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Few styles are as versatile as transitional interior design. It combines the best of traditional and contemporary styles. The result is a totally chic and timeless look with plenty of warmth. Not too long ago, a Decorilla client wanted to embrace this trending style. However, they needed help with the execution. Read on to explore their bespoke transitional master bathroom!

The Challenge: Transitional Master Bathroom Designs with Enduring Appeal

Every interior design project, minor or major, comes with distinct challenges. Whether it’s implementing transitional master bathroom ideas or another style in a different space. Before this online bathroom design began, the designers examined the client’s wishes. To deem this job successful, they needed to:

  • Stick to a neutral color palette with warm and matte black metallic accents
  • Incorporate pieces already sourced by the client, like a bathtub, into the design
  • Include a floating shower ceiling with lighting effects as part of the transitional design ideas
  • Source custom vanities featuring extra storage and thick countertops
  • Recommend suitable towel warmers that complement the look

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Transitional Master Bathroom Ideas & Inspiration

Transitional master bathroom ideas and inspiration

While reviewing the client’s example images, the designers gained valuable insights into their tastes. Double vanities with ample storage were certainly a must-have for the new transitional master bathroom. So were black chevron tiles and frameless shower panels. Other recurring features included separate toilet cubicles, oval-shaped bathtubs, and light wooden accents.

Transitional Master Bathroom Designs & Moodboards

Transitional master bathroom and shower design Maya M.
Decorilla transitional master bathroom

As part of Decorilla’s online bathroom design services, clients take a quiz, then fill out a design brief. It happens before a virtual consultation with the team. Since the client knew what they wanted, they sped through this phase. After the virtual meeting, Decorilla chose two designers who exceed in bathroom designs.

Decorilla transitional master bathroom ideas moodboard

The designers received their brief and created a moodboard each. For the project to move forward, a winner had to emerge. Because both were great, it was a close call, but ultimately Maya M.’s concept reigned supreme. Her choice of materials, color palette, and accessories included all the must-haves. Overall, it was just what the client wanted.

Master Bathroom Design Results

Master bathroom design results
Transitional master bathroom designs – Decorilla 3D rendering

Light and airy with a dash of contrast – the transitional master bathroom designs turned out superbly! Each section is well put together, from the vanities to the shower and tub area and the enclosed WC. The space has an equally functional and chic layout. Eye-catching geometric tilework in the shower and on the floor is a fun alternative to more traditional options.

The words ‘simplistic beauty’ come to mind when admiring the master bathroom. Elements like a white marble accent wall and subtle gold accents from the mirror frames and lighting create a sense of luxury. Thanks to the overwhelmingly light color scheme, the dark features, including the hardware and shower accent wall, pop. They also act as a visual enhancement, adding depth to the room.

Impressive Double Vanities & Enclosed WC

Transitional master bathroom designs - Maya M.
Twin vanities in transitional bathroom design – Decorilla 3D rendering

All transitional master bathroom ideas are particularly well-executed. However, the double vanities deserve singling out for their refined appearance. This mirrored image boasts extra thick countertops, which deviate from the norm. 

It sets them apart and highlights their one-of-a-kind nature. They not only serve a practical purpose but an aesthetic one. In fact, the blond wood brings warmth to the space.

Transitional bathroom designs - Maya M.
Transitional master bathroom enclosed WC – Decorilla 3D rendering

Opposite the shower, the lavatory provides additional privacy when needed. Apart from the toilet, this enclosed space also features another roomy wall cabinet, with an exposed shelf at the bottom for easy access. The walls boast a grey textured wallpaper that elevates the cubicle. All in all, it’s uncomplicated yet thoughtfully put together.

Variations in the Master Bathroom Design

Transitional glam bathroom design - Maya M.
Transitional master bathroom ideas – Decorilla 3D rendering

Back in the main area, a modern chandelier anchors the tub between the WC cubicle and shower. Its minimalist look is pleasing to the eye and balances the dramatic shower stall. Speaking of the shower, it features two striking accent walls – one in black chevron tiles and the other in wood-look porcelain tiles. Plus, a floating ceiling is also present.

Transitional modern master bathroom design - Maya M.
Transitional master bathroom designs featuring alternative window finishes – Decorilla 3D rendering

Alternative transitional master bathroom designs were available for the shower, the window, and the WC door. Ultimately, it depended on preference since each option looked great.

First, the shower floor could remain level or have a raised effect, featuring black chevron or wood lookalike tiles. Then, when it came to the windows, there was a choice between a black or white frame, with or without a pelmet. Finally, the cubicle could feature a fully wooden door or one with a frosted glass center.

Online Shopping List

Transitional bathroom design shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list

Whether working towards transitional bathrooms or, in fact, any style of room, Decorilla’s services are exceptional. During collaborations, clients enjoy perks such as layout instructions and realistic 3D renderings. Each certainly makes executing interior visions like the transitional master bathroom ideas above a breeze.

Among Decorilla’s time and effort-saving benefits is access to custom online shopping lists. These simplify sourcing every element necessary for a particular design. Best of all – exclusive trade discounts are also available!

Our Top Picks for a Dreamy Master Bath

At first, it may seem daunting to recreate transitional master bathroom designs. But when working with a selection of core pieces, the style can come alive effortlessly. So, start embracing timeless bathroom designs like the one discussed by investing in two or three of our top picks.

Top picks for a transitional bathroom design


  1. Bath Accessories 
  2. Bubble Chandelier 
  3. Porcelain Tile 
  4. Medicine Cabinet 
  5. Towel Warmer 
  6. Free-standing Bath 

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