Transitional style home with touches of glam

The blank slate of a new build house plays the perfect host to transitional style with its combination of traditional and contemporary pieces. However, coming up with the perfect blend for a harmonious interior can pose a challenge. Which is exactly why recent clients turned to Decorilla to transform their new villa’s interior into a transitional style home. Read on for the stunning result!

The Challenge: A Transitional Style Home

For these new homeowners, designing a spectacular home with transitional décor required professional help. They needed guidance on furnishing an empty home with their current furniture and decor while giving the interior a contemporary air. To achieve this, the designers had to overcome a few challenges. Some of the hurdles included:

  • Incorporating the clients’ current furniture in a way that makes them feel new
  • Using only neutral grey tones to create a subtle ambiance
  • Finding mixed metal finishes in silver and brass to satisfy the desires of both clients.
  • Making sure the interior has a good balance of classic and contemporary pieces

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The Inspiration: Transitional Glam Décor Ideas

Transitional style home mood board

Finding inspirational images is an essential step to starting an interior design project. Armed with the clients’ favorite images and requirements, designers could set out to create their preliminary concepts. The clients received two proposals from different designers, but it was MaryBeth‘s glam transitional home style they adored most.

The Transitional Interior Design Concept

Master bedroom with transitional interior design
Transitional style home bedroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

At first, the new homeowners were skeptical about including their existing furniture, unsure how the pieces would fit in to the overall design. However, MaryBeth integrated them seamlessly into a sophisticated yet sharp moodboard. Since the clients wanted neutral tones, she created a chic concept featuring sleek furniture and transitional glam decor to present her ideas. As a result, it was easy for the clients to get a sense of the look and feel of their future home. Moreover, MaryBeth also incorporated accent shades and a fun mix of vintage and glam elements to inspire the clients to experiment.

Transitional bedroom moodboard
Decorilla transitional bedroom moodboard

Transitional Bedroom Result

Transitional bedroom design with storage and wine cooler
Transitional bedroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

The transitional interior design for the bedroom is a stunning transformation. The clients wanted to keep most of their current furniture but were open to any additions or changes. For instance, they wanted to retain their beautiful ivory bed and a gorgeous tufted headboard. The designer used the classic bed as inspiration to create a captivating ambiance.

Transitional glam decor for a master bedroom suite
Transitional glam decor for a master bedroom suite – Decorilla 3D rendering

The transitional bedroom now also features seating at the foot of the bed. Here a modern sofa and a tufted ottoman balance old luxury and contemporary beauty. This cozy area faces the focal point of the room, the fireplace. Its marble finish gives it even more of a wow effect. Moreover, other pieces, including the mirrored cabinet and transitional glam decor accents, were placed smartly to create a functional design.

Transitional Office Interior Design Result

Transitional decor for a sophisticated home office
Transitional decor for the home office – Decorilla 3D rendering

The clients’ wanted a calm and fully functional home office. Moreover, this area needed to promote productivity but also feature a place dedicated to relaxation. The designer implemented the instructions by including two desks and a large sofa in a bay window. Not only does the spacious layout encourage an uplifting atmosphere, but the soft color scheme also sets a peaceful backdrop.

Transitional style home office
Transitional style home office – – Decorilla 3D rendering

Now, both clients have a secluded office space that warrants productivity, away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. In addition, a blue tufted couch acts as a cozy lounging area – perfect for reading a book. Overall, the new transitional style home office exudes a sense of distraction-free serenity.

Transitional Style Home: Foyer Result

transitional interior design foyer
Transitional interior design foyer result – Decorilla 3D rendering

A foyer provides the first glimpse of a home’s interior style. For this reason, it’s essential to design the entryway in such a way that it creates anticipation for what lies ahead. The interior designer, MaryBeth chose a dark grey wall color and white wainscoting to give a transitional feel. In addition, the bench and accent table feature curved lines to bring in a sense of classical style. This chic entryway was certainly designed to act as the perfect introduction to the transitional interior design of the house.

Transitional Interior Design Online Shopping List

Transitional style home shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

Every final interior design project comes with a curated shopping list, complete with designer discounts! The detailed list includes everything a client needs for implementing the design at home, from the cushions to furniture and even wall finishes. The designers also include a guide with in-depth tips to help clients make their dream home a reality. In addition, 3D designs and layouts allow clients to see a realistic version of their interior before finalizing any purchases.

Shop the Transitional Style Home Design

Decorating your own home can come with a few hurdles, such as putting together a cohesive look. However, with guidance, like our top picks below, you can fine-tune your ideas and start sprucing up your home in no time.

Transitional style home top picks
  1. Tufted bed
  2. Rectangular Ottoman
  3. Accent Table
  4. Statement Sofa
  5. Traditional Chandelier
  6. Transitional rug

Design Your Own Transitional Style Home

Creating a warm and welcoming interior can be challenging. Note sure where to start with your own transitional interior design? Then schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation today!

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