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Leather, velvet, and music! Recent Decorilla clients wanted their new great room to resemble a vintage high-end piano bar. Not to mention, the space needed to feel like a musicians’ cocktail lounge but be casual enough for a family. Tricky? Not when Decorilla’s vetted team of professionals is involved. See cozy glam come to life in the transitional glam living room reveal below! 

The Challenge: Grand Piano Living Room Layout

A blank canvas can be a good start, but it becomes complicated when a grand piano comes into the picture. On the upside, the clients were open to an eclectic take on transitional glam design for their living room. So, to create the perfect transitional interior design, designers had to:

  • Ensure the grand piano fits comfortably in the living room layout
  • Emulate a high-end bourbon lounge look and feel
  • Design a formal living room with glam décor to complement the piano
  • Incorporate the lightness of coastal design as the home is close to the beach

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Living Room Inspiration with a Grand Piano 

transitional glam living room interior design inspiration

The clients not only had glam interior design ideas, but they also loved the look of vintage bars and decadent music cafes. The beauty and casual air of a rock lounge is something that had to feature in the final design. Indulgent touches, like marble, velvet, and striking lights, also topped their wish list.

Plus, they adored any living room with a grand piano. This addition would surely turn their space into an unforgettable transitional glam living room. 

Living Room Design with a Grand Piano 

Formal living room with piano
Decorilla design for a formal living room with a piano

After setting their brief and style preferences, the clients received concepts from two Decorilla designers. It was a tough choice – both proposals ticked all the boxes. But in the end, it was the transitional glam living room by Rachel H. the clients wanted. With Rachel’s design, they would have a bold and bewitching great room, without a doubt!

Mood Board with Glam Décor

Mood board for a living room iwth a grand piano
Decorilla mood board with glam decor

Rachel chose a dark and deep color scheme of navy, vibrant indigo, rich brown, and gray. These shades would complement the sizable grand piano while also helping the visual side of the living room layout. Rachel also suggests a less-is-more approach with furniture to make key items stand out more. Plus, it’ll allow space for the piano as well as the select glam décor.

Transitional Glam Living Room Result

Grand piano living room layout
Living room with a grand piano result – Decorilla 3D rendering

A breathtaking transformation makes up the result. Through photorealistic renderings, the clients could see their dream space take life. And it certainly is a showstopper! The final transitional glam living room balances glamorous and rugged designs.

Luxurious and masculine pieces interwove to form a rich, interesting space. For instance, velvet and leather juxtapose, while silvery metallics complement the light details. In short, it’s full of texture, contrast, and dynamic depth. 

A Formal Living Room with a Piano

Living room with a grand piano
Transitional glam living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The grand piano sits in front of the window. It’s striking, bold, and dark. But, thanks to the spacious living room layout, the piano enhances the room without encroaching on anything else. The triple-tier windows allow ample natural light to flood in, perfect for the moody color scheme. In addition, pinched floor-to-ceiling curtains add even more height to the voluminous space. These silky drapes also bring an elegant finishing touch to the soft greige walls. 

With so much sunlight flooding in, the room benefits from dark wood floors and a blue feature wall. Besides, the off-white curtains blend with the light wall when closed – ideal for bouncing light into the room in the evening. The light-colored silvery rug and paneled fireplace also ensure the space has enough to contrast with darker features. As a result, the living room is in balance with its most predominant feature, the grand piano. 

Glam Décor & Aesthetic Details

Living room with a grand piano
Formal living room with a piano – Decorilla 3D rendering

The formal living room has symmetric and asymmetric features. This is a good choice when working with such a big and odd-shaped object as a grand piano. The geometric coffee table and pendant fit the eclectic layout, but the perfection of the feature wall brings formality.

That said, the accents are a blend of styles. Traditional paneling adds structure while dark walls make a sound canvas for the mirrors and unique cabinets. Together with glam décor accents, the space is cohesive and deeply visually satisfying. 

Before the Transitional Glam Living Room Makeover

Before the transitional glam living room update
In need of inspiration – before the transformation

Before, the formal living room was an empty space apart from the grand piano and some storage. The color scheme didn’t do much for the space and the extended feature wall above the fireplace towered instead of enhancing the room. Fortunately, with the insights from a professional interior designer, the interior is an absolute treat. 

Formal living room with piano
Completely transformed transitional glam living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

In the end, the transitional glam living room is a harmonious mix of luxe and casual lounging. It is perfect for casual yet sophisticated socializing and sophisticated practice.

Online Shopping List

Transitional glam living room shopping list
Decorilla online shopping list with glam decor and furniture

The final steps of every Decorilla design package include an online shopping list. It’s a user-friendly checklist noting every product for the concept you’ll need to finish the design at home. Moreover, it features detailed descriptions and exclusive trade discounts. The latter often amounts to the cost of the design package. For this reason, online interior design can pay for itself! 

Top Glam Decor for a Formal Living Room with a Piano

You can decorate your space to echo the luxury of this transitional living room with its grand piano. Even more so when you have a few pointers. Here are our favorite glam décor and furniture picks to pull off the look at home. 

Transitional glam interior design
  1. Pendant Chandelier 
  2. Gray Rug 
  3. Mirrored Tray 
  4. Photo Print
  5. Hampstead Sofa 
  6. Accent Cabinet 

Get Help with Your Transitional Glam Living Room 

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