upholstered Armchair
  5. Side Table 
  6. Indigo Rug 

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[images: 1, Decorilla project images]