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A beautiful vanity can take your bathroom design up a notch – but where should you start looking for the perfect one? Well, the right fit is waiting at one of the best bathroom vanity stores. Read on as we uncover the best places to buy bathroom cabinets and below. No more basic, just pure spa chic!

Designer Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

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The key to finding the right vanity is setting the requirements that will improve your bathroom design and its usability. Here are a few key points to keep in mind before hunting down the best places to buy bathroom cabinets. 

  • Pinpoint the style before shopping. Defining the type of vanity you’re looking for also means narrowing your pick of bathroom vanity stores.
  • Consider the form and function. Do you need plenty of storage, multiple basins, or something compact? From traditional bathroom cabinets to minimal floating vanities, choose something that will complement your decor and meet functional needs. 
  • Measure and assess the size you need: Simply, if it’s too big or too small, it’s no good. So measure the allotted space and select a vanity that fits.
  • Remember storage: Since bathrooms don’t typically have tons of storage, opt for vanities that enhance storage efficiency.
  • Always opt for durability: Invest in bathroom furniture known for its longevity without compromising on style. It should be moist-resistant. 

Pro Tip: Pick a bathroom vanity store that matches your decor. Not sure what your home style is? Try our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to find out today!

Best Bathroom Vanity Stores

best place to get a bathroom vanity
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It’s time to get into the best bathroom vanity stores that are sure to transform your space. Witness your own stunning bathroom before and after, showcasing how the right design can revolutionize any bathroom.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Vanities - Best places to buy vanities
Image credit, Pottery Barn

Love classic refinement or modern farmhouse chic? Then Pottery Barn vanities may be your top choice. Whether your taste runs transitional or leans toward modern bathroom design, find one that not only suits your style but is built to last. The brand is synonymous with timeless design and enduring functionality. You can also shop for bathroom vanity essentials and decor at Pottery Barn to create a cohesive look.

What we love: The brand’s vast variety in size and different cabinet and vanity designs. Pottery Barn bathroom vanities come in classic and modern rustic designs. Fine craftsmanship and durability also accompany each piece.

Possible drawbacks: They may come at a premium price point and might not fit all budgets.

Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel bathroom vanity cabinets and design
Image credit, Crate and Barrel

Explore the chic and practical world of Crate and Barrel bathroom vanity collections, where cutting-edge design meets timeless tradition. Find your perfect match within an array of high-quality pieces that promise to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic and withstand the test of time.

What we love: Its designs come in single or double sizes. Crate & Barrel bathroom vanities boast modern, stunning designs that can effortlessly integrate into contemporary bathrooms. 

Possible drawbacks: Options are limited to a small collection of styles. 

West Elm

West Elm vanities - Bathroom vanity stores
Image credit, West Elm

Step up your style game by shopping for bathroom vanities at West Elm, where sophistication meets modern flair. With West Elm vanities, you’re investing in standout quality and meticulous design that transform your bathroom into a statement-making sanctuary.

What we love: Its vast collection and diversity. West Elm bathroom vanities tend to have a mid-century modern style but can suit a range of interior designs. 

Possible drawbacks: The unique style may not suit every interior design theme, and the cost can be higher than more conventional vanities. Most vanities are on the smaller side. 


Bath vanities - bathroom cabinet stores - lowes vanities
Image credit, Lowe’s

Lowe’s is a go-to destination for all bathroom essentials. Its unrivaled selection of bath vanities at Lowe’s caters to every taste and requirement. As a good place to buy a bathroom vanity, Lowe’s variety spans an impressive array from minimalist to grandiose, all crafted with quality finishes and diverse styles.

What we love: Lowe’s wide variety of bathroom vanities, including exclusive in-house brands. It has options for every style and budget.

Possible drawbacks: While Lowe’s has an extensive selection, the many choices might be overwhelming.


Vanity Anthropologie - best places to buy bathroom vanities
Image credit, Anthropologie

The vanities at Anthropologie are the epitome of unique and upscale. The beloved fashion and homeware brand has a curated selection boasting eclectic and innovative styles. As one of the premier places to buy a bathroom vanity, it delivers pieces that are not only eye-catching but meticulously crafted for both function and splendor.

What we love: The artsy, handcrafted Anthropologie bathroom vanities that bring a personalized and upscale feel to bathrooms.

Possible drawbacks: These exquisite and unique designs may carry a premium price and their distinctive style might not be as versatile for all bathroom designs.

Home Depot 

Home Depot vanity sets - best place to buy vanity
Image credit, Home Depot

A favorite for cost-efficient quality, Home Depot stands out as one of the best places to buy affordable bathroom vanities. Whether online or in-store, the variety of Home Depot vanity sets comes at a steal.

What we love: Home Depot’s wide range of high-quality bathroom vanities that come with flexible financing options.

Possible drawbacks: Home Depot doesn’t offer bathroom remodeling services directly, which might limit options for those seeking an all-in-one provider. The styles are also not as broad, and stick more to transitional shapes and styles. 

Ballard Designs

Ballard design vanity - Good place to buy a bathroom vanity
Image credit, Ballard Designs

For an alternative to typical vanities, Ballard Designs is the place to see. The brand offers a cabinet and designer storage collection with European-influenced craftsmanship. Regarded as one of the best places to get a bathroom cabinet, you can solve your design’s storage problem in style.

What we love: Ballard Designs’ alternatives to vanities that are expertly constructed and suit a range of classic and romantic styles. 

Possible drawbacks: There is a clear limitation to those who prefer a full vanity and not additional furniture.

RH (Restoration Hardware)

Restoration Hardware vanities - Shopping for bathroom vanities
Image credit, RH

Love all things luxe and exquisite? Then you should look into Restoration Hardware vanities. At this distinguished bathroom furniture store, each piece is a masterpiece in design and durability. Any vanity or cabinet delivers on unmatched elegance and practicality. With an extensive collection of over 1000 styles, you’re sure to fall in love with something!

What we love: RH’s luxurious design collection that holds historical reproductions and updated classics. The brand also has extra-length bathroom vanities and cabinets. 

Possible drawbacks: Their products come at a higher price point, which could be a limiting factor for some budgets.

Bathroom Vanity FAQs

best places to buy bathroom vanities and cabinets for a luxury interior
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How much should you pay for a bathroom vanity?

The cost of a bathroom vanity depends on material, size, and design. Prices vary between $500 and $4,000, with an average spend of $1,500.

What type of vanity is best for bathrooms?

The ideal bathroom vanity should fit your space, offer ample storage, and match your bathroom’s design. Materials like granite or laminate are recommended for their durability in humid environments. Freestanding vanities are generally easier to install, while wall-mounted types are great for saving space.

What is the most durable bathroom vanity?

The most durable bathroom vanities are typically made of solid hardwoods, like oak or maple, and topped with sturdy materials like quartz or granite. These combinations ensure longevity and resistance to the moisture and wear common in bathroom environments.

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How do I choose the right size vanity for my bathroom?

Measure the space where the vanity will go to get the correct size. Also, make sure to leave enough room for door openings and other fixtures.

Can I install a bathroom vanity myself?

If you’re adept with DIY tasks, yes! Only with experience will installing a bathroom vanity be a manageable project. For the best selection and guidance on what will fit your space and abilities, visit the best place to get a bathroom vanity on in-person tips. Always remember to review the installation instructions and have all the necessary tools on hand before you begin.

Wondering how to step up your bathroom design?

Simply schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation with our team of design experts to get started on your bathroom journey today!

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