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Transitional great room ideas and design are all about mastering proportions while balancing different design elements. It can be a tricky skill to master, but when done right, the results can be stunning. And that exact effect was the goal of a recent Decorilla client. Read on to see how this transitional great room interior design came to life!

The Challenge: Transitional Great Room Interior Design 

Every transitional interior design project poses unique challenges and this one was no different. The clients were after a sleek, yet inviting space for their family to spend time together or for hosting friends. Specifically, they wanted the designers to:

  • Use great room interior design ideas to ensure the height of the room didn’t feel empty
  • Balance existing furniture pieces with new selections
  • Style the bookcases in a tasteful and practical way
  • Incorporate a statement chandelier in the great room decor
  • Tie in the breakfast room with the rest of the great room interior  

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Great Room Ideas & Inspiration

Great room ideas and inspiration

To help guide the designers towards the look they were after, the clients used online living room design ideas to fill their inspirational gallery. Their transitional great room ideas were on-point, cohesive, and with very little compromise. Neutral color palettes featured throughout, with only small pops of color. Meanwhile, ideas for the breakfast nook were kept simple as to not outshine the great room. It was, therefore, easy to find not one but two designers as a perfect match for this project. 

Great Room Interior Decor & Moodboard

Great room decor ideas by Decorilla
Great room decor ideas by Decorilla

As part of the online interior design process, both designers delivered their great room ideas in the form of a moodboard. Each board represented a specific take on a transitional great room interior design, featuring different elements but similar concepts. Since the space featured a larger living area and an adjoined breakfast room, it was necessary to achieve a cohesive flow. At the same time, due to the client’s preferred color palette, the great room decor had to ensure enough visual dynamic to avoid a flat appeal. 

Great room decor mood board by Decorilla
Great room decor moodboard by Decorilla

It was Wanda P.’s moodboard that finally checked all the boxes. Her great room interior concept exuded transitional elegance in simplicity. It felt luxurious and glamorous but also low-key, natural, and livable. A neutral cream palette featured across the living area and breakfast nook, grounded by a dark hardwood floor. Overall, the presentation was exactly what the clients were looking for and they couldn’t wait to finalize the design. 

Transitional Great Room Interior Design Results

Decorating ideas for great rooms by Decorilla
Decorating ideas for great rooms by Decorilla

A major challenge of this room was ensuring the design didn’t feel dwarfed by the height of the ceilings. Luckily, the room already had detailed woodwork framing the entryway, double-height windows, and the fireplace. This helped to draw the eyes up and not leave the upper level feeling blank. To finalize the vertical design, Wanda added two large-scale pieces of abstract art above both sides of the fireplace builtins. By using complementary colors, the artwork and decor of the styled shelves easily matched the rest of the transitional design. 

Great room interior design ideas by Decorilla
Great room interior design ideas by Decorilla

A variety of cream-colored seating was placed around the fireplace which would allow for cozy nights in as well as intimate conversations with friends. Meanwhile, two tufted poufs added overflow seating while an oversized tufted ottoman served as a coffee table. The console table was strategically placed behind the sofa to help fill a void as well as define the living area. Finally, the statement chandelier, matched with a few other black accents and added depth and visual interest to the space

Cozy Breakfast Nook Off the Great Room

Combined great room interiors by Decorilla
Combined great room interiors by Decorilla

The design of the breakfast room was kept simple, yet refined. In an effort for cohesion with the great room, neutral walls and  black-accents also featured here. Transitional, black frame dining chairs in light gray fabric matched the existing counter stools in the kitchen. A round area rug mimicked the shape of the marble tulip table and chrome chandelier, while also breaking up the straight lines of the room.

In addition, both the client and the designer preferred to leave the windows without further treatment. Their idea was to put maximum focus on the views – a perfect backdrop for enjoying with a cup of coffee or over dinner with friends. 

Great Room Before Interior Design 

Before and after great room interior design
Before and after great room interior design by Decorilla

Initially, the transitional great room interior was already adorned with great bones in the carpentry detailing. However, it took just a few well-chosen accent pieces to transform the space into a well-styled room. Although dressed in neutral and cool hues, the refreshed decor scheme felt warm and inviting, suited for family time, and perfect for entertaining.

Great Room Decor Shopping List

Great Room Decor Shopping List
Great room decor shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla designers are well known for their ability to turn a great room, or any other room, into a magazine-worthy display. However, that is just one of many benefits you get from the convenient packages. There’s more than the 3D visualizations, helpful implementation guide, and professional design advise. Also included is a personalized online shopping list with exclusive trade discounts – offering savings that usually exceed the cost of the design. 

Decorating Ideas for Great Rooms

Transitional great room ideas typically rely on neutral colors, clean lines, and a mix of old and new furniture. So here are our top picks if you wish to update your existing decor with fresh and stylish additions.

Great Room Decor Top Picks by Decorilla
  1. Round Area Rug
  2. Tall Drum End Table
  3. Framed Art Print
  4. Ebony Elegance Chandelier
  5. White Wood Console Table
  6. Swivel Armchair
  7. Coffee Table With Storage

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